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An Hour of African Optimism

  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+03:00)


  • $25 Donation and we'll throw in a year's subscription to The Centre for Optimism

Registration is closed

We will also be Our Hour of Optimism Series has been very popular.  After our Nelson Mandela Youth Leadership Summit and our Australia-Congo Opportunity Summit Roundtables, we held a brilliant meeting with friends in DRC Congo, Burundi, Kenya and Malawi and decided to create a series of Hours of Optimism for Africa.

Our confirmed panellists are Nizar Juma; Lizzy Kuoth, Dr Fatma Abdullatif Abdallah, Hon Dr Néhémie Mwilanya Wilondja MP, and Innocent Magambi and the Honourable Peshi Prince.

We are overjoyed to have Nizar Juma join us.  We know Nizar best for the positive Future of Power project.  In Africa, Nizar is best known as the manufacturer of Adidas sports equipment for 49 countries.  Nizar is Chairman of the Boards of The Aga Khan Development Network in their social welfare activities, including not-for-profit hospitals.  He is chair of over 50 companies including power generation, fibre optics cabling systems, agriculture, banking, packaging, leather processing, hotels, pharmaceuticals, insurance and property development. Nizar was awarded the Silver Star by the President of Kenya for outstanding services to the Nation.

Lizzy Kuoth is an exciting talent and is a featured speaker in the Project Optimism Habits of an Optimist Course.  Born in South Sudan and a refugee, she is now a Victorian Government Multicultural Commissioner.  She is Inclusion Capability Officer at the Level Crossings Removal Project and also works as Multicultural Officer at St Francis Xavier College and has many other community roles.

Hon Dr Néhémie Mwilanya Wilondja MP is the National member of Parliament for the Territory of Fizi and the Former Presidential Chief of Staff to President Joseph Kabila Kabange. 

Dr. Fatma Abdullatif Abdallah is First Counsellor& Assistant Director of Foreign Services, Republic of Kenya.  She is a mentor in the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) MasterCard Foundations Scholars Program

Innocent Magambi is the Founder of There’s Hope and a Barack Obama Foundation Leader Africa’s Alumni.

We will also be joined by the Honourable Peshi Prince.

Australian-Congolese Rashidi Sumaili and I will moderate the event.  My Project Optimism colleagues Jenny Boymal and Noirin Mosley will help power the event and especially the break-outs.

We'll ask the panellists what makes them optimistic and what they have done to keep their teams and colleagues optimistic.

We'll be asking you what makes you optimistic and asking you to share your infectious optimism for the benefit of our African community of optimists and the community.

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