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COVID Forgiveness Healing and Optimism

  • Wednesday, September 01, 2021
  • 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Zoom


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Following our Forgiveness and Optimism webinar with Stanford’s Professor Fred Luskin and the Centre for Optimism, we decided to provide space for a Covid Healing Space for our Tribes.  We decided on 1 September being the change of season in the south from Winter to Spring and in the north from summer to a beautiful Autumn.

We felt that a vigil where people come together over a set time of day in an unstructured way to express gratitude, note hurts or concerns either privately or publicly, let go of the past and emerge ready for new beginnings, could be a cathartic and helpful experience. The science of mass trauma suggests that such a ritual is helpful, both emotionally and neuro-chemically.  

The Four Themes will run for half an hour each:

  • Forgiveness and Suffering
  • The Mindset for the Pandemic
  • Healing
  • Optimism

Flexible Running Order

3:30-3:40  Welcome and the Scene Setting

Led by Bruce Everett
Light a candle at your home?

3:40-4:00   Theme: Forgiveness and Suffering

Led by Lucinda BrogdenChair and CommissionerNational Mental Health Commission

Led by Bruce Everett on Forgiveness

4:00-4:30          The Mindset for the Pandemic

Led by Michael Bartura, Mind Fitness for Leaders
"We have an invitation to expand and grow"

Amanda Noz from France.   Amanda is Co President of the Professional Women's Network for Nice - Cote d'Azur.

4:30-5:00          Theme: Healing

Compassion Meditation with Victor Perton

Music and Poetry

Bruce: Leonard Cohen’s Crack in Everything
Kay Clancy: Rise Up

5:00-5:25  Optimism

Led by Jenny Boymal, Project Optimism

Noirin: What is optimism? 

Elizabeth: The Pollyanna?

What works?

5:25-5:30          Close and thank you

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