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Tangibly Optimistic at Tangible's Ambassador Summer School 2021

  • Thursday, August 26, 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Zoom


Registration is closed

Our Victor Perton will lead a workshop on Tangible Optimism on Thursday morning Australian time at Tangible's Ambassador Summer School 2021.

The program runs for three days and the full program may be found though this link.

Message from President Michael D. Higgins to the Tangible Leadership Series Ambassador Summer School 

"May I send a message of support to all those taking part in this year’s Ambassador Summer School, part of the ‘Tangible Leadership’ series, which this year will, once again, be an online event owing to the ongoing restrictions related to the Covid pandemic. 

"In your deliberations over the coming days, as you discuss the challenges to the ‘creation of an excellent Ireland’, you will undoubtedly spend time focusing on the great global crises facing all of us as global citizens. I wish to reach out, if I may, to the Global Irish around the world taking part in this summer school, some of whom are civic and business leaders, and ask that the existential issue of climate change receives a focus of both mind and hand in the coming years, for it is only through the combination of thought and practical action that we will be able to mitigate and adapt to climate change, our greatest challenge. 

"Such is the scale of the challenge facing us, as presented by the climate crisis and rapidly declining biodiversity, that the mere placing of a lens on the narrow, disconnected, existing failed paradigms, or the tweaking of the edges of existing models is not sufficient to address the economic, societal and environmental transformations that are urgently needed. Radical new alternatives are now required, and fortunately such alternatives are now available to us should we have the courage to seek a sustainable ecological-social path, one with the capacity to offer an alternative model of economy, one that is compatible with planetary constraints and is socially just. 

"We must dare to pursue it, and have the courage of continuing to play our part as advocates for a necessary paradigm shift; a paradigm that places an entrepreneurial State at the centre of social and economic objectives; a paradigm that has the capacity to gain mainstream acceptance, including on the basis of sound scholarship; a paradigm that is fundamentally our only hope as a global people of avoiding ecological and social catastrophe, while being an important gesture towards intergenerational solidarity. 

"Our challenge is to draw on the lessons of solidarity and ingenuity that have arisen as COVID-19 confronts 21st-century society and its world economy with a new kind of emergency hazard. In doing so, let us galvanise the sentiment across the citizenries of the globe who recognise the inherent flaws of our current model, and embrace a new paradigm founded on universalism, sustainability and equality. We must now have the courage to speak out and work for such an alternative existence on our vulnerable, fragile planet in peril. 

I" wish all those taking part in the Summer School a stimulating and fruitful experience. 

"Beir beannacht."

Michael D. Higgins 
Uachtarán na hÉireann
President of Ireland 

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