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The Journey Beyond Fear: John Hagel in Conversation

  • Tuesday, June 01, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom
  • 339


  • Frankston Rotary is a partner in this event, lifting optimism in Melbourne.
  • For School and Full-Time UNiversity Students

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The Journey Beyond Fear?

We are indeed fortunate.  John Hagel will join us in conversation to talk about his new book The Journey Beyond Fear.

His book has three parts, one for each of the pillars of positive emotion!

John is a member of The Centre for Optimism's Advisory Board and from the beginning has been an enthusiastic supporter of our mission to bring the light of realistic optimism to penetrate the fog of pessimism: To help people become more of a realistic and infectiously optimistic leader underpinned by our belief that for everyone, the leader looks like the person in your mirror.

John is a star of Project Optimism's "The Habits of an Optimist" course leading the module "Learn and Innovate" like an Optimist.

At his book-launch, John said, "I'm fundamentally an optimist. Victor Perton's question is, "what makes you optimistic?" and I think one of the things I'm optimistic about is that we are in a world where we have exponentially expanding opportunities. We can create much more impact with far less resource far more quickly than would have been imaginable a few decades ago, so exponentially expanding opportunity.

"The problem is if we have fear, we don't even see the opportunities, much less have the sense of agency to pursue them.

"So I think that the need is, first of all, we need to acknowledge our own fears and recognize the fears of others around us because again, at least in my experience, there's a lot of fear right now and then find ways to cultivate those emotions that are going to help us to move beyond fear.

"Again a key theme in my book is bringing together these two movements if you will one around human potential personal growth, how do we help individuals motivate them to overcome the obstacles and challenges they're facing but then and at the same time, how do we create the environments that are really going to encourage people to do that and cultivate those emotions nurture those emotions like hope and excitement and passion that will drive us to really have the impact that we need to have. So when those two come together, I'm optimistic again exponentially expanding opportunity; there's no limit.

"By the way, one of my key things is I cringe every time I hear somebody say we have an opportunity to achieve our full potential. I don't believe there is a limit to our potential. The more potential we achieve, the more potential there is to be achieved ahead, and so again, it's a notion of how do we come together in ways that will create more and more potential for all of us, and that's really the exciting piece for me."

You may recall our wonderful conversation early in 2020.


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  • Rotary Club of Frankston

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