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Congo-Australia Summit Roundtable in Shepparton

  • Friday, March 26, 2021
  • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Latrobe University, 210 Fryers Street, Shepparton


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The first Congo-Australia Summit on business and development opportunities, cultural and health development and youth initiatives will commence in Shepparton on Friday 26 March.

Democratic Republic of Congo Member of Parliament Hon Dr Luc Mulimbalimba and Leader of Future Voices Inc Rashidi Sumaili will lead the DRC(Congo)-Australia Summit.

It will be moderated by the Centre for Optimism’s COO Victor Perton.

Impressive speakers include Adelaide-based Jenny Weaver, Chair of the Birthing Kits Foundation, will speak.  Over 200,000 birthing kits have been delivered in the Congo to safeguard mothers and children in poor communities where birth is given in the home or village facility.  Jenny has spent time in the Congo understanding the health and economic needs of that community.

The DRC is the second-largest country in Africa and, like Australia, endowed with immense mineral and agricultural wealth and an optimistic and ambitious people.  Recognising opportunity, Australian business-leader Andrew Forrest recently signed a deal to invest in hydropower in the DRC.

The Summit will include:

  • A Roundtable at Latrobe University Shepparton on 26 March.
  • Zoom Meetings over coming months, including government-leaders, business-people, diplomats and students.
  • Social Media Q&A.

"Hosting the first session of the Summit in Shepparton is a symbol of the invigoration of regional Australia and optimism for growth in business, manufacturing and innovation,” said Mr. Perton. “It also acknowledges Shepparton’s multicultural community, including many refugees and migrants from Africa and their thriving Australian-born families.”

The Summit hopes to:

  • Identify the opportunities for potential partnerships between Australia and the DRC and facilitate engagement by interested and passionate people.  
  • Foster the relationship on infrastructure partnerships, sustainable agriculture, food industries, tourism & hospitality, social and cultural connections, strengthening institutions, water management, cultural awareness exchanges, medical and social research, new technologies, governance, business exchanges and networking.
  • Engage regional young people in both countries in relationship-building, especially in diplomacy, business, education and health promotion.
  • Encourage investment, promotion and strengthening of opportunities between the two countries.

Likely Run-Sheet

9.30 am Gather for Conversation and Welcome

10 am  Session 1: What’s the Opportunity?

Victor Perton: Welcome and Introductions

Rashidi Sumaili: Setting the Scene from the Congo to Shepparton:

Mayor Kim O’Keefe: Shepparton – a global hub – people and business.

Dr Luc Mulimbalimba: Congo and Australia Partnerships – The Vision

Christina Tait: Latrobe University in a Global Community

Dean Freeman: Austrade and Business – Practical Support

Q&A and What’s Next

11.15 am       Break to Stretch Legs and Freshen Up

11.25 am       Session 2: Health and Community

Jenny Weaver: Birthing Kits in the Congo

Joshua Freeman: G.V. Health and The Congo Community

Erasy  Fidel: Agriculture – the Natural Australia-Congo Link

Q&A and What’s Next

Noon  Close for conversations and head to lunch

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