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Optimism and Pessimism: Your Health and Lifespan - Heather Craig in Conversation

  • Thursday, May 06, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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As the event commences tomorrow, please register directly on Zoom.

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Do Realistic Optimists live longer?  On average, yes!  Why?

"The association of optimism and pessimism and all-cause mortality: A systematic review" is a thoroughly interesting paper on the topic produced by optimism researcher Heather Craig and a team of global collaborators to be published in Personality and Individual Differences in July 2021.

Heather is going to join us via Zoom and we'll be asking her:

  • What is optimism and pessimism?
  • What's the evidence for optimism improving your life and pessimism shortening your life and make it more sickness-prone?
  • What's the mechanism?
  • What should we do?  What should the government do?

We want your viewpoints and questions in this event.

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