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The Optimist Heart: Kay Clancy's Zeitgeist Viral Post

  • Sunday, July 11, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:18 AM
  • Zoom
  • 374


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Leadership Happens In Every Moment, In Every Place

This week we saw what happened when someone takes a potentially hurtful and infuriating circumstance, reflects on it deeply, then turns it around to offer something profoundly healing into our lives and the world. 

Kay Clancy is our special guest. She's all about the Ripples we create. Her area of professional expertise and clearly personal congruence, is Leadership. Her way is 'leaderful'. What's more, she's the curator of Music for Optimism here at the Centre for Optimism.

Join Caroline Ward and Victor Perton for this very special edition of the beloved Optimist Heart . 

By the way, Kay had no idea that her share was gathering an extraordinary momentum... now 3 days and close to 30,000 supportive, resonant reactions on LinkedIn. (See Kay's original post below.)


Open letter to the woman on the tram who told her daughter that she couldn’t have any chocolate or she would end up like me. It was an attempt at a whisper but it was a little too loud and they both looked over.

Some would call me cuddly or curvy, I am overweight. The vessel I travel in isn’t perfect but it’s mine. It holds the scars of childhood sexual abuse, the ravages of years with an eating disorder, it has beaten cancer, birthed 2 beautiful children and fights arthritis daily. It has achieved many things with me and for me. People like you have stopped me from pursuing my passions on occasions but mostly I can let it wash over me.

I have less time left to live on this planet than I have already lived so I choose my ripple more carefully these days.

When you look at me, I hope you see my smile and feel my warmth, I hope you see my joyful heart beat, hear it sing or join in with it when it dances. I hope you can accept that sometimes my ripple bursts through my body and I do all of these things publicly. My vessel is only my shell, it doesn’t tell my story.

Be kind. Do not judge others. Some can rise above your cruelty. Others can’t. Be the reason someone believes in themselves not the reason they hide away.

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