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The Optimist Heart with Deepa Patel and Caroline Ward

  • Sunday, December 06, 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Zoom


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December 6, 2020

"The gorgeous Deepa Patel Is my next guest on The Optimist Heart. She is a creative facilitator and strategic thinker with a passion for the arts, social justice, conversation, and living as fully as possible in the present moment.  She was born in Kenya to Indian parents and moved to England when she was ten. This experience has influenced both her professional and personal life as she tried to find a way to both fit in and belong in different worlds," says Caroline Ward.

Deepa's body of includes:

  • Working with young people on projects as diverse as working with those at risk of offending to co-managing Creative Partnership, a UK based national programme on developing creativity in schools across England.
  • The field of cultural diversity and inclusion delivering award-winning training programmes for organisations like the BBC and EDF energy.
  • Live Music programming and education with Serious, Outcaste Records and BBC Radio on introducing new audiences to world, classical and Jazz music.
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary collaborative initiatives, especially between the arts and sciences.
  • Teaching and mentoring activists on developing their campaigning skills.

  • Major Donor fundraising events (she has worked with Action Aid, Cancer Research UK, Prisoners Aboard, and The Terrence Higgins Trust)

  • Working with Boards, staff, and organisations on how to have difficult conversations in creative ways.

She was the facilitator for Free Radicals, an innovative collaboration project for Nesta that brought together academics from different universities in the UK.

Deepa was a founding director of Slow Down London that brought together the theory and practice of adopting a new pace of living in a city like London.

She is with The London College of Fashion, UNHCR, and the University of Sheffield looking at the power of Imagination in Zaatari, a refugee camp in Jordan.

She is the Executive Director of the Zenith Institute, a summer meditation camp in the Swiss Alps and a teacher and Guide in the Inayatiyya, a Sufi lineage founded by Hazrat Inayat Khan

She is an advisor to the Charis Foundation - an interspiritual foundation on new monasticism.

Deepa is the Chair of Tamasha Theatre Company and the Loss Foundation, a bereavement support service for people who have lost loved ones to cancer and COVID 19.

She cannot imagine life without: Music, learning new things (currently it happens to be the Ukulele), periods of silence, and finding ways to be more playful.

About The Optimist Heart

We have been touched by the presence of extraordinary friends during this past 4months. The Optimist Heart began as a heartful response to lockdown, speaking to a need for community and conversational options that nourish, restore and inspire. A very natural place of authentic engagement where no presentations are delivered, no arduous preparation is considered (Principle: our lives are our preparation), and absolutely no pressure to perform. Simply a great place to hang out on a Sunday morning. 

Why not join us? If you're new to the space, you know that pjs and brekky are welcome. If you're one of our regular community, welcome back. You're what makes this happen.

Here's to another week of a big, warm, intelligent hug together

Caroline & Victor

If you want your Sunday mornings to be free of news and work for a little bit, why not start the day with a dose of uplifting energy? Join Victor Perton and me (Caroline Ward) and some truly beautiful people in The Optimist Heart space Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30am. 

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