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Optimism and A Better Normal: Transformative Programs in Correctional Services

  • Wednesday, October 07, 2020
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


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Our panellists have delivered a broad suite of prison programs including meditation, empathetic listening skills, mentoring, literacy programs, corporate workshops and values education in various correctional services settings. Sharing the success of their programs, the impact on their own lives and their vision for the future, it is hoped this conversation will lead to more sustainable and far-reaching programs for both prison staff and prisoners.

Claire Seppings, Criminal Justice Consultant.  Churchill Fellow 2015 Churchill Fellowship Chair of the Victorian Custody Reference Group; Member of the Women's Correctional Services Advisory Committee; Victorian Custody Reference Group ‘Access to Justice Award’.  Read more at 

Sonia Stocco, Facilitator, Somatic Therapist and Co-Creator of Courageous Communication and Radical Empathy (CCARE). Founder of Castlemaine Compassionate Communication. Sonia facilitates Courageous Communication in prisons in Central Victoria, Loddon Precinct and Tarrengower Women’s Prison. The program is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall B Rosenberg. Mentors for this work: Peggy Smith; Freedom Project

Ross Egleton, Facilitator, Men’s Behavioural Change & Family Violence Workforce Development. Chair of Maldon & District Community Bank. Former Programs Manager, Loddon Prison Precinct including self-development, literacy, culture, health & wellbeing. Previous roles in teaching, youth, disability, housing, foster care and sustainability.

Maureen Chen, Meditation Teacher, Brahma Kumaris; Author of Mystic at the Edge. Maureen has facilitated programs in drug rehabilitation centres in Vietnam, India and Argentina including Raja Yoga Meditation Living Values Education and Nonviolent Communication

Victor Perton, Chief Optimism Officer, Centre for Optimism has delivered optimism workshops and roundtables in Victorian prison and for Victorian prison management.

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