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"What's Your Plan": The Optimist Suzzanne Laidlaw in Conversation

  • Tuesday, November 24, 2020
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


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Victor Perton will be interviewing Suzzanne Laidlaw about her optimism and the optimistic new book "What's Your Plan?"  and then we'll all join in for a jovial conversation.

Suzzanne Laidlaw is an inspiring and optimistic force to be reckoned with.  From the moment Victor met Suzanne at the Action Coach Asia Pacific Conference, it was evident that Suzanne has an optimistic, joyful and can do spirit.

Suzzanne epitomises that notion that optimism is a belief that things will work out in the end as long as you persevere.

Suzzanne is no stranger to adversity; she pulled her husband from a burning house fire at age 23, overcame a life threatening illness in her early 30s, lost almost everything she owned in the 2008 global financial crisis, has experienced the death and near-death of too many loved ones, plus countless other personal and business challenges in her 55 years of life.

Having experienced too many life challenging moments to count, she truly understands how to surmount set-backs and achieve extraordinary results.

When asked how she not only endured but made the most of what she has faced, Suzzanne explains, “Our house was filled with love and optimism which held us together.”

Our energies are well aligned as we live and abide by the philosophy of realistically infectious and optimistic leadership. As an award-winning business coach and motivational speaker, and charity ambassador helping the lives of those less fortunate, Suzzanne’s personal plight is to become a ‘millionaire of hearts’; positively inspiring one million people before she leaves this earth through the work that she does.

For more information about Suzzanne visit or

Her book, ‘What’s Your Plan?’ is an inspiring story of Suzzanne’s life journey, laced together with practical and informative business lessons drawn from her wealth of knowledge and experience.



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