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Global Action Now: "Shifting to an Optimistic Mindset; Staying Positive in the Time of COVID and Beyond"

  • Thursday, October 08, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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You may recall our hugely successful management and sponsorship of the Nelson Mandela Youth Leadership Summit with a fivefold increase in participation and inspirational global video contributors and wonderful support from your the members of The Centre for Optimism.

The moderator of the event was Margaret Hepworth, who leads the successful Gandhi Experiment.   Margaret has established the GAN Forum, Global Action Now. 

From Margaret Hepworth:  "It's been an overwhelming time for us all recently. It's important to stay optimistic and we invite you into a vital discussion as to how we do that.

"At GAN, we are excited to announce our third Global Action Now - GAN - online forum“Shifting to an Optimistic Mindset; Staying Positive in the Time of COVID and Beyond.”

Margaret has promised to introduce us to ‘The Utopian Scale’, an activity designed to shift our focus to believing in a better world.  Margaret will also share with her work on “Positive Reality.”

More from Margaret: "Research tells us that “positive mindset” is key to change. It is the element that underpins resilience and drives our actions to success.
"So, remaining optimistic -  sounds easy right? Not always. How do we maintain hope and optimism in troubled times? Especially through COVID-19.
"Lucky for us, this forum will tell you how. The forum aims to be very practical, for you to take away tools and strategies to increase your level of optimism for a healthy and sustainable future.


Victor Perton asks people what makes them optimistic.  

"I am super excited to let you know that Victor Perton, the Chief Optimism Officer, for the Centre for Optimism, will be our guest speaker.
"Victor will talk about the science of optimism, the habits of the optimist and why using the question "What makes you Optimstic?" is positively addictive.
"We will then continue our learning with my own work, through The Gandhi Experiment, in “Attitudinal shift”. Together we will work through ‘The Utopian Scale’, an activity designed to shift your focus to believing in a better world. I will also share with you my work on “Positive Reality”, a simple methodology that helps us stay real, know the facts and yet remain soltion focused. "Positive Reality" is relevant for homes, schools, and businesses. Even politicians could do with a dose of "Positive Reality"!
"Positive Reality" takes us from a place of overwhelm and negativity, to a place of hope and optimism, to mindful action.
"Victor and I are very happy to share our skills and knowledge in this area with you. Because we both believe in a better future, or as the Centre for Optimism says, ‘a better normal’ for all."

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