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The Stories that Sustain Us: The Optimist Heart with Judy Rodgers, Robert Masters and Caroline Ward

  • Sunday, September 27, 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Zoom
  • 15


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The Optimist Heart with Caroline Ward and The Centre for Optimism

A time to replenish your inner well of optimism

Why this week's guests? - Caroline

If you've been joining our Optimist Heart sessions you will have gleaned a little something about the way I work. Rarely do have a strategy or a plan. I generally make decisions intuitively which then later makes sense as to the 'why' of it all. 

Last week John Hagel spoke a lot about the power of the narrative as distinct from 'story' - in his definition. Narrative is open-end and is a call to action. Story is more about what has and will happen and how it works out in the end. 

This coming Sunday we turn to story and narrative as understood in the context of news media and broad communication. How stories shape us, shape society and enable or destroy optimism and hope.

Rob Masters trajectory in the world of Australian media and beyond, gives us a local context in which to look at the power of media in our lives. Rob himself has made some powerful personal choices about the stories he consumes and the ones that he tells. I had not met Rob personally, but a number of people from diverse areas said that he is an absolute must in this conversation - especially because he is such a beautiful human being.

I've known Judy Rodgers for over 20 years and find her to be a fascinating person; as Megumi Miki defines the introvert - Judy is quietly powerful.  She teamed with David Cooperider at Case Western University Ohio, developing among other things, the renowned organisational transformation process Appreciative Inquiry. They went on to establish the Center for Business as an Agent for World Benefit. She initiated the global media platform Images and Voices of Hope and leads dialogue spaces with leaders from across the globe as they get connected to the big stories that are moving us in these times. Judy spent more than 20 years alongside and learning from one of the leading spiritual teachers of the 21st century - Dadi Janki, who passed away in March this year at the age of 104. 

About Rob Masters

Robert Masters is the Chair of the Centre for Optimism and its Advisory Board.  

Robert Masters has been advising the corporate and government sectors for more than 30 years. His experience covers industrial and consumer markets, issues and crisis management, employee relations and investor relations.

He is a former senior political journalist, covering Federal and State Parliaments and he lectures widely in Australia, Asia, the United States and the UK on public relations, communication strategies, and issues and crisis management. He is a Life Fellow and a Past President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and an Industry Fellow of Swinburne University.

About Judy Rodgers

Judy Rodgers was working in media when she turned her attention to a study of consciousness and meditation twenty-five years ago. She held executive positions in media companies such as CBS/Fox Video and New World Entertainment for fifteen years, translating the ideas of authors and thought leaders to video. In 1999 she helped found Images & Voices of Hope (, a global media initiative dedicated to media as a force for good. She oversaw the merger of IVOH with The Peace Studio ( in 2020.

Her interest in raja yoga meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumaris led to an extended study of consciousness and applied spirituality on how the quality of our awareness affects our thoughts, vision and experience in the world.  In 2009 she co-authored a book on altruism called Something Beyond Greatness.

She divides her time between her work as a consultant and communication strategist and her commitment to a raja yoga meditation practice. She lives in a retreat center in the Catskill Mountains, north of New York City.

Read more about "The Optimist Heart" 

If you want your Sunday mornings to be free of news and work for a little bit, why not start the day with a dose of uplifting energy? Join me and some truly beautiful people in The Optimist Heart space Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30am. 

In these times of great uncertainty and upheaval, there is an ever-increasing need to be able to rely on our own strength and inner resources. It is also important to find our tribe, carefully curating a community that makes us know that anything is possible; people with whom we want to co-create the future.  

The Centre for Optimism is a community that attracts great minds and big hearts from around the globe, people open and willing to share their learnings from successes and from apparent failures – a diverse group of unique humans, making the impossible possible.

As part of this platform of realistic and infectious optimism, Caroline Ward will hold a space that we’re calling The Optimist Heart.

We all know that if our hearts give up hope - and they can from time to time can't they? - then it doesn’t matter what we think or how great the vision is for the future, there just isn’t the fuel to keep going. But on the other hand, when our hearts feel strong, buoyant and enthusiastic, life feels great and everything flows. Circumstances may even be the same, but the way we move through them is entirely transformed.

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