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"The Optimist Heart" with Caroline Ward and Rob Mallick

  • Sunday, September 13, 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Zoom
  • 60


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As the event commences soon, please book directly on Zoom.

Please Book Directly on Zoom

The Optimist Heart
with Caroline Ward, Rob Mallick and The Centre for Optimism

A time to replenish your inner well of optimism

Caroline Ward: "I am so very, very happy to be in conversation tomorrow with a truly beautiful human being. I believe that Rob has artfully drawn the line of his fortune by declaring what life he wants to live and then going ahead and creating it. He is an Aussie whom I met in South America and we simply 'fell in love' with each other in the platonic and collegial sense of the phrase.  Rob is one of the most daringly intimate facilitators I know. Savvy, intuitive, exhibiting multiple intelligences in his magic - fearless. Or so it seems."

Rob Mallick is the Principal of Mohan Veena Consulting. At any one time he works with a handful of CEOs and the leadership teams of prestigious organizations, helping them on their critical organization development needs. Rob's current clients include: Unilever North America, McKinsey & Company, J&J Brazil, Bank of Montreal and BCX, South Africa's largest listed IT company.

Rob combines the analytics and business sense of the McKinsey consultant he once was, the judgment and tools of an experienced OD practitioner and the sensibility of a poet and gifted storyteller. This unusual combination of experience and capability allows Rob to stimulate insight and energy that help his clients move and grow. Rob is able to attend sensitively to the "softer", invisible aspects of organizations where much of the real insight lies and integrate this work into the "hard", visible domains where most business conversations occur. Rob offers his clients new language, opens in them new eyes and invites exploration of new places to understand their present reality and articulate their vision and aspirations. Rob then works in partnership with his clients to navigate the journey that lies ahead of them.

Rob does not bring a particular model or framework. Instead, he works organically and listens deeply to understand what is needed at any particular moment. Depending on what is being called for, he draws on a wide range of tools and models including Kegan and Lahey's immunity to change process, Appreciative inquiry, the Barrett values assessment and whole systems interventions. One of Rob's most insightful and powerful interventions involves exploring deeply and sensitively the vulnerabilities that are typically present in the situation he has been asked to help with. For Rob, the ability to name the vulnerability, feel it, stay with it and come out the other side is a capacity that needs to be nurtured, not numbed or denied.

Rob's mode of delivery also varies according to what is needed. Rob is a skilled facilitator of teams and large groups, a trusted coach and counselor to CEOs and senior executives and is highly regarded for his ability to diagnose what is really happening in an organization. Rob will occasionally do once-off high impact interventions but prefers to partner with his clients over the number of years it typically takes to shift large organizations. He is able to structure arrangements that are flexible and promote an on-going, multi year relationship rather then a consulting project model which does not suit truly transformative work. Rob does not rely on junior people, being hands-on in all the work he does, but can and will call on specific specialist expertise if and when it is needed.

Rob is 47 years old. He lives in Wellesley just outside Boston MA. He is married to Camilla Boyce and they have three young children, Lily (11), Nelson (9) and Ava (6). In addition to his family and his work, Rob loves cooking, exercise and the Manchester United soccer team.

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If you want your Sunday mornings to be free of news and work for a little bit, why not start the day with a dose of uplifting energy? Join me and some truly beautiful people in The Optimist Heart space Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30am. 

In these times of great uncertainty and upheaval, there is an ever-increasing need to be able to rely on our own strength and inner resources. It is also important to find our tribe, carefully curating a community that makes us know that anything is possible; people with whom we want to co-create the future.  

The Centre for Optimism is a community that attracts great minds and big hearts from around the globe, people open and willing to share their learnings from successes and from apparent failures – a diverse group of unique humans, making the impossible possible.

As part of this platform of realistic and infectious optimism, Caroline Ward will hold a space that we’re calling The Optimist Heart.

We all know that if our hearts give up hope, it doesn’t matter what we think or how great the vision is for the future, there just isn’t the fuel to keep going. But on the other hand, when our hearts feel strong, buoyant and enthusiastic, life feels great and everything flows. Circumstances may even be the same, but the way we move through them is entirely transformed.

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