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Launch of "The Optimist Heart" with Caroline Ward and The Centre for Optimism

  • Sunday, August 30, 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Zoom
  • 12


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The Optimist Heart with Caroline Ward and The Centre for Optimism: A time to replenish your inner well of optimism.

Read more about "The Optimist Heart" 

If you want your Sunday mornings to be free of news and work for a little bit, why not start the day with a dose of uplifting energy? Join me and some truly beautiful people in The Optimist Heart space Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30am. 

We all know that In these times of great uncertainty and upheaval, there is an ever-increasing need to be able to rely on our own strength and inner resources. It is also important to find our tribe, carefully curating a community that makes us know that anything is possible; people with whom we want to co-create the future.  

The Centre for Optimism is a community that attracts great minds and big hearts from around the globe, people open and willing to share their learnings from successes and from apparent failures – a diverse group of unique humans, making the impossible possible.

As part of this platform of realistic and infectious optimism, Caroline Ward will hold a space that we’re calling The Optimist Heart.

We all know that if our hearts give up hope, it doesn’t matter what we think or how great the vision is for the future, there just isn’t the fuel to keep going. But on the other hand, when our hearts feel strong, buoyant and enthusiastic, life feels great and everything flows. Circumstances may even be the same, but the way we move through them is entirely transformed.

Guests for the Launch

Kim Cunio IS a meeting place for diversity - culture & nationality, music, science & religion, social justice and peace activism. He is a practical visionary and both a responsive and proactive agent for transformation. As the Head of the Music School at the Australian National University, he is pioneering the fusion of, or perhaps better said, the integration or convergence of art, science and nature. Kim has committed to guarding formalised space at the school for Indigenous music and musicians. He is a composer of ancient music; a celebrated musician and singer, an interfaith minister and one of the most beautiful human beings you might ever meet. 

Aurora Musicalis is a sonic experiment, combining the ‘sounds of space’ selected by BAS scientist Nigel Meredith from the VLF receiver at Halley VI with original music by Kim Cunio, Australian National University. Enjoy a sample of the ‘sounds’ and music in this bonus track, including a music video by Cambridge-based artist-engineer Diana Scarborough, featuring Antarctic imagery from the BAS Image Collection.

Aurora Musicalis - Compilation Video from Diana Scarborough on Vimeo.

Alejandra Urrutia engages with music as an agent for social transformation. The first Concierto por la Hermandad (Great Concert for SiblingHood - borrowed from Tyson Yunkaporta) offered the experience of shared humanity through Beethoven's glorious 9th Symphony. In a converted central train station, 6000 people leapt to their feet in thunderous applause; 115 musicians, over 200 singers. This was Ale's offer to transform the very ugly anti-immigration conversation that emerged in her country of Chile in 2018. A year later, preparing to deliver Mahler's Resurrection, Chile unexpectedly entered into 2 months of social uprising that saw 2 million people protesting in the streets of the capital; rubber bullets and tear gas, hope and determination were the backdrop for the 2020 Concierto por La Hermandad. Still almost 5000 people found their way past barricades and fear to once again experience the sublime nature of an experience free of divide.

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