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Leadership – the people who make things matter: 2020 Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival

  • Thursday, September 17, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Online

The Centre for Optimism is a Partner to the 2020 Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival and the theme is "Optimism through Innovation"

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Leveraging our greatest asset, PEOPLE: In any environment or business, people and effective communication are key – especially when navigating change. With change comes opportunity, innovation is right in front of us – innovate with your people, connection cannot be taken for granted. Simon will share insights from his leadership journey, and successful transformation of business with a focus on the impact of change, employee engagement, communications, accountability and culture. There is no time like the present to gain practical and insightful tips for understanding and driving effective employee engagement in your business.


Quiet Leadership Stories: Leading the people who make things that matter:  Melissa Kirby speaks frankly about good leadership, showcasing the quiet leadership stories and leading the people who make things that matter. Facing a global crisis 200 years ago would have beseeched a God for divine intervention, 50 years ago, we would have placed trust in our political leaders to lead us out of a crisis – now, it is scientists, engineers and technologists we look to for salvation.  They often work in companies that people have never heard of, making things that people can barely comprehend; but they are the people that make things that matter to us now.  Leaders of these businesses don’t tend to fit the mould of the ‘shouty army general’, their approach is focused on driving innovation not obedience and they lead by example, with compassion and a healthy dose of pragmatism. We live in a world of extremes: with bombastic and divisive leadership figures to match. Do you need to fit this mould to make a difference, to be considered a good leader? Absolutely not!  In such a noisy, chaotic world, it really is the quiet ones we need to watch – and follow.

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