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Australia's Inland Innovation and Optimism

  • Thursday, July 16, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • 33


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Lou Conway leading a  Conversation with Australia's inland innovators hosted by IdeaSpies and The Centre for Optimism.

The Great Dividing Range along the east coast of Australia marks inland innovation territory where ancient and modern knowledge systems have endured and adapted.  In this session we bring you a gathering of inland optimists, they are driving innovation in agriculture.  Join us to tap into what makes the lifeblood of Australian Inland agtech entrepreneurs optimistic

Lou Conway is the Director of the UNE SMART Region Incubator,  It is the capacity of people to grow opportunities and adapt that most inspires Lou.  Working with startups is like being in heaven, people with grit and determination to bring solutions forward that have a commercial and community impact – these are the real heroes!

Lou will be joined by:

More Details on the Panellists: 

Hon Adam Marshall, MP is the NSW Minister for Agriculture and the Member for Northern Tablelands in the NSW Parliament, Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Western New South Wales. Having grown up on a farming property near Gunnedah, in the state’s North West, Adam is proud to have always lived and worked in country NSW.

Nerida Richards, Founder of FeedXL, has a PhD in animal nutrition. Nerida has created a way of helping horse owners give their horses the best quality of life and the highest level of care in nutrition. FeedXL is the world’s first online nutrition calculator.

Sarah Burrows is the co-founder of Red8, which is creating produce for a better planet: Low stress, low input, naturally produced meat processed on-farm. Red8 Produce has developed a new on-farm meat processing system as a lightweight, mobile and commercially compliant abattoir. It reduces producer costs, improves animal welfare and delivers high-quality meat to the consumer.

Danielle Morton is the founder of Zondii. From her quest for quality food and strong financial credentials, Danielle is on a mission to give consumers the ability to detect pesticide residue, as well as identify levels of key nutrients in real-time. Zondii scanners even differentiate between grass-fed and grain-fed beef. Consumers immediately understand the benefits of paying for healthy organic produce; decisions are made easy. The technology will also connect the consumer with the grower.

Sam Duncan is the founder of FarmLab, which helps agronomists and farmers make better decisions regarding inputs and land management by cheaply and accurately visualising their soil. FarmLab started in 2016 with the aim of digitising the earth’s soil. Since then, FarmLab has created a platform to help agronomists, consultants and farmers map, sample and analyse soil. Sam has built two startups and became passionate about soil when he was a member of the Australian Defence Force posted overseas in arid and challenging circumstances.

Lee Coleman is the Founder of FarmSimple. Lee is a broadacre farmer and software developer who could see a way to simplify the currently very complex way farmers manage their operation. farmSimple is a cloud-based farm management app for cropping farm businesses focusing on all on-farm activities like paddock and spray records, inventory management for grains, fuel and chemical; time-sheets, inductions, work procedures and maintenance jobs. “Farm management in the palm of your hand.”

Pete McGilchrist, UNE Meat Scientist, is passionate about everything from soil to scotch fillets! Meat-eating quality is a science fuelled by genetics, good management and technology. As a UNE researcher and problem solver with industry, Pete inspires students to crack big problems for industry around the measurement of quality and waste.

Jack Mooney is the Co-founder of Jacks Eggs and a UNE PhD student. Jack is now at the helm of Provenance Propagation which provides the highest standard of vegetable grafting and seedling propagation support, advice and consultancy for the global horticultural industry. Having worked as the Costa Nursery Manager in Guyra where Jack was responsible for propagating 850,000 grafted tomato seedlings per annum and doing a PhD on the Healing Methodologies for Herbaceous Grafting, Jack has just taken a role in North America to see what

Tamsyn Crowley is a Director at Poultry Hub Australia. Tamsyn had a pet chicken as a child called Vicky and as a highly respected poultry researcher, created Australia’s first-ever virtual chicken and called it Vicky, the Virtual Chicken.

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