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Wellbeing, COVID-19 and Optimism? IdeaSpies, Cunningham, Butler, Kasumovic & Delamere in Conversation

  • Thursday, April 30, 2020
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

As the event is imminent, you need to book and log inn via Zoom

I always look for the positive in everything, even if a situation is failing you."

Maddie Cunningham will lead a conversation on Wellbeing and Optimism and related ideaSpies-innovation.  Joining Maddie on the panel is Lisa Butler, Managing Director and founder of The Talea Group, Michael Kasumovic Founder of arludo, Brad Delamere Founder HealthCheckYou app and CEO of Tank Steam Labs, IdeaSpies founder Lynn WoodThe Centre for Optimism's Robert Masters and Victor Perton.

The first question will be "What makes you optimistic? What keeps you optimistic through the pandemic and beyond?""

The Optimism Cafe is The Centre for Optimism's effort to recreate the cafe conversations we are missing. Our Partner Organisation ideaSpies is working with us to deliver inspiring conversations focused on innovation and the wonderful ideaSpies global idea-sharing platform. See

With extensive global HR experience, Maddie Cunningham is the Wellbeing Editor for IdeaSpies a global digital community platform sharing clever ideas and innovations across all industry sectors to inspire action, making a positive difference in the world.  In her previous position as General Manager for the Trans-Tasman Business Circle, she developed and launched a start-up platform Next Circle for C-level Leaders and Directors across business and government who have moved or transitioning into a Portfolio Career.

Lisa Butler is the Managing Director and founder of The Talea Group

Michael Kasumovic is an Associate Professor at UNSW & Founder of arludo.

Brad Delamere is the Founder HealthCheckYou app and CEO of Tank Steam Labs

Lynn Wood is the Founder of ideaSpies.

Robert Masters is Australia's master of crisis communications.

Victor Perton is the Founder and Chief Optimism Officer of The Centre for Optimism.

As in all our Optimism Cafes, there will be ample time to join in with questions, comments and conversation.  Send questions in early and be prepared to join the panel as you join the conversation.

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