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Yoga and Optimism

by Victor Perton

Yoga: This is an interesting factor in helping you to be more optimistic. 

There’s lots of jolly fat people who lift the feeling in the room and make other people feel optimistic.  However, in general, optimism is easier when you feel good.  "Healthy body, healthy mind" is rooted in old wisdom and modern science.

The healthier you are, the more optimistic you’ll be, and the more optimistic you are, the healthier you’ll be.

Factors that interfere with one's ability to maintain a good mood and positive energy include lack of sleep, depleted energy from poor eating and lifestyle habits, and too little exercise.

Yoga is a great way to counter those factors.

My mother Lilia Perton, who practised yoga for over 60 years and taught yoga for 50 years, advised “Daily practice of yoga and meditation are ways of achieving an optimistic mindset and presence. We can light up the room and light up the lives of people around us with a positive manner, mode of speech and a smile. I am so fortunate to have been a Yoga teacher for 50 years and inspire others to spread light, love, peace and optimism into the world.”

Sarvesh Shashi told me,  "Yoga teaches you how to be in the present and makes you understand how we can’t undo the past and the future is yet to happen. So, live in the now. And in the now, there is only Optimism. Yoga enhances your ability to understand and comprehend that everything happens for a reason."

Boston's Health Yoga Life co-founder Ryma Bielkus told me, "Yoga connects you to your inner light where there is no fear and optimism is the only truth.”

Grand Master Akshar wrote, "With yoga, you can stay active, and optimistic."

There are many types of yoga nowadays.  If you haven’t practised before I would commend an integral yoga teacher or a hatha yoga teacher. 

Grand Master Akshar

"Home is where you head to at the end of each day for your peace and comfort. Your family is the source of solace and joy and adds meaning to your life. And Yoga can give us a sense of purpose in our lives filling it with hope and optimism. When you bring the two together, it makes the perfect recipe for health, love and happiness."

Alistair Gardiner

"yoga improves self-confidence, strengthens interpersonal relationships, increases attentiveness, lowers irritability, and encourages an optimistic outlook on life."

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