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Write Positive Affirmations to Enhance Your Optimism

by Victor Perton

Reading the thoughts of others is positive - imagine the greater strength of focusing on your own wisdom and insights and writing them down. 

There’s evidence that it is a way of lifting yourself and those around you. 

Share them with others face-to-face and on social media when you feel the quality merits it.

Writing down short statements can help remind you of your strengths. 

While I don’t like yellow post-its, many people do and you can leave those affirmations in places to help you, family and friends.

An experiment:  Write a message on your mirror at home or work reminding you that “The Leader looks like the person in my mirror” or more simply “I am an optimist.”

Most experts on writing positive affirmations recommend that you choose one negative thought you have about yourself and write down the positive opposite that counteracts that belief.  It’s worth a try too.

Try to use the present tense and include an optimistic future. 

"Short and sweet" is sound advice. 

"I am" is a good way to start. (Click for some examples we like)

Another Experiment: Write a short affirmation and record it on your phone or another device.  Play it back.  Pause 30 seconds.  Play it back again.  Would you change what you wrote?  Will you play it again?

David Schechter

"Some empirical, as yet unpublished data suggests that recording the affirmation and hearing it aloud in your own voice may be more powerful than internal dialogue or hearing another person’s voice reading the affirmation. "

In "Affirmations and Neuroplasticity: Affirmations can help us develop a more optimistic way of looking at ourselves."

Erin Miller

"Develop a daily mantra around the best version of yourself, then speak it as if you already are that person using “I am” statements, such as, “I am an optimistic person.” The brain is stickiest 20 minutes after waking, so say that mantra every morning out loud into the bathroom mirror, engaging your auditory and visual senses. With frequent repetition, you will organically become that person over time."

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