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Optimism at Work

Amanda Noz, Co-President at the Professional Women's Network Nice - Cote d'Azur

"Optimism is the key that unlocks engagement, boosting productivity and ultimately business growth. Why? Because the optimists have faith in the future and that empowers them to take actions in the present that create future successes."

Sally Foley-Lewis

“Bringing more optimism into workplaces aligns with improving workplace cultures that lead to less staff-turnover, higher productivity and profits. Optimism can start from reframing an attitude or viewpoint from mistrust or concern to most people want to do well and most people want to get along, be engaged and be a valuable contributor. Keeping this in mind as we communicate, drive a strategic vision, check progress on implementing a plan, means that if you see an error or something is not clear, start from that more optimistic stance and ask questions to uncover what’s going on.”

Beth Cabrera, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being

“Research has found a strong link between ‪optimism and success at work.  One study looked at the impact of positive thinking on performance of insurance agents working at MetLife. The researchers discovered that agents who scored in the top 10 percent on an assessment of optimism sold 88 percent more than insurance agents who scored in the bottom 10 percent…  People are more likely to work hard and persist towards their goal if they expect to succeed.”

Olivia Nambi, President, Generation Bridge, Uganda

"Optimism has contributed to an improvement in labor force skills and digitization giving hope for businesses to thrive over the next decade around the world. I am hopeful that the increased number of optimists will find solutions to other global challenges."

Todd Tucker, The Roosevelt Institute

“In general there's no point in talking if there's not at least some grounds for optimism."

Diane Hamilton, Creator of the Curiosity Code Index

“Optimism and curiosity are critical for innovative workplaces. That desire to learn and explore provides a rush of creativity. Optimism clears the way for empathy and understanding. Optimism leads to tenacity to see a project through completion and helps us overcome the fear of failure.”

Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Author

“The attitude you bring to the office—positive or negative—is contagious and spreads to others in the workplace. Optimism encourages you to focus on possibilities, potential and solutions instead of deficits, past regrets and problems. You delegate work responsibilities, instead of micromanaging, and your encouragement of independence sends a message to employees that you trust their performance abilities.”

Rachel Bevans, MD at The Healthy Brand Company

"Great brands are inherently optimistic. They look to the future, aim to solve people’s problems and make people’s lives better. In challenging times, great brands have the power to drive optimism amongst their audiences – customers, employees and stakeholders. People first, not last."

The future is bright for business and brands: optimism attracts by Rachel Bevans

Starbucks on its 2019 Branding

“We’re thoughtfully incorporating beautiful, expressive moments with calm confidence in ways that are optimistic, joyful and recognizably Starbucks."

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