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Victor Perton on asking "What makes you Optimistic?"

Why do I ask "What makes you Optimistic?"

 In 2015, I was bewildered by the lack of confidence and trust in Australian leadership.  To find out more, I established the Australian Leadership Project.

In the following four years, our team has interviewed 2500 people asking about the qualities of Australian leadership, and it became clear that the distinguishing cultural features of Australia's leaders are:

  • Egalitarianism - we talk to the cleaner with the same respect as the chairman;
  • Self-effacing humour - we take our job seriously but not ourselves; and,
  • No BS Plain Speaking.

If those are the features of Australian leaders, you and I know many people like that.  There are millions of Australians leading in their domains and leading well. It's why on the global wellbeing indices, it's clear that historically no people have lived as well as the Australians of today.

Yet the negativity remains and is getting worse.

My Eureka moment came in late 2017 speaking at the Global Integrity Summit.  It's not the leaders; it's a fog of pessimism enveloping our public discourse. We have permitted a mindset of pessimism to develop in our corporate, government and media communications.  The "news" spreads the worst news about everything so "well-informed" people think it's logical to be pessimistic.  

As optimism underpins innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, pessimism is an inhibitor to personal, national and global growth.

Ask Others “What makes you optimistic?”

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