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What's New at The Centre for Optimism

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  • Thursday, August 13, 2020 6:20 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Optimism builds an opportunity to explore something new. All the answers are in the future that we create."

    That's what Dr. Oleg Konovalov told Deepa Tojan in response to the question "What makes you optimistic?"

    Optimists on their Optimism

  • Tuesday, August 11, 2020 10:10 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    #Optimism" by Marika Svikis!

    Despite the curfew and lockdown "Optimism" created by Marika Svikish has been delivered to my door!

    Delighted to get this note from Marika, "THANK you for the incredible brief you gave me to work with. I loved designing and coming up with the piece for you. I hope you love it! It's inspired a new collection and direction for my #design practice too!

    Yes, Marika, I love it.

    What's the story. The Centre for Optimism has a partnership with Lynn Wood and IdeaSpies. We ran a brilliant event entitled "DESIGN AND ART FOSTERING #INNOVATION AND OPTIMISM: Gillian Corban AND FRIENDS IN CONVERSATION" with special guests Camilla Schippa, gabrielle mordy and Lisa Cahill. See

    Lisa Cahill told us about her Australian Design Centre's Object 150 project to help designers keep working during the pandemic and beyond. So I ordered a piece from Marika Svikis, she kindly asked me to give her a brief and #optimism resulted.

    Thanks too to Susannah Boothroyd and Alix Fiveash.

  • Saturday, August 08, 2020 1:15 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Episode 1: Victor Perton presented Voices of Optimism - a conversation with Mayor Cr Margaret O’Rourke and her close friend and leadership expert Mary Dwyer who talked frankly about their longstanding friendship and how being optimistic has helped them both to cope with some very difficult times in their personal and work life.  

    Read more "Voices of Bendigo Optimism"

  • Friday, July 31, 2020 6:08 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Sabina Read, Psychologist

    "I'm forever optimistic that realistic optimism can be nurtured and manifested in every single one of us.

    "It's not about being glass-half-full or wearing a smile on your dial, but rather about choosing to see ourselves, each other and the world around us through a lens that we will be OK. Things work out in the end.

    "Through the lenses of realism and optimism, we cope better, preserve hope, have faith in humanity, and hold the belief that we are here to help and support one another, regardless of the adversity and challenges that cross our paths."

  • Friday, July 31, 2020 6:13 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    31 July 2020 

    Bendigo AdvertiserBendigo Invention and Innovation Festival to focus on optimism

    "Keynote speakers include the Australian Space Agency's Anthony Murfett, Austmine's Christine Gibbs Stewart, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre's Paul Cooper and Michael Sharpe, the Centre for Optimism's Victoria Perton, RMIT Wearables and Sensing Network's Dr Leah Heiss, and Bendigo Bank's Marnie Baker."

    "Partners and contributors include the Bendigo Manufacturing Group, Bendigo Tech School, the Digital Innovation Festival Victoria, Goldfields Local Learning and Employment Network, and The Centre for Optimism."

  • Saturday, June 20, 2020 3:12 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Mayor Katrina Humphries, Moree Plains Shire Council

    "The younger generation make me optimistic"

    Optimistic About Youth and Youthful Optimists

  • Tuesday, June 16, 2020 6:26 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Holger Dielenberg

    “Optimism is the driver and pessimism are potholes and low fuel reserves. Steer your course wisely.”

    Read "What is Optimism Quotable Quotes"

  • Saturday, June 13, 2020 5:38 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Tammy Rendina, School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University

    "Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist.  It is the hope that they won’t last forever.  That hurts will be healed, difficulties will be overcome and confusion will bring clarify.  Learning exemplifies hope, hope for new knowledge, hope for new skills and hope for an exciting future."

    Wisdom on Optimism, Religion, Spirituality, Faith and Hope

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