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  • Tuesday, June 02, 2020 6:55 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    "The crisis management strategy phase of ‘getting back to normal’ is dead. People want more. They want better. True leaders will use lessons learned from COVID-19 to do better, to build a ‘better normal’ to reassure, strengthen trust and build confidence with realistic optimism." The Centre for Optimism's Chair Robert Masters has always been an optimist. As a former political journalist who has covered 10 Prime Ministers and countless Premiers and Ministers and now a strategic communication advisor to governments, corporations and not for profit organisations he has seen the good and the bad of policies, crises and strategic initiatives. He believes that leadership and communication are two key fundamentals to our way of life, thus empowering people to embrace the future with confidence and realism if they are delivered with purposeful optimism or bounded optimism. This is why he sees the emerging post-COVID-19 period as an opportunity for governments and companies to reject the ‘return to normal’ philosophy and pursue a ’better normal’ strategy.

    Robert was joined by Paul Bayly, International Recovery Expert; former Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Islands Recovery & Development Agency; Former Permanent Secretary, Fiji Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Catherine Brown, the CEO of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. The LMCF is the largest community fund in Australia and is focussed on its role to connect people, ideas and funding to create positive social change and address Melbourne’s future needs, now. Eloise Grace, TV Journalist, Co-owner Andy Grace Media, Lawyer, Actor and Model Mark Matthews, Director - Asia and Pacific, Business for Development Victor Perton, COO, The Centre for Optimism

  • Wednesday, May 27, 2020 12:05 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)
    Brilliant People Optimistic for The Circular Economy

    Ragini Prasad

    "There is so much to be optimistic about in the Circular Economy world. At its heart, a Circular Economy acknowledges the interconnected nature of everything. It would mean that we create, use and repurpose in a manner that supports the thriving of the planet and all those who depend on it. Isn't that a vision worth striving for??!!"

  • Saturday, May 23, 2020 9:07 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    In general, optimism bias is quite useful, yielding better life outcomes in certain situations. People with higher levels of optimism work harder, save more and are more likely to remarry after divorce.

    Read "Complying with lockdown does become harder over time" 

    Read "CoronaVirus Through the Lens of an Optimist"

  • Saturday, May 23, 2020 7:33 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Optimists' Eulogies

    On Lynn Faulds Wood

    "Right until the end she was buoyant and optimistic; cheerfully thanking others, ceding nothing to despair or self-pity."

    "People with cancer would just seek comfort from her.  She would talk to them at inordinate length on the phone and listen to their fears, but always with a tone of optimism."

    Lynn died at the age of 72: Lynn had been diagnosed with bowel cancer in her early 40s.  A year on, she was told she had a 30 per cent chance of survivingWhile her husband John contemplated the bleak prospect of life as a lone father, Lynn resolved to fight. ‘I’m convinced her courage and optimism played a part in her recovery. Her attitude was: “I’m going to beat this bugger,” ’ said John.

    Worth reading

  • Friday, May 22, 2020 9:01 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    by Adity Saxena, PhD  

    The small things of the life

    Have the ability to make us optimistic

    I feel optimistic

    When someone unknown

    Show empathy to me

    Smile to me

    Share their stories to me

    And hug me and wipe-off my tears

    Adity Saxena is Associate Professor at Amity Education Group

    The Poetry of Optimism

  • Friday, May 22, 2020 6:48 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)
    Sarah Watson FIEAust 

    "Optimism is choosing excitement over fear"

    What is Optimism Quotable Quotes 

  • Friday, May 22, 2020 6:11 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Dewi Savitri Wahab, Advisor to the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Social and Culture matters told Victor Perton, 

    "With optimism, we can be innovative and creative and thus, be a part of solution."

    Optimism and Innovation 

  • Friday, May 22, 2020 6:31 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Thoughts to guide us by Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo

    Faith heals!

    Faith exudes excitement and enthusiasm that makes a person feel optimistic. Medical studies reveal that optimistic patients heal better and faster than depressed patients.

    Optimism has some force that burns out infection, while depression increases the possibility of infection by at least tenfold.

    Sick people with confident, optimistic attitude have that strange power over illnesses. Optimism and faith are significant elements to achieving good health. Medical science and the science of faith are vital elements in healing: They are powerful factors in overcoming sickness and establishing good health!

    Visualise yourself or your loved one in perfect health, radiant with love and goodness of God. Let this picture of health sink in.

    Nine-tenths of the mind is in the subconscious. What we believe and picture in our subconscious is what we usually get!

    Make your faith control your subconscious, for it only gives back what your real thoughts are. Just like a computer, what you put into it is what comes out!

    The affirmative faith, fuelled by God’s assuring love releases deep spiritual power and joy.

    Joy, by itself, possesses healing power. Keep the faith. Be joyful!

    Peace, good health, safety and abundance for us all!

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