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2021 "What makes you Optimistic?" Survey

Melbourne Business Network Members

How would you Describe your Optimism?

The Melbourne Business Network is characterised by a much larger proportion of natural optimists - again an entrepreneurial characteristic.  In the MBN 22% describe themselves as natural optimists for the global survey it's 12%.

There's also a much higher percentage who describe themselves as realistic optimists: 20% v 14%.   This is a quality The Centre for Optimism fosters in leaders.  

Melbourne Business Network


What makes you Optimistic?

In the survey, we ask "What makes you Optimistic? and provide space for a free-text answer.   We'll share those answers soon.

Melbourne Business Network


What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?

We ask, "What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?" and offer a series of options derived from our first global survey and the answers we have received from thousands of people.    

The top answers globally in order are Mindset; Life Experience; Most people are trying to do good; Gratitude; Faith in God; Family; Faith in Humanity; Hope; Science; Young People; Things will work out in the end; Belief; Friends; The Future; History; Medical Science; Good Government; and, The Economy.

For the Melbourne Business Network, as a group of entrepreneurs, mindset as the key to optimism is double the general global figure.  Gratitude and Family are numbers two and three keys to optimism.

Melbourne Business Network

Global Results

What has helped keep you optimistic in these difficult times?

Gratitude is very high amongst MBN members.

Melbourne Business Network


What makes you Optimistic for Melbourne?

"Melbourne is a city of diversity and full of hope. There are a lot of people who have a story of struggle and of surviving difficult times. It is a blessing to meet with people who have been struggled and stood through any storm that life throws at us. Melburnians are resilient."

"The city has the ‘bones,’ i.e. layout, infrastructure etc. and ‘spirit,’ i.e. people, entrepreneurship, to bounce back."

“Melbourne is a diverse multi-cultural city offering possibility and opportunity.”

“Melbourne’s sense of community.”

"The people of Melbourne."

"The people are what will guide Melbourne to a great future."

“The good that people have done throughout the pandemic, despite their situation.”

“People showing genuine care and charity for their community."

"I know of many new business start-ups going well."

"That our indigenous stories are being told more.   That our parklands are being respected and used by the general public more.  That our appreciation for open space continues.  Our focus on small business is returning."

“Sikh charity. Seeing my neighbourhood Facebook group posting caring messages.

"The way business has adapted to the changes and come back with an optimistic attitude."

"My mindset makes me optimistic. So many businesses have taken this opportunity to rethink and adjust their offering. This is yet another business challenge. That as business owners, it is our responsibility to find the best path forward for our businesses. There is a solution. It just isn’t the old one."

"I am always optimistic and always positive in life, as it’s in my nature and probably my biology. I have chosen to live here, making Melbourne my business playground to grow personally and professionally."

"I am optimistic that Melbourne will change the way it currently looks at the issues facing them through a lens of optimism and stops using fear as the way to manage risk. I have resilient optimism that leaders will step up to walk the community’s journey instead of putting barriers up to navigate and solve these issues while minimising the impacts on vulnerable communities."

"I’ve travelled to many countries, and there is nowhere else I’d rather live. Our access to clean air, an excellent education, the professional opportunity is 2nd to none. Our propensity to gravitate towards healthy outdoor lifestyles with plenty of room to exercise, the way we embrace multiculturalism, and the many fine examples of thought leaders in the fields of science, sports and the arts who have come from Melbourne all make it an inspiring and optimistic place to be and live."

"Melbourne is a great city, so what is there to be other than optimistic."

"We are a resilient community, and people through Covid have supported businesses most affected purposefully."

"People opening their doors for business every day."

"That the majority of people do the right thing, are kind and friendly."

"We are resilient, and we persevere."

"People are maintaining high compliance with vaccination and lockdowns and still greeting in a friendly manner."

"The way ordinary Melbourne people respond with goodwill and generosity. The Uptown art project late last year was a lovely expression of what makes my local area such a great place to live."

"We are strong!! Together we can achieve amazing things!"

"We’ve got through Covid-19 well. We are a relatively wealthy city in a wealthy country. Most people are generally good."

"Why wouldn’t you be optimistic?"

"Time will heal."

"Misfortune for some opens new opportunities for others."

"Melbourne's people & culture."

"Things will change. It won’t be like this forever."

"The enthusiasm of the people."

"I’m optimistic that COVID has made the city more environmentally minded."

"Melburnians have already been through so much. We can do this again. Most businesses are resilient and have bounced back with support.

"Most people understand the need to protect and support others and think beyond their own wants.

"We move forward one step at a time."

"We live in the most liveable city in the world!

"People doing genuinely good deeds, not just because of tough times."

"Seeing the different opportunities and initiatives that are happening in the city. Government grants, resources and mindsets of support"

"That there are volunteers to help those who aren’t able to help themselves. There’s hope with organisations like 2nd Bite, Oz harvest, headspace, RUOK etc."

"The people and the MBN."

"People working together to gain a positive result."

"The cohesion of Victoria; the kindness of the community."

"Everyday neighbours in my community."

"I have a great family & friends, + I keep myself busy."

"The life I have lived gives me optimism. Everything happens for a reason. And that is proving true."

“We have been here before and will succeed again.”

"The community rally behind vendors and local restaurants. When this lockdown is over, we visit our local restaurants and stores."


"Despite the politicians and media, most Melbourne people are realistic and making the most of the situation."

"After ALL the flaws and breaches (in Hotel Quarantine in VIC), costs blowouts (in Construction Projects), and lies (e.g. in Hotel Quarantine Royal Commission & Belt & Road Contract), I am optimistic that VIC citizens will do the right thing and elect a new State Government in 2022!"

"Only the majority of people I surround myself with. Indeed not the Victorian Government :-)  :-) Businesses can’t be assured a safe, positive, and financially sustainable future if Labour is voted back into power in Victoria."

"Melbourne and Melburnians seem to have got the raw end of the stick with covid and I believe that the politicians, people, and Press need to  work together."

"How Dan Andrews team handled Covid."

"When the State Government and medical experts start thinking outside the box and create a long term strategy supported by sound action plans which protect and support individuals and the state and enable us to function and support ourselves and families with minimal disruption, taking into account that perhaps Coronavirus will always be with us in some shape or form, this also applies to the Federal Government. The current approach is not sustainable and is weakening individuals, businesses and our way of life."

“My amazing baristas at manna cafe in Mooroolbark each morning.”

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