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"What makes you Optimistic?"  Answers from "The Better Normal Survey"

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked those answering self-identifying as optimists, "what makes you optimistic?

This is the question we have asked of thousands of people - see "Optimists on their Optimism" and "Why ask the question 'What makes you optimistic?"

See "Optimists on their Optimism"

"A belief in the notion that the majority of people have the innate qualities to do good and to stand up for what is right."

"That the essential goodness of humanity will prevail"

Anand Kulkarni

"Better to look to the positive and the opportunity than to dwell on the negative and roadblocks."

"What makes me optimistic?  A mindset based on experience and faith."

"As a society, we’re very adaptable - we have encountered far worse problems and survived, if not thrived."

"The fact that there is a natural and innate evolutionary tendency for people to be moved by the stories of individuals ahead of the abstract arguments of the few."

"I am in control of how I think and view the world. I am in a privileged position, with health, love of family and meaningful work - there is really nothing more I need."

What keeps me optimistic? That somehow things will work out, no matter what.

1 History: Today’s society is better off than previous times 2: People ingenuity

Optimism and History

A belief in humanity that we want to bring about outcomes that take care of our concerns without delegitimising others.

A belief in the notion that the majority of people have the innate qualities to do good and to stand up for what is right.

A belief that everything happens for a reason and life is good.

A genuine belief that the majority of people want to work towards good outcomes, even if they might be a bit misguided at times

A life of working with others and seeing the best in them.

A number of things: The drive within me; work ethic; my family; open-mind to listen: openness to change my mind based on evidence presented; the human capacity to do good; and, desire for peace.

A passion and drive to leave this earth in a better condition for my grandchildren and children.

A power greater than all of us: Having faith.

a willingness to believe in people and the power of positive support for them

After 2000 years, with a few bumps in the road along the way, we, for the most part, are free, fed, warm and happy.

After Sunday comes Monday: We move forward not backward.

An optimistic mindset delivers the outcome that things will work out in the end.

As a Christian, I believe God is in control, and somehow His love for mankind will make things work out in the end. Nature has shown the way a bit during this COVID-19 and how fast the earth healed. I believe there will be a small group pf catalysts who will show us a better way.

As long as I have breath to breathe, I believe that a way can be found to resolve whatever issues occur. I couple this with my Faith in Jesus Christ.

Australia being known as a respectful and enterprising nation

Because the alternative view is not much chop and fairly pointless, you have to have hope and take the good and the lessons from everything, even if it all goes pear-shaped. The majority of people want the same things, security, love, respect, creativity, shelter, food, purpose.

Because things always work out in the end. We have our lives. Things happen. And then we die. Enjoy today, plan for tomorrow.

Being optimistic enables me to make more of all aspects of my life.

Being part of bringing positive change


belief in oneself

belief in self

Belief in the progress of humanity; our ability to learn and adapt.

Believe in God.

Believe things will work out and be beneficial.

Believing in myself and believing that things always have a way of working out for the better.

Better energy than being pessimistic

Better than being a pessimist

Both belief and experience points to bad situations being a catalyst for good outcomes - when united ton face challenge, people work harder and are more focused seeking solutions, and it leads to creative, positive outcomes both to resolve the specific challenge and make other discoveries along the way

Business leaders adopting new standards for treating their employees. Dignity and respect. Doing things the right way, regardless of the impact on the bottom line.

challenges are opportunities to grow and give new skills and insights so, in the end, they become valuable growth opportunities

My children and others’ kids.

Confidence in my abilities to get things done

Confidence in the underlying human spirit and western democracy.

Continued living in the world with the others.

COVID 19 is the crisis we needed to be grateful for our lifestyle and the opportunity to reflect on the possibilities of doing things more kindly

Creativity / Curiosity / Positive energy

Curiosity and always wondering, engaging with the bright minds and idea with young people, never a dull moment

Current Governments State and Federal here in SA and the current POTUS will get another term. We will get through this.


Despite the setbacks, the trajectory is a good one for our society.

The determination that with enough effort and goodwill, good things will happen

Entrepreneurial mindset

Every day I wake up, and I get to choose my attitude. I expect things to go well, even if they don’t, I have had the opportunity to resolve problems, learn about myself and others, innovate and discover. Optimism is simply choosing how you will “be” at that moment.

Every expectation should have a positive outcome.

Exactly that - a belief that things generally work out in the end - generally not perfectly but manageably.


Experience and the hope that it will get better.

The experience that no matter how dark it may appear, there will be light, eventually. You will need to work for it, but it usually comes.

Experience, faith, determination, age, nature. It’s to be expected that from time to time, bad things can happen, but ultimately, things do work out in the end and experience and age provide that evidence. Natural optimism and faith help us get to that point.

Experience. Acceptance that there are things you can and cannot change but a belief that you can ensure better outcomes for yourself and those around you if you apply yourself to dealing with challenges with purpose.


Faith in God.

Optimism, Spirituality and Religion

Faith in others.

Faith in people to do good in the good by respecting their fellowman

Faith in the human race, belief that most people are good and want to do the right thing

Faith, Hope, Work and a biological surge around us.

Family and faith in God

Family and friends and community

Family, friends, health, wealth, Aussies determination and cultural mores that overcome always

Fighting for equality my whole life and having wins

Focussing on doing what is right for my community and seeing the benefits for all. Most people want to be positive, and there is a silver lining in almost everything if you look for it - helping others to see that when they are not feeling positive helps me remain optimistic too

From past events like this, we have scientific success, art, performance, work practices that we still have centuries later. Let’s become those now. Take that step today.

Fundamentally I believe human beings are good, even though flawed. Many bad things happen by, and to good people, however, there is man-made and God-given-justice that in the end prevails.

Good personal contacts.

Gratitude for the smallest of things.

Daily Gratitude Reflections

Have faith that things will go well and have meaning and purpose in what you do.

Having experienced many things and always finding a way to smile, to make it through, to feel loved

Having the privilege that most people don’t

I am hearing about stories of community care and the government being a little more empathetic!

History and past experience

History and perspective. There are opportunity and possibility everywhere. Even life’s darkest experiences have given us skills and a level of experience to contribute to the greater good.

History is the story of humanity’s overcoming. We wouldn’t be where we are today as a species without a strong track record of overcoming obstacles. We have a unique ability to focus on problems and solve them.

History teaches us that things are rarely as bad as they seem. It also teaches us that the human spirit is dauntless and that people will generally do the right thing.

Hope and trust in a benevolent creator.

Human ingenuity and (for the most part) good intentions

Human ingenuity to solve problems and find solutions our natural inclination to fairness, curiosity and helpfulness

Human nature: We all bounce back, especially if one can look to nature, living in the moment, and have daily gratitude.

Humanities ability to handle anything

Humanity’s basic character

Humans can do more good than bad. They just need to find the reason to do it.

I agree that we will fine.

I always believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

I am optimistic because I know that when people are given a choice between good and evil, and they know which one is which, they choose “good”. Too often we don’t know the difference at the time of the decision, and it can be the wrong one- but not because people intentionally know it is evil.

I am surprised by people being kinder than I expect them to be.

I believe I am good and have the capacity to connect and do good for others and in the process, benefit from the help I provide.

I believe in myself and my community’s interest and ability to have evidence-based discussions and team up, to build a skills-based economy of opportunity and reward for taking risks and solving issues.

I believe in people and have travelled; I believe that we have what it takes to make things happen.

I believe in the fundamental goodness of humanity. There are always aberrations, but I don’t believe this is the norm. Most people just want to do good, leave behind them a better world and look after those closest to them.

I believe in the human spirit; that ultimately good will prevail over evil. It may take time, such as overcoming what is happening in the oppressive Chinese Communist regime currently; but things will work out in the end.

I believe people want to do well for themselves and their family, and this drives improvement and growth.

I believe the world and its people are beautiful. There is so much good in the world, but sometimes you need to look for it purposely.

I believe there are ways of getting things done - and if only we can engage the community and science - we can make positive steps - but also disappointed in particularly the conservative side of politics who seem to care only about themselves and short term political gain - and don’t care about anyone else including their families or communities long term future.

I believe you get what you put out to the universe. I try to be positive; empathetic; kind and helpful to others. I have always believed in resilience - to try try and try again. These beliefs create a sense of optimism in me.

I belong to a metanarrative for this world and can see that the end is absolutely good.

I feel that a pessimistic mindset is often self-fulfilling.

I genuinely believe most people want good things to happen and that where we truly believe in something we can achieve anything.

I had a rough start to life. I am grateful for being here.

I have a general faith that people want to do the right thing. Human nature is to strive and overcome difficulties.

I have always had a deep sense that things work out. Despite living through life-threatening illness and uncertainty about life’s direction for me, that sense has carried me through and drives me to help foster that perspective in others.

I have always realised that better things are possible with a positive attitude. The strongest factor has been my parents and my family- They are extremely positive. Luckily I have the best mentors in my profession as a doctor, and they still support me for being positive - Need to be surrounded by positive people - if. Not cultivate the habit of optimism in them( infectiously optimistic). As a surgeon, optimism is the key to practice and has worked wonderfully well for my colleagues and me. The most important thing is to look at positive traits in a person and ignore the negative.

I have faith in other people that we all share goodwill toward each other and society. Fundamentally, I think we all share core values of loving our families and wanting to make the world a better place. Although we have so many differences in culture, motivations and how this comes out, intrinsically I think every person is good and that most people, most of the time, prefer positive over negative.

I have faith that if you want things to happen, then you can make them happen. My many friends and I want things to happen in a way which improves life for everyone.

I have had significant tragedy to deal with in life, but gratitude and hope have allowed me to get through these times and see the good in the world.

I have never doubted my own ability to make whatever I want succeed.

I have worked relentlessly to overcome some serious personal challenges in life to purchase a home and build a relatively successful career.

I know my needs are always met. I know that if we are present, then an outcome will present itself. Said best by Liam Nieson in Star Wars.

I know people are generally good

I live a solution-focused and strength-focused life and encourage leaders to do the same

I love life and everything about it and will always work through the tough times until I come out the other end

I never give up - persistence and focus win in the end!

I never stop taking action no matter what the roadblocks are.

I realised quite early on in my life that however good or however bad the situation that you find yourself in is; you make it better by looking for opportunities and make it worse by looking for excuses. This positive attitude creates a greater likelihood of better outcomes.

I see good developments from generation to generation and expect this to continue.

I see life as I choose to see it.

I seek natural leaders who put set a clear path for others to follow.

I think if we see the ultimate good in most people, we can be optimistic that we can all work together for the common good.

I think my childhood and basic nature.

I truly believe that we make out own optimism. If I decide I’m going to have an optimistic outcome that then sets the tone for the decisions I make, the behaviours I adopt the people I surround myself with - and ultimately by making these choices I am driving my own optimistic results!

I trust myself to be able to navigate life with increasing grace, love, joy and peace.

I try to look at the good side and believe it will happen.

I was brought up to see the best in everything and to make the best of everything - if you have a choice between crying and laughing, try to choose laughing. Not being optimistic can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I was taught to be optimistic.

I would reframe the explanation in the question for me. I believe optimism is a state of being in the present. For the past no longer exists and the future is yet to happen. We only have the present moment. That state of being unfolds into the future moment by moment and creates it.

I’m optimistic about the power of human connection to heal, inspire and make us happier.

I’m optimistic because we can plan for good outcomes by understanding and managing risk. That’s an optimistic view because it leads us to do the work of planning and risk management. The statement 11 above sounds like opting out of taking responsibility for future outcomes - blind optimism like ‘she’ll be right mate’. We are entitled to be optimistic IF we take responsibility to work on achieving good outcomes. It’s easy to visualise good future outcomes. Speeding, drunken drivers do it, for example. But that is blind optimism which doesn’t assess and work on negating the risks. If we understand risk and plan accordingly, we are then entitled to be more optimistic.

I’ve been in bad places, overcome bad things, significant hardship, I know I am a survivor.

If I do good things, good outcomes will eventuate.


“in the end, we are all dead”, so the most important things we can do in the meantime is love each other. “Love is God, and to die means that I, a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source.”, Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Intrinsic good in people

It is a choice I make, despite evidence to the contrary! It is often perceived as naivety, but it is actually a choice I try to make each day.

It is human nature for a person to want to improve his or her lot in life.

It is my nature

It’s a natural outlook now, but I believe I’ve trained myself to do it after realising a long time ago that a positive outlook will make any situation better and is better for my health and life overall, as well as for the people around me.

It’s simply a hope of mine but not supported by history.

It's a mindset perhaps but one that I am driven towards.

It's always a glass half full

It is simply my mindset

John Lennon’s quote does “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” John Lennon Enjoying the moments is my key!

Just the opportunities which reveal themselves. We are such fortunate people. We have so many abilities and a possible awareness to existence which we can open up to. Life is exceptional. Most things around us are not alive. How lucky are we to be living, to know ourselves and life itself. There is still so much else to learn about, experience, engage in and to enjoy!

Knowing that if I apply myself to the problem or opportunity at hand, I can make something happen without it needing to be perfect

Knowing that there are ways to do things better

Lessons of history



Life experience and friend and family support

Life experience

Life goes in cycles, however, the good times outweigh the bad times

Life is not always easy, but challenges in life make us stronger if we recognise our ability to overcome or at least live with them. Optimism allows me see that everything is not bad, and to see the glow of light even on the darkest nights.

Looking back at very difficult periods in my life and seeing the many positives that came from them that were not at all obvious at the time.

Mankind is hopeless at managing its own affairs

Many things including my life experiences everything happens for a reason

Many ups-and-downs in my life and learnt resilience to make the most of any situation. “No experience is ever wasted”.


Mindful and confident about the future

Most things

Mostly that things work out okay in the end, and when they don’t we just got to keep going

moving forward is always a good first step and events follow on from intentions

My ability to resolve challenges in all shapes and form

My belief that we are created in the image of God

My children.

My faith in God

My faith in God

My grandchildren.

My knowledge of history and human nature

My knowledge of human progression and my own life’s journey.

My life experience, human nature and my exposure to clever design and thinkers who’s models are waiting to change the world for the better. Tinged with wisdom of age and the raging hormones of menapause.

My life has increasingly improved as l have become wiser and live more in the moment; and got rid of the shackles of religious nonsense including its emphasis on guilt.

My life on the farm

My mindset - I always look for the good in any situation, even the most difficult one. I take a step back - our problems are often small relative to others’ problems. In the bigger scheme of things, problems can be put in perspective.

my mindset. My love of life.

my nature --it has to be --Australia is so fat , lazy and badly structured and governed

My optimism accompanies a sense of wonder and hope for our purposes here, within the subtle, complex, and beautiful designs of the Creator -- with the clock ticking!

My outlook. I try to see the good in people. I try to find the lesson in everything that happens.

My personal experience and knowing that whatever hurdles you face, you can get over them one way or another.

My personal hallucination suggests the sun continues to rise in the morning.

My personal history, as well as world history, has demonstrated that things always get better, as long as you learn and apply effort to ensure they do (mindset and action are the prerequisites)


Never give up! Is my motto.Therexate many good people snd love beatscdeath.

No matter what, I’ve survived worse... if I survived worse, then I’ll survive this

Not always.

Not knowing what to expect tomorrow.

Not the first hard time and not the last one

Nothing makes me optimistic, I just use optimism if it works.

Nothing, it’s just part of me

Now is the time to start for what the better future can look like and I believe people’s minds are open to discover that.

Open-Ended Response

Open-mindedness, and pure enquiry work to soften brittleness and hard outer surfaces. Nature doesn’t stop unfolding, nature keeps going. Nature is my guide. I follow the Tao de Ching

Opportunities come to the prepared. I work very hard to ensure I get to live a meaningful life, aligned with my Life Purpose to make the mining industry better. Believing the best of people brings out the best in people.

Optimism lies in my blood

Our behaviour during the time of the pandemic highlighted that people as a whole are kind and generous. They do mostly understand the importance of community and the people around them. I am also a secondary school teacher and I see the bright and intelligent younger generation who are capable of achieving some awesome things.

Past experience.

Past experience. If you try to do your best and be honest with yourself, everything will work out fine.



People are intrinsically kind, compassionate and social human beings who care for one another.

People in India are getting increasingly insecure of the way the nation is governed. So this gives me hope that there would be change in the way the nation is governed.

People that are willing to try and test new ways of working with a clear idea to make life better for others.

People will start to stop accepting the crap politician and the technocracy push our way

People will wake up and see what they’ve done in the past hasn’t worked and only damage the fragile infrastructure.

Perspective brought from life experience and knowing what the ‘small stuff’ is.

Pessimism is of no practical value nor does it help us to live a serene life

Planning for better times.

Positive frame of mind Good sleep ie mental acuity Surrounded by optimistic atmosphere

Positive thinking is a better way to live life. It’s a choice.

pragmaism and realism

Previous experience, my parents lives, faith in humanity

put in the work and good things will come


Satisfaction with myself as a person. Agreed with myself what I believe and in general what I think is true.

Seeing great leadership from ordinary Australians who go very far to help others.

Seeing lots of good things happen; seeing people reaching out beyond their comfort zones

Seeing my daughters grow and take part in the community around them and trying to influence throughout

Seeing people with their families, especially children. Observing and watching the beauty of nature. Speaking with people whom are kind, empathetic, warm and understanding. Listening to optimistic music

Self-belief and belief in the goodness of fellow humans

smelling the fresh breeze and walking along the beach every morning

Society has overcome more serious situations in the past.

Some good things have happened to me

Something inside of me

Taking calculated risks towards a goal or goals and being prepared to wholeheartedly pivot if required and without regret leads to a better future. Sitting back and not taking risk leads to more of the same or worse.

That every day we are provided the opportunity to make a difference and that our decisions and actions are core to this

That everything happens for a reason and that the reason is the positive continuity of mankind.

That fact that I’m not alone in seeking to be and remain optimistic. Would an optimist envy the pessimist or, would a pessimist envy the optimist? (Who would you rather aspire to be?)

That Father God has the Last Laugh!

That I seem more prepared for pandemics and economic downturns than the average person and I’ve put the mindset and infrastructure in place to walk the talk on the evidence and potential I read and hear about for disruptive events and tech.

That in the end things always work out the way they are supposed to. There is a higher or greater purpose to the tough tikes. Life happens for us not to us

That my planning, saving and scrimping makes me resilient towards the coming financial crash and job loss. That I have learned to live with less, that I get pleasure from very simple things

That myself and society have the capacity to make things good

That the government is prepared to underwrite the economy with lots of money to ensure we come out of this in reasonably good shape.

That there are more good people than bad actors

That there is always something to strive for

That things will work out in the end. We just moved house into our renovation finally after 7 year journey to get that done. But then I got made redundant in mid April just as our mortgage hit its peak. But then I have got a new job so I start on Monday. My twins are in year 12 and back at school now but they have gotten through so far. My daughter has just started university and that was tough for her and it was hands on course - but she’s still going with it - my husband loves the lock down as no social obligations with it and he’s Optimistic about the future too. So we’re all ok.

That’s only the beginning - one must work at it!

The ability to work in teams who have common goals and a drive to achieve

The age of the planet and the diversity of its human animal and plant populations

The alternative is awful

The alternative is just too horrible.

The alternative is terrible

The American people will not support a demagogue for 2 terms.

The awareness of the next generation that the world as it currently operates can not be sustained into the future...their future.

The belief that being optimistic begets good things happening

the belief that humanity will solve and overcome problems and work to a better society for all

The belief that optimism over anything else delivers great outcomes

The creativity and innovation I see happening all around me that tells me there is always an option. Plus the smile on my granddaughters’ faces - you can’t help but be optimistic when you have such joy in front of you.

The desire to do good, to make an enduring difference and to leave a legacy.

The development of calm inner strength

The energy and passion of people working towards a better future.

The fact that despite all my setback in life, I have been able to recover and move forward.

The fact that I am now too old to see the impending end of humanity

The fact that nothing stays the same forever and we have the power to constantly make things better - we just have to be brave enough to see that.

The fact that the world continually becomes a better place to live for virtually all of humanity, despite the ongoing efforts of doom-sayers to argue otherwise!

The fact that there is a natural and innate evolutionary tendency for people to be moved by the stories of individuals ahead of the abstract arguments of the few.

The fundamental belief that “Good will out in the end!”

The future remains unwritten!

The good in people, reflecting on the good things in my life, being grateful in recognising that my life is amazing. Smiling and laughing.

The knowledge from experience that any problem is surmountable. Identify the obstacles/barriers look for solutions to them, test solutions until funding those that work, upscale

The more trips around the sun one experiences the more optimistic I become

The power of human will, even when options are restricted

The resilience and kindness of the most successful people

The science suggests that optimistic people become more successful and are happier and that depressed people are more “realistic.” I choose to be optimistic because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Spirit of Optimism lives in me.

The vastness of the universe, and how little we know and all there is to be discovered. And in the words of Carl Sagan “we are a way for the cosmos to know itself”.

The wonderful education we are offering our young people.

There is beauty everywhere if you are open to it. Nature keeps renewing itself and I believe this is possible for the human mind.

There is so much good in the world

Things do work out in the end, with a little effort.

Things have always worked out for me

Things have to be always improving because people and time are constant inputs. We naturally add value and improve things. If we didn’t the high point of life would be birth and the low point adulthood, which isn’t correct.

Things usually do work out in the end - s the proof is in the pudding!

Things will always work out just as they are suppose to, break things down , one step at a time.

This has been a watershed moment across the globe. Working together globally will have positive impacts in many parts of lives in the future

This is by far the best opportunity we will have to adapt as a species and be. Better for the world.

This pandemic has shown no ones superior to another in catching something that can kill you

This too shall pass is my motto which prevents me from being swept up in the fear and negativity

Through my business as a certified business coach I can and will help fellow business owners grow their business and realise their goals . I am genuinely lucky to have a business that is in the business of helping others . While things are tough at the moment with a little help and support we will all come through this and have a vibrant future .

Ultimately Australians are good & decent, sensible people.

Using that description there is no evidence that I should be optimistic.


Watching my boys mature.

We can get through this, or anything else- yes there may be losses on the way but most will continue

We have faced all sorts of global disasters and we have prevailed, having said that, I wish that we can help the 3rd world more than we have in the past.

We have great opportunities in Australia. It is a great country to be living in under the current extraordinary circumstances

What I have seen from myself and others give me optimism even when things I see nationally or globally paint a more pessimistic picture. Seeing what can happen at the person-to-person level.

What is the realistic alternative?

What other alternative is there?

When you aspiring to reach a goal and work relentlessly on it, you will end up achieving it. All the great innovations and discoveries have happened due to perseverance and optimism. Optimism is the way of life and the way to go. What goes around comes around- We are going to see an extremely rejuvenated world, filled with hope and optimism.

Wherever there is a challenge, there are people working to solve it. I see this all the time as a philanthropic funder. People with great ideas bring them to us and we can invest in them testing and learning - and coming up with solutions. I believe Australia has the education, innovation potential, natural resources and community spirit to solve almost anything if we work together.

You never make a bad decision: You can only make the next decision from where you are, not from where you could be, should be or where you were.

Believing that the majority of citizens of the world care for each other, want a peaceful existence, to love and be loved. Also, my personal belief in my resilience established through life experiences.

Listening to great people like Simon Sinek.

From life experience, if you let life run its course, good and bad things usually work out.

God will provide

My parents’ view of the great country we have. I have lived overseas and wanted to come back.


The power of self-fulfilling behaviours. If you plan to succeed and keep trying until you do, you will either succeed or learn that success is actually something else. Expect to fail, and you will fail for sure!

The only way is up. If we as a collective join force and rise to the challenge/s instead of groping around and engaging in power struggles, we will all prosper. Fear and control must be surrendered, and faith, trust and hard work will take us forward. We have never been so much in the same boat before so we need to get cosy and work together.


There must be something better in my future.

A combination of things: * a positive mindset that we can not change the past but build on a set of common values we can share and benefit from * a knowledge that pessimism consumes energy and is unproductive * not focusing on the problem but focusing on a solution * history has proven again and again that “divided we fall, united we stand, diversified we grow” - a slogan I developed for a UN campaign.

I have always had a positive outlook on life and have been able to identify things that I can do to make the world a better place by spending time conversing with experts in their field and researching any gaps of existing support services for sick children and their families,

ME and my outlook toward life and love

Basic goodwill of humans to each other given the right social and economic settings

Always planned things never work. But, something else comes out on the other end of the situation.

I often believe that things will become good at the end.

To see and feel the energy of the sun.

Faith that it can help create a better future.

Positive stories from the lockdown - the Italians singing from their balconies

No matter what life throws at me, I pick myself up and keep going.

It is the only way to live and to give.

A view of history. Things may have to get worse before they get better.

The sun came up this morning, and hopefully, I will see it again tomorrow.


Have provided several examples to Victor - all re, event. But essentially I guess I am optimistic because it is such a statement of positive intent. I really know from decades of life experience that negative intent never works. People are energised by a vision that they can relate to, and they then will commit to achieving that vision with optimism because they believe in it. They know there will be setbacks, but their desire to reach for that vision remains despite inevitable changes or obstacles in context. This resilience comes from their optimistic belief that people can achieve great things always once they are committed. The life journey needs to be optimistic because the opposite approach only produces inactivity, sadness depression maybe and the worst behaviours.


People are essentially good at heart!

In that definition, I am not an optimist but a pessimist. Good things will not happen or work out without collective human agency. As Burke said: ‘when bad men combine, good men must associate or fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

A bright future with the family.


These forced changes, in the long run, is going to be most useful to all of us.

Faith in the world and it’s design

My students, my patients, my sons, my sisters, my nieces and nephews.

I believe that the challenges we face make us stronger and happen to help enrich our lives. I can see so much goodness and happiness in my life.

Attitude and gratitude

I spent 2 of teenage years in health isolation I had to be optimistic & have continued through ill health, floods, drought, fire & economic downturns - it is a bit tough right now but

The incredible ability for humans to work out problems.

Humans are smart - we will work out climate change and COVID and all of the issues - the question is how long it will take and therefore, at what cost.

Faith in my own abilities

The belief that we can increase the amount of Joy in the world on a Global and sustained basis.

Faith in God

I have always taken a very positive view of the people around me, and I am only occasionally disappointed.

Past experiences and being around optimistic people

Seeing and hearing people look out for each other

Most people want to see good done. I hope that the next generation can harness this goodwill better.

It’s my fundamental belief system. No one can be happy within themselves unless they are optimistic.

Things do turn out well in the end.

Things always work out in the end!

Raised by parents who worked physically so hard, who had no support from their parents, but who loved, cared and provided for us and those around them. I have inherited an ethos of purpose whereby the more you put in, the more you get out, and ironically it works, and it is working for me now.


The inherent balance and order in the universe

Tough times can bring out the best in good people, and that leads to accelerated change for the better.

I am optimistic that things will work out in the end and that what is meant to be will happen. I believe that what happens in life is what should happen for us to learn.

Passion for life and desire peace and success

Through tolerance, perseverance and discovery, we’ve always been able to survive.

People motivated to make changes directed at a better future, even small changes. And new life (babies, Spring etc.)

My time on earth is short wherever possible let’s focus on the things that make you happy rather than sad. Even when a bad thing happens there is always something good that can come out of it (new insights, lessons learnt..etc)

I am so grateful for the family and lifestyle I have and more fortunate than so many others around the world. The only option is to feel good and appreciate the best of each day.


Humanity’s ability to solve problems


That I wake up every day!

Being optimistic for the sake of my children

Have great people around me who have aligned values! Have an amazing family that love and support one another Live in an amazing country - governed mainly by people who care about their fellow man and woman - relapse we are not perfect - and do their best at helping us build an amazing country with opportunities available to all regardless of race colour or creed A government which strives to take care of those less fortunate A people that understand that people are different and do wrong - and allow them the opportunity to become a better version of themselves

I learned a long time ago about the power of words. Each day I am very aware of everything that I say as the words I use need to be correct, but they can never be harmful. I select ways to say what needs to be said in a manner that conveys the truth and always always always lifts people. In doing this, I also lift myself as the words I speak form my own self chatter. I have lived through fire flood and drought; there is always an end and always a new beginning. For me, I know I need to split my focus into parts. I know that in the current moment, my focus needs to be on the immediate need. I also know that I must learn the important elements to ensure that when my focus can shift in part to the future that I carry the lesson of the immediate needs with me. As a person who works at the baseline of a community, I need to be able to remain calm when others around me are hurting emotionally. I need to be calm because it is my calmness that allows others to come to calm. All of this is very determined focus and understanding of the four wise words “this too will pass”

I have faith that a vast majority of humans will work together for a better society. I believe in the inherent goodness of the human spirit.

That humans are generally a collective species who band together in times of crisis.

People’s will to survive- I grew up in a war-torn country, and people’s will to solve problems was magnificent.

The human connections I have every day, and the great leaders I get to connect with.

I like to see myself having a positive outlook in life, and things happen for a reason, and maybe this epidemic forced us to have a shift towards togetherness and a calmer mindset.

Knowing I have worked hard and in a really good financial position. Happy life and wife.

My belief in people and human ability

How beautiful is the world around us? Look up, look outwards, look inwards. Know yourself. There is always a silver lining - even if it’s that soon, you can stop bashing your head on that brick wall.

The natural life force exuberance of nature

The belief that I have a wonderful life, gratitude for being alive and living in a stable, free country

Victor Perton

Humans and societies are resilient and usually overcome challenges and create new opportunities.

Mindset A desire to lead for the benefit of others A focus on positives Seeing the sunshine

I think that my optimism was ingrained into me by my parents. The way we lived and how well my parents took care of us.

My spiritual beliefs about the future of this planet; my belief that humans are intrinsically good and well-meaning.

We are a good country with good people, in the main.

The commitment of Australians to be respectful of each other

just natural to m

A focus on hope and optimism keeps me grounded and helps me ensure a better outcome.

A hope, do good for others.

People are clever and innovative. We have problems, but they can be solved if we have the will to do so. However, we need to adopt the intellectual rigour to understand and examine both the problems and solutions without prejudice or ideological lens.

Faith in people that if we do it together, it will work out OK

My children! They are so worldly and sensible for their age.

The expectation that I am mostly in control of what happens to my family and me.

Having been disappointed in life many times. If I negatively looked at life, I would be depressed. To avoid that, I am optimistic, because something good might come out at the end.

A belief that we all share the same goals, to recover as an economy and to improve equality as a society.

My faith gives me the courage to look at life in a brighter sense.

I consider all research on a specific topic and consider all views. I am sceptical of the media and do not rely on social media to influence my views.

The ability to relate on a personal level with other people and to connect with them emotionally, i.e. making them smile and laugh every day.

The learning capacity, knowledge and creativity of the coming generation; coupled with the life experience knowledge and wisdom of their elders.

My upbringing, life experiences have taught me to be optimistic.

Think born like that. Also, have skills, determination am a visionary and like to believe people are capable of being good and working out solutions together

There is no other way to be.

my mindset

gratitude - the good I see in people - mindfulness - I don’t really understand people who can’t see a reason to be positive, somewhere in their lives, so I don’t see the point myself.

Simply seeing the good in everything - including a crisis.

It’s all between the ears!

I have always been, I guess. Why would things not work out? If you genuinely desire for something and work towards it, I do not see why things should not work out.

Life experience

Feels like I have inbuilt optimism

History tells me that the sun will rise and that each day brings new challenges. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

I believe that in times of crises, the goodness in humanity surfaces and will surface and everyone will see good in everything.

The courage and determination to never give up, seeing people who do amazing things and some who keep going despite tremendous adversity, and continuously checking my own motivation is not just about looking after myself, but also looks beyond to the broader community.

Not sure but things do work out in the end. Focus on the things you can change and accept the rest. This was hard-learned.

The end of the current times...vaccine for Coronavirus, good health, happy extended family members, taking advantage of every opportunity. and LUCK

I believe we have some control over our situation.

Positive attitude

Self-belief, letting go, trusting others and helping to give that trust ‘a little nudge’ by providing support to make endeavours a success and creating simple “Win-Wins” and building from there. I’ve found optimism springs from success - and sometimes the lessons of failure too.

Common sense will prevail.

I have learnt from experience that there’s always a way through and so often what seems like the end is a golden opportunity.

That the world and governments will learn lessons and be better prepared for a similar thing if/when it happens again and also that moving forward there will be a more flexible workforce and more time on work-family balance.

My optimism grows out of an appreciation that most people are rational, as well as emotional beings. If there is a problem, a solution can usually be found: this may mean seeking assistance through family, friends or an external source, but solutions can be found. Also, as a Catholic, I know that a quiet prayer, contemplation and above all, charity (love, selflessness) all work wonders.

Life experience; people are people

Life experience & trust in humankind

Seeing how good other people can be and how appreciative people are of good things I do

The progress of history to improve well-being.

I am an optimist because I know that the overwhelming majority are decent people, who have a view that is the universal equivalent of “There, but for the Grace of God, go I. “This belief has always encouraged me never to cease indulging in energetic activism in support of issues where demonstrable unfairness needs to be corrected.

Just got to trust that it will be OK and work hard on the things that are important to you.

that governments and society will work together to come through this situation

With three words in 3 weeks from 3 different people saying step out and He will put a platform under

Knowing that my work is valued

More good than bad happening globally

Support and confidence from others

Because the world gets better every day

Expérience of things working well where mindset and effort are positive.

That young people will change the world.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just got to keep on until the light surrounds us.

The world moves towards balance. In the end, balance will be good for the world.

Power of community and improvement in technology and access to communication forums

We have managed the pandemic much better than expected.

although OI am inclined to pessimism, I do believe that things will actually turn out well as their are more of us who want good outcomes rather than bad


Trust in others, trust in the system, trust and belief in myself.

Ultimately society deals with negative issues, for the betterment of all.

Well we all die and being older will be challenging and l don’t believe in an afterlife, nut meantime the response by young people to recent events has awakened many so great.

Lifelong experiences. Knowing that I am responsible for and in control of my future and others around me, including the teams who work with me.

Personal past experience, true stories of people overcoming adversity, true stories of people looking out and caring for others ...lots of things....

I am hopeful that human beings will not proceed on the staff to self-destruction based on greed and commitment to ideologies or religious faith.

Experience and hard work

Always looking for the positive.



I don’t know - I’ve been a born optimist for as long as I can remember!

When you remember the journey, you have Traveled and understand with compassion and respect to support others along the way. That there is always a solution. That together we can do anything

I believe that we can do things together - that we have to find a way to talk about difficult things and we have proved, for the most part, that we can. I have a good family, and I have a job. I’m happy

You get out of anything what you put in, and I’m prepared to work and try hard

We live in a wonderful country with boundless resources and on an incredible planet. People are naturally innovative and inventive and adaptable

no climate sceptics under 30.

Progress, potential, technological advancements and a heightened environmental and social conscience/awareness.

When I am optimistic it is because of the increasing openness of many societies, and because I believe the power of truth to be real. , as many of the old shibboleths of elitist religion, and power and social class arrangements, are shown up for the nonsense that they are. Sadly science has taken a battering to all manner of conspiracy theories in recent decades. From anti-vaxxers to lizard people to climate change denialists, we are increasingly fighting intellectual laziness dressed up as crusades for alternative truth. We have made a great deal of pursuing institutional child abuse while turning a blind eye to the place where probably 98% or more of it occurs, in family homes. We have pursued high profile sex grubs with the “me too” movement while we have systematically failed to provide adequate shelter to women who remain economically and physically trapped in violent and cruel relationships. Sure we can do both, but we don’t. We give airtime to ratings and vigilantism instead. What a waste of media resources. What makes me optimistic is that there are those . . . not many . . . who buck populism and lynch mob rhetoric and try to give light to the real underlying problems. Again, we will only fix things that stare us in the face, and these things have to break through to gain their own “tipping points”. We, therefore, need to support bodies like integrity commissions. We have a strong judiciary, and we need to support it. Many public thinkers are no more than shock jocks, but then we all know of others who offer more considered and nuanced reflections on our world. Some are even in politics, not many to be sure, but some . . . Adam Bandt and Sarah Hanson-Young from the Greens, Andrew Lee from the Labor Party. Anthony Albanese on a good day! My optimism rests in people of courage who exercise intellectual rigour rather than just making noise. In some ways, they are preaching to the converted, but as our problems become clearer, their voices are more necessary than ever. It is essential for such people and for those of us who follow and read them, who share their ideas, not to give up. It calls for determination and resilience and optimism that good can and will win out in the end provided that the flame of truth is not extinguished by populism and the very real power of the oligarchy. The fact that a series of oligarchies run the world is all the more incredible in that most people do not even know what the word oligarchy means . . . despite social warriors like Bernie Sanders and others, talking about it daily for the past decade! He would be the embodiment of resilient optimism that I admire . . . he and his messaging of hope and optimism will simply not go away.

Faith in God

The exposure to change and diversity and opportunity

Resilience and adaptability of people

the opportunity to help create a positive outcome for the Nations youth

Faith in mankind and string instinct for survival

Kindness of people

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