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"What makes you Optimistic?"  Answers from "The Better Normal Survey"

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked those answering self-identifying as optimists, "what makes you optimistic?

This is the question we have asked of thousands of people - see "Optimists on their Optimism" and "Why ask the question 'What makes you optimistic?"

See "Optimists on their Optimism"

"A belief in the notion that the majority of people have the innate qualities to do good and to stand up for what is right."

"That the essential goodness of humanity will prevail"

Anand Kulkarni

"Better to look to the positive and the opportunity than to dwell on the negative and roadblocks."

"What makes me optimistic?  A mindset based on experience and faith."

"As a society, we’re very adaptable - we have encountered far worse problems and survived, if not thrived."

"The fact that there is a natural and innate evolutionary tendency for people to be moved by the stories of individuals ahead of the abstract arguments of the few."

"I am in control of how I think and view the world. I am in a privileged position, with health, love of family and meaningful work - there is really nothing more I need."

"What makes me optimistic? Faith in humanity, and the goodness that exists within each of us."

As an Optimist I see opportunity in every difficulty it's not a conscious decision or thought it's "inbuilt"

 Nothing last forever, after rain sun will come, after night day will come, after bad good will follow.

-More quality family and home time - better work life balance   - virus under control

"I have a dream ..."

"My chemical balance"! I grew up with the idea of  a better future for our communities. This meant that I didn't simply have to live in my own skin. I was confident beyond the limitations of my own life!

1 - a belief, grounded in experience, that more people are good than bad  2 - a confidence that I and them can muddle through

1. My upbringing , “think negative and you get that outcome “   2 my life experiences ..there’s more good in people than bad , there’s more good people than bad , and bad people invariably can be assisted to a more positive approach , because they’ve had some disillusioning experiences often in their early lives .

50 years of things being fine; the experience that you can choose what you focus on and what you focus on  grows

A basic belief that human nature is good, and that more of us rather than less are committed to community and globe.

A belief in abundance and not being attached to things.

A belief in good people and the prevalence of natural justice

A belief in human ingenuity and creativity and a power in people working together to solve problems.

A belief in human nature and that good / fair people ultimately reset what has gone wrong

A belief in progress over the long run.  Short-term pain will drive learnings that lead to longer-term gains.

A belief in the basic goodness of humanity.  A belief that I can make a difference.   A belief that the world finally sees sense and is adapting practices and programmes to deal with climate change and related global issues and opportunities.

A belief in the fundamental goodness of most people

a belief in the glass half full approach

a belief in the intrinsic goodness of people   There's a saying "God helps those that help themselves"" - I'm not religious however I believe that a situation can be improved through initiative and hard work and everything WILL work out."

A belief that "it is all OK." Even with the mess... it is all OK. And a commitment to help change what I can change, to work on myself continually, and to help others where I can.

A belief that everything can be turned to good intent.

A belief that humanity is fundamentally good, and that good will prevail in the end.

A belief that I can make changes to affect a better outcome.

A belief that overall, people want to do the right thing

A belief that resilience breeds optimism. Too easy to yell we’re all doomed.

A belief that science (the greatest initiative of humankind) will deliver

A belief that there are more good people than bad.  Common decency, fairness, and respect, while currently challenged, is still predominant in a majority of people.

A belief that there is always scope for improvement

A belief that there is good in everyone and that there is always a silver lining and that things will work out in the end.

A believe in the good side of most people (clearly not all), and a commitment to intentional improvement of myself

A chance to change. A cultural, political and social move to make the changes necessary to allow people to pursue meaning and nourishment.

A confidence in my circumstances

A conviction that most people in most situations are good and behave well.

A crisis helps me bring a revaluation of current principles, processes, and practices to discover what is building better

A deep feeling that if I project optimism and good will out into the world, it will have positive flow-on effects

A feeling that out of all bad scenarios we can learn and improve ourselves individually and collectively

A firm belief that, science delivers, truth wins, individuals and groups that seek to drive progress are recognised, that society embraces positive change, and that together these forces over-ride the nay-sayers and recalcitrants.

A fundamental faith in the innate goodness of most human beings even if at times you have to help them and yourself choose good over evil and selfishness

A good life and having taken many opportunities to do better for myself and others.

A hope, a positive approach towards life and faith that all is well and will be well.

a long-term perspective, control over my life and financial security

A lucky life so far

a market that will recover in time to exploit it, enabling travel to family

A philosophy that sees time as cyclic. After the winter, comes the spring, after the darkest night, the dawn.

A positive attitude, resilience and hope.

A positive disposition and never-give-up inclination

A positive outlook on life. Being lucky enough to have good things happen - job, health, family, relationships.

A pro-active business and community engagement outlook

A realisation that more people see "reality" after bombardment of baseless diatribe i.e., more people are discerning.

A realistic appreciation of the situation

A sense of connection with something bigger: collective human interests, the future of the planet, ecology

A sense of family and friends being around

A sense that things can always improve

a shift in the way we were operating gives us a chance to review what we are doing

A strong belief that you can make a difference in every moment of our conscious lives

A strong Christian faith that all will work out. And if it doesn't then we will work through that as well.

A vaccine

A world in change makes me optimistic, a world in which the accretion of government controls can be bypassed.

Ability of workplaces to pivot during COVID  Flexible work implemented at scale

Ability to overcome challenges

Acceptance that humans are not the most important creature on the planet. We are all part of an amazing eco system and once we truly understand this we will care equally for all creatures in a respectful and compassionate way. The pandemic is helping people connect back with the importance of nature, with our mother planet, with each other and no longer isolated.

Accepting that if you put the effort in, undertake due diligence, trust the process and don’t have high expectations of others, everything turns out as expected.

achievement of life goals, family background, parental values/beliefs, environment born into

Achievements that people are capable of.

Achieving and feeling that I am making a difference

Achieving and helping others.

Acknowledging all the positive in my life and that the negatives will soon pass

Adaptable, focused on the good.

Advancement of civilization over time. ..

After two near death experiences, you tend to focus more, as l probably should be here at all

All of us will overcome this pandemic as soon possible

All set backs are a learning opportunity and a chance to do things even better in the future

All the objective evidence points to this era being the most prosperous and safe era in history with more options for more individuals.  Also, we are lucky to live in Australia!

All the things I can enjoy, appreciate and experience in life

All things can be overcome in one way or another.  Time does heal.  It's OK not to be perfect.

All things pass

always a brighter future and we know we will always cope

Always been optimistic and life has delivered

Always believe it will end up OK

Always excited about opportunities where no one knows the answers

Always feel happy, see the best in people and events

Always finding the bright side of a situation, hoping that we can contain the virus or find a solution

Always have a positive attitude.

Always have been

Always have been nothing has changed me from being optimistic. Good things always happen as do 'bad' things but they are never that bad that it can't be changed.

Always look for a Solution not a way out

Always look for the positives in situations

Always looking and doing what’s best

Always looking at the brighter side of a situation as much as I can.   Turning situations that have not gone according to plan into an adventure rather than a negative experience.

Always looking for the good in myself, others and outcomes. Having an understanding that challenges once addressed can provide growth and outcomes that were better than previously anticipated.

Always looking for the up side.

Always looking forward and upward and seeking the best options and solutions.

Always looking forward to something.

Always looking forward with the world open wide ahead and the sun at my back as I continue to step up with a smile on my face.

Always looking to create a clear view through collaborative discussion of what he future could/should be

Always optimistic

Always see the glass half full and believe setbacks are here to teach

Always see the positive side and when "trouble" find a positive spin the situation

Always see the positive and have a strong belief that things will work out, I don't tend to worry or dwell on things. See the good in things

Always see the potential and opportunities

Always think positive and valuate situations on the best positive outcomes

Always think that most things will work out well in the end and if they don't it’s not that bad

Always think that things will work out, but that I am the one that has to make the change and effort and forget about relying on the government, councils or people to do the right thing.

Always thinking about/planning for/creating a brighter future

always thinking positive and very happy to be alive

Always try and see the brighter side of any issue

an appetite for risk and reward

an innate trust in the large majority of people on the planet to want to be there for one another in a positive way & to lift their fellow humans whenever possible

An inner belief. One is born an optimist or a pessimist, although optimism can be learned.

An opportunity to change

An optimistic outlook creates an abundance of opportunity.

An underlying passion for life and myself. Surviving trauma. Engaging with the arts. Deciding from an early age that I would not wait until retirement to experience life.

As a Christian, we are taught to be hopeful.

As an optimist I tend to look at problems differently. I look to solve problems and improve the situation we are in and focus on finding a solution rather than analysing the issues surrounding the problem.     I hope that makes sense....

As humans we have evolved to collaborate- so working together is going to become more of the norm

As I engage more with people and businesses, there is a feeling to come out of this better and stronger

As the father of three teenage children, I cannot afford to be pessimistic, lest I run the risk of spreading pessimism to the next generation.

Aspirational progress is the natural order of things and yet we underestimate our resilience in the face of challenges.

At a macro level, trust in global and domestic political ,technology and medical leaders. At a personal level, a strong cohort of friends who believe we are all in this together. People who pick you up when you experience COVID19 fatigue.

At every turn adversity has been overcome and a better, more "real" world has evolved. The response in my team to this crisis has been wonderful, caring and a step forward. I have seen this happen over many decades as a result of different crisis. Mankind has an in-built ability to evolve in a positive direction when confronted with adversity.

At present only time will tell somethings are better others not so!

At the very micro scale ... be it a day or a moment... a positive attitude to any situation can lead to a good outcome but more importantly builds confidence or resilience that having to deal with that situation again you will be better prepared to conquer it for a better outcome. I have seen this (and sometimes the flipside) so many times in my journey as a parent.  Personal reflection on the relationship between moods, attitude and outcomes.

Australians re resilient and resourceful.

Awareness of values being met and better and more tolerant society


bad things have happened to me but mainly not until I became an adult, and my brain was wired to assume things would go ok. Also, I trained myself not to assume things would go well so I could be surprised and happy when they did.

Basic human nature, care for ourselves and each other, innovation and adaptability.

Basic outlook on life. I expect to do well and try to help others also do well.

Because at the end of the day, I enjoy my own company. So, if the worst thing is that I lose my job and my friends and my family, I'll be ok.

Because good things do happen and in most cases, I have found things to work out. But that also depends on the circumstances.  If I lived in Yemen the answer would not doubt be different

Because good things DO happen!

Because I am wired not to deal well with hurt I tend to look for optimism in all outcomes.

Because I know I’m  Not in this alone

Because it is better than being pessimistic.

because it provides a higher level of purpose and hope.

Because lack of optimism is too depressing.

Because no matter what happens, you can always find something beautiful somewhere.

Because pessimism does not inspire and does not innovate or grow something.

Because the alternative is pessimism and its miserable connotations

Because the alternative is too depression. How you perceive the world is your reality!

Because the reverse is soul-destroying, unproductive, and leads to poor outcomes

because things usually DO work out in the end.

Behaviour of people. I think the pressure of COVID 19 has forged a kinder, more caring community in my neighbourhood.

Being able to have some level of control.

Being able to see the  best in everyone and knowing what together can be achieved

being alive is a wonderful way to start every day

Being allowed to have the choice.

Being an Australian citizen

Being around positive, optimistic people to be inspired with the uplifting side of the human condition

Being aware of what is important to me and finding joy in simple things.

Being born

Being comfortable in my skin, having a supportive family and taking one day at a time

Being grateful

being grateful for my life and what I have and recognising a lot of the amazing creativity.

Being involved and able to positively change my environment

Being optimistic creates opportunities - so is self-fulfilling, but also inspires and helps others.  Pessimism is also self-fulfilling but removes energy and deflates others.  So, optimism is both wise and a lot more enjoyable!

Being positive

Being positive about the opportunity to live in this world

Being positive and learning from my mistakes

being prepared to take responsibility for my own life - irrespective of the circumstances, and not over-reacting.

Being surrounded by a positive environment with support.

Being with optimists

Belief in humanity

belief in inherent goodness of human beings and also belief that actions of one person can make a difference

Belief in my ability to change the world for the better

Belief in other people

Belief in people, knowledge of history, hope- I don’t think that thinks just work out in the end but I believe that we can shape the future to be better than it is.

Belief in self.  Resilience of community  Exposure for the old cronyism curse in Melbourne which will hopefully lead to a new better merit-based system

Belief in taking control of our lives - not worrying about the things you can’t control

Belief in the decency and goodness in humanity. Being positive in the face of adversity

Belief in the goodness of people and their willingness to sacrifice for the whole ,  and the power of Mother Nature to fight back and protect herself against human intervention.

Belief in the inherent good in people and that change is inevitable.

Belief in things will work out and the universe will provide opportunities and people that you need at the right time. However, optimism is very much linked to your own mental health. So, if I am feeling sad then I am less optimistic

belief system

Belief that good values will ultimately win over bad.

Belief that humans are motivated by a desire to do good: but sometimes corrupted through necessity. A belief that there is more positive progress occurring in the world than not (even if not reported).

belief that the majority of people are committed to building a better future ... who will in time overcome those who are more interested in self-interest only.


Believe the majority of people have loads of common sense and decency.

believing I can make a difference in people's lives

believing that every challenge brings opportunities

Believing that the future presents opportunities to turn things around for the better.

believing the best of people

Believing the future will be better than the past.

Better off thinking positively. We create our own positive environment. I exercise a lot. I have a great family (most of the time)

better than the alternative

Better use of my resources and energy

Brain training e.g., what can I learn, what am I grateful for - and having these as regular practices.

Building a start-up at this time #Huamnico that seeks to shine a light on all humans in the workplace and focus on what is right with them.  Gives me great hope

But I don't believe I am.  I am pragmatic and accept that outcomes will be as they are.  I can do my best to moderate my own circumstances but nothing more.  Acceptance is the path to peace!

By birth and up bringing

By consciously working cooperatively in overcoming our problems good things will come from it

By focussing on the road ahead  , I am excited to embrace change and new possibilities. We are all lifelong learners

By recognizing that the world is never static and that consciousness is suggestible and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Capacity to overcome adversity

Cerco sempre una soluzione davanti a ogni problema e non mi arrendo alle difficoltà

Challenges in life present  opportunities to see things from many perspectives.

change and challenge

Change can be a good thing, stretches the mind to possibilities

Chaos and upheaval are the necessary precursors to transmutation, transformation and evolution -- this has always been the case for all humans, through all of history!

Clean air, protection of the planet, seeing and helping people who need it

Combination of experience and an ability to influence outcomes

communities can work together

Community response to COVID disruption shows we can work towards common goals to tackle complex, difficult problems


Confidence in my own ability

Confidence in our capacity to adapt   and change as circumstances require

Conscious decision to choose to view the glass as half full has built a pre-disposition.

conscious effort to enjoy the life given to me and look always at what goes well

Continuously creating new personal challenges

Cooperation, creativity, connection and collaboration makes me optimistic.  This is what we have to do. 

COVID has been an awakening for many that prior behaviours had grown unsustainable - a new questioning will lead to more perspectives and lead onto new better possibilities about purpose and how we lead our lives. We can also see many sectors of our society have suffered and human nature trends towards positive change

Covid-19 has impacted the whole world and  collectively the whole world is working on a solution to combat and vaccinate against Covid-19.   That equates to the best and brightest scientists, medical professions, governments etc from all parts of the world working together to achieve a viable outcome as soon as feasible.

COVID, has thrown up its challenges, but also many opportunities. I have learnt so much and been able to access so many virtual workshops and presentations, that living in a regional area were almost inaccessible prior, due to distance.  Having an open mind and a curious nature, keeps me optimistic.

Covid9 pandemic  has expedited wake up call for joint actions on  pressing environmental issues (appealed by scientists world over) which have been dragged on for years; and  people will generally pay attention to overall health and hygienic, both domestics and border    crossings

Creativity of humans and the innate ability to evolve and adjust to new conditions.

Curiosity about making better decisions

Current federal government strategic and supportive

Current good health and sufficient resources. I have the ability to make choices  for myself

Cynthia Franca and Cheryl Perreault

Dan Andrews prevailed against obvious lies and deceit in the Murdoch media.  I hope this shows that the silent majority are sensible human beings.

Despite all of the struggles throughout the globe climate is improving slightly and the right actions towards a better planet for all of us to live on are being made and more and more people seem to care about one another

Despite all the challenges I am still here which is cause for optimism!

Despite all the challenges society and humanity face in the next century, our collective ingenuity seems to be up to the task.

Despite any circumstances I may be faced with I can stay calm, assess things objectively and look for opportunities and silver linings.

Despite many of the issues we face, people have a capacity to rise above them and focus on the positive

Despite setbacks, humanity and our technology generally improves our lot.

Despite the media whipping up the shock horror aspects of this, fundamental governmental preparedness for a crisis has seen a mostly orderly if not infallible response to this 'unprecedented' situation. Even that idiot Andrews hasn't completely stuffed up the situation, er, aside from letting 800 people die. Ahem

Despite the serious and significant challenges of 2020, the world keeps turning, seasons come and go, babies are born and life goes on. Impermanence is one of life’s great gifts.

Detachment from reality

Direction of authorities

doing well at things - feeling progress on goals

Doing what it is possible for me to do to improve whatever situation exists.

Doing work that I can see will make a difference.

don't know

Election of Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as VP of the USA. New administration in January 2021.  Pfizer just announced a vaccine that is 90% effective against Coronavirus. Noticing more examples around me every day taking steps to mitigate and address root causes of climate change. Increasing number of cities and industrial companies pledging to be carbon-neutral and powered by 100% renewable energy in the next 5-20 years.

Embracing and leaning into change and seeing what ways/norms previously unconsciously adopted, can be adjusted and different and better outcomes gained. Abundance mindset and supported by loving family and friends

energy of people around me, having good work-life balance, giving back to the community

Enjoying life because you don't know when it’s going to be your last day on this planet

Enjoyment of life

Even during the tough times, believing that there are better days to come and working on how to make to make it happen  is Optimism.

Even though I do battle anxiety and can find myself overwhelmed and worrying, I work with these emotions by finding inspiration from others.  Their wisdom, leadership, integrity and authenticity enables me to reconnect with myself and move through these doubts and fears. The wonders of the world and the animals within it.

events are to be learnt from rather than seen as a failure, tomorrow is another day

Every day brings a new dawn.

Every day creates an opportunity to be better.

Every day is a day of opportunity and a day to be thankful for

Every day is a fresh start

every day I wake up

Everything from the daily rising of the sun and the moon through to the howling wind which sweeps through change following a rain in summary the wonders of nature!

Everything happens for a reason, make the mist of it

Everything. The world. Love. Potential.

Evidence for the good

Evidence from the slow arc of history and natural law.

Evidence of improvement

Evidence of selflessness and compassion

Evidence required: I use a Bayesian framework for projections, and sadly most of my less positive ones come true far more often that I like

Exactly as above. Optimism creates positive energy, and that reflects back at you with everything you do.

Expect positive occurrences on all fronts of life

Expectations focus on what can be achieved with a positive attitude


Experience  Belief in a good, positive world  Belief that most people tend towards goodness and kindness  Belief that things do work out in the end

experience - assume positive intent is my motto - things do tend to work out in the long run

Experience !

Experience and consideration of the alternatives

experience in life, Hans Rossling

Experience shows me this to be the case.  Tenacity gets a positive result.  My glass is always half full.  You create your own positive outcomes and “luck”

Experience that things have worked out in the past.

Experience, resolve, resilience.


Experience. “Psychophysiology  /Biofeedback / Neurofeedback – If it wasn’t Science it would be a Miracle!” It shows that Meditation changes your physiology, and improvement is measurable!

Faced with challenges, one must look for that light at the end of the tunnel. It will always be there. Persist and you will find the light of success.

facts prove that there has never been a better time to be born or live that 2020 - this applies across countries/cultures - over 80,000+ years of evolution homo sapiens have evolved and through the leadership of optimists and consensus builders conceived and established better visions, systems and innovations to improve the lives of most people.  There is much to be done, especially by the disgustingly rich and ruling professional classes, the people are coming and over time they prevail.


Faith and futurism

Faith in God and direction he provides me

Faith in human nature

Faith in human nature being a 55% + force for good

Faith in humanity

Faith in humanity and it will all be ok in the end.

Faith in most people that they care about others and that scientific community more appreciated as providing an important role on progress

Faith in my ability and the interests of those around me being aligned to create a future that is better than that which we currently have.

faith in the Divine in us

Faith mostly. Kindness. Humanity. Also, happiness and optimism is a choice - I choose to make the best out of whatever situation presents itself.

Faith that opportunities, innovation and transformation can occur when times are tough

Faith, open mindedness and trying to find the good in people and circumstances.

Faith! Be the change you want to be..


Faith. Faith in finding a way. Perhaps confidence that there will be a way through.  Let's face it, you will find a way without expecting to see one.

Family values and the way you were brought up, cultural background, faith, mental stability.

Family, acts of kindness, leadership

Family, health and compassion

Family, health, generally positive attitude from my upbringing

Feeling gratitude that our previous generations found solutions to global problems.

Finding hope and joy in the everyday and mining it

First it's my general demeanour, and second, I can see that issues have come to attention in a broader societal sense that need to be seen.

Focus on challenges, no pain no gain

Focusing on the good out in the world and positive statements rather than negative statements such as the news.

Focussed on what’s possible, learnings and moving forward

For every negative issue in the world, there are many more positives, you just have to look for it and be prepared to embrace it.

for every Trump there's a Biden - not perfect, but better than the current situation

For me I believe  I'm hard wired that way.

For me optimism is a mindset. A choice each of us makes. We all have options and I choose to be an optimist, even in the most negative situations. It’s just a matter of focussing on the potential upside and whilst sometimes it takes time and patience, there is always an upside. An optimistic outlook imbues options for others, making it a valuable trait for leaders at all levels

For me, it’s the only way to be.

For me, optimism is a conscious choice.

Forcing myself to feel optimistic

Forward looking and looking for opportunities that often come from adversity.

Forward looking and tend not to dwell on decisions. Seek the best outcome and review honestly the criteria I am using to judge the results.

Friends, family, history of things working out, awareness that there are many more possibilities than what I can immediately see, mental and physical resources, and Christian faith.

Fundamental positive attitude on life.

Future thinking and practices

General belief that good triumphs bad.

General belief that we are guided to solve even the most difficult problems within Nature's design.

General confident outlook for humanity.  Faith in the human condition.  Positive attitude

General experience- no matter how bad things are right now; they’ll work out ok in the end

General view that I will be able to adapt to make things better in the future

general way of thinking - I believe in mankind and humanity

Generally, feel that things will go my way

Generally, feel that things will work out, be resolved or get better eventually.

Generally optimistic person - sense of control and direction in life

Generally underlying freedoms in Australia's political, legal, economic and social structures create the opportunity for idealist and visionary people to explore and grow thereby maintaining a positive an evolutionary type pressure to the benefit of our society and its structures.

Genetics, it’s my lens to the world; humanness is a wonderful evolving gift and I am glad to be a part of it before I am no more

getting on with life

Getting over myself, love the world, others, the multimillion small and big ways I can share with others

Given the current climate, having infectious optimism may be a little concerning, I think optimism is driven by action orientation with a positive outlook and benefits to all.

Glass full all the time

Glass half full person. Change what you can, accept what you can’t

Global changing issues

Goals and objectives are always ‘obvious’. To make things better, more festive. More efficient. Or both ..


God is still on the throne and my spirit says bright things are in my not be confused with the challenges of life seen through my eyes.


God's grace and gratitude in Him.

good  human relationships based on mutual respect

good experience and learning to support new opportunities ahead

Good Federal Leadership in Australia.

Good health, family and friends I love. Belief that things will always work out in the end.

Good leadership  People being kind to one another

Good opportunities

Good people & happy children

Good people doing good things.

Good people doing the right thing and having leadership for a shared vision for our society

Good people ultimately do good things and it flows.

Good results.

Good things happen to good people. Do the right things, work hard, and your future will sort itself out for the better.

Grand children

Gratitude and hope

gratitude for the life and love I have been given and can give

Gratitude that I have work, a home, good food, great friends and good health.

grounded optimism, one must always have hope

Growing number of people who wake up and become aware of what is the hidden agenda behind the pandemic.

Growing up I had an extremely pessimistic grandmother who I never understood and so I was very conscious of my optimism from a young age. It made me consciously optimistic in her presence!

Had a good life with good family so I assume this will continue

Handkinds resourcefulness.

Happy no matter what circumstances I find myself in...

Hard work

Hard work over many years to get to a solid position

Have always been lucky.

Have always been optimistic, I never "make a bad decision" I only make the next decision from where I am, not where I should be, could have been or was.

Have gratitude and happy with what I already have

Having a say in our leadership and decision makers, mostly open and transparent system to expose corruption, belief that humanity is good overall even if there are idiots among us

Having agency.

Having direction (not the same as 'certainty', feeling like there is a purpose to what I do (especially at work), a general belief that things will get better and I can influence that outcome.

Having lived through pessimistic incidents l have learned that better outcomes come from focusing energy on real solutions

Having purpose, being surrounded by love, belief in science.

Having the belief that people are generally good and that with every hardship comes great opportunities.

Having the tools available that allow me to be flexible in the actions I take

Having things to look forward to

Health, love, family and security

Healthy family and friends and the world in a better state.

Hearing about decent people doing well and making a constructive contribution. Spending time in the natural world.

Hearing stories of people making positive change.  - good weather. The sun.

Hearing today on our LMCF webinar from Beyond Zero Emissions about their one million jobs plan and from Council for Homeless Persons about Everybody’s Home social housing campaign make me optimistic.  So much great problem solving is going on - recovering from COVID-19 gives us an important opportunity to think in fresh ways.

Hindsight. Even the worst times in my life were catalysts for positive change. Even if it wasn’t obvious at the time.


History has taught me that in there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, even though you can't see it at the time.



Hope ,trust ,belief , faith and prayer

Hope and putting a smile on the face and reaching out to people

Hope and trust rather than believing ill

Hope for a better future

Hope for a better future where people focus on community happiness as opposed to individual success.

Hope for a better today

Hope for a future of possibilities where many new and unexpected doors will open.  It’s about having the courage to go beyond the normal and embrace them.

Hope for the future - always hope

Hope in humanity - there are more good people in the world that bad.

hope that change is a catalyst for new ideas and new thinking and then new ways of operating

Hope that the Fed Gov can take over Victoria and sort out this disaster

Hope that tomorrow will be better and that I'll be ok through connection to people I love

Hope, creativity and optimism go hand in hand for me. If I am feeling at my most creative then I feel and experience optimism. My creativity in collaboration with others and experiencing time in nature, breathing and being inspired by what is possible reinforces my optimism.

Hope, without the belief system that things will get better, must get better, I am nothing.

Hope. Continual search for better outcomes. Resilience.

How adaptable humans are to new circumstances

How does being pessimistic help?

Huge safety net

Human adaptability

Human Beings and our essential nature

Human endeavour Emotion Learning in action Insight Acknowledgement

Human ingenuity and empathy.  But this also causes pessimism on a smaller time scale for the reasons of mob mentality and trolling in our current society

Human ingenuity to solve most problems that face our lives

Human nature

Human nature implies the pursuit of freedom and culture, despite all measures to contain the pandemic. There will again be an upswing and a shift towards freedom of expression and culture - that is what I think and that is why I have been called an optimist   

Human nature. In spite of all the awfulness I believe there is a core of good in nearly everyone

human progress. technological, social, cultural, etc.


Humanity and people's fundamental kindness and care

Humanity has been doing its best to destroy itself and this earth for centuries, but somehow we find ways to rise above it.  It's the little things that connect us.

Humanity need to find a new way to co-operate as we are all in this together along with more women becoming REAL leaders.

humanity's ability to re-invent itself

Humankind accesses some capabilities only at times of necessity.  COVID-19 has helped individuals appreciate more of their own capability

Humankind has, through the ages, demonstrated a remarkable ability to solve the many challenges and threats that inevitably arise. This continues to be the case and as a result our world is safer, healthier, more peaceful and prosperous than at any time in history. Optimism is a critical ingredient for effective leadership, combined with a strong sense for the risk/return trade-off and the ability to mitigate against risks. I have known few effective leaders who were pessimists!

Humans are beginning to accept  that this pandemic is not going away and hiding from it is not the answer. They want to get back to being together

Humans are inherently good and have adapted for thousands of years.

Humans will respond to the climate emergency.   We just have to maintain hope, get rid of fossil industry donations to political parties and lift the rage against the Murdoch media.

I  believe that my potential for optimal outcomes is limited by the optimism of my objectives. To put this another way: "no matter how good or how bad your situation is, it is better if you are looking for opportunities rather than looking for excuses".

I admire human ingenuity and generally operate on the assumption that we can solve this we can get to a better place with brains and effort.

I agree with the explanation provided

I always feel incredibly lucky and I have a belief/ strong sense that even in tough times things will always get better.

I always fix on the positive things that could eventuate, rather than what could go wrong. I take account of what could go wrong, try to minimise or counter these so that any downside is minimised while being focussed on getting the environment right for upside

I always focus on the positive even though I am aware of negative implications.  I also seek out opportunity in every situation and draw out learnings as a way of improving.

I always focus on things I can control, under all circumstances.  That attitude allows me to enjoy present moment without fear of future uncertainties

I always focus on what I can control, not what I can’t. Keeps me grounded

I always go with the view that the glass is not half full nor is it half empty.  The glass can be refilled, and it is this fact that drives the positive outlook

I always have a solution focus, I see everything as a solution that is offered, it might not be right or work but it is offered as a solution

I always have been optimistic. It is how I view life.

I always have had the optimistic outlook, I generally disklike negative people, I have had this mantra since well before COVID 19

I always like to see the glass as half full - finding opportunities in the chaos

I always look at the glass half full .. it’s how I am wired.  We celebrate success, regardless how small and acknowledge that we will not be successful first time, every time.  We learn from our mistakes, like Edison. 

I always look for the best in each situation.  I have a positive mind-set.

I always look for the bright side

I always look for the good in things, and I believe if you focus on the good then you are more likely to have a good outcome ... conversely, if you focus on the negative then you are more likely to have a disappointing outcome

I always look for the good/positive in a bad situation

I always look for the positives in people and situations, and I found the resilience and camaraderie that persisted through very challenging times incredibly uplifting

I always look on the bright side of life. However, it helps when you have a consistent/reliable situation. At present it is a bit unsure.

I always see opportunity where most see problems

I always see the bright side

I always see the glass as half full. For me every  problem can be solved. Life does go on and time heals

I always see the world with eyes full of love and I have a positive attitude towards life. Also, I  truly believe in the power of our connections.

I always think that there is a perspective from which things look good or bad. I always try to look into thing from curiosity of what others are facing and not judge the situation from my only perspective which makes win-win situation for all and I get to learn something from it. My father taught me one of many  things that always stuck with me “Be curious not judgmental”. This has always helped me stay optimistic about every situation. It’s the lens which you look from. I see COVID as a way for me to know my team members better and their families . This has helped me get closer to them not only professionally but emotionally. It has helped me learn bigger picture from very different perspective.

I always trust in the positive outcomes

I always try to stay positive and be grateful for  my life and people around me

I am 83 and I guess life has been kind to me so far.

I am a biologist, ecologist and livestock/agriculturalist and dealing with research and practical situations, both in Australia and internationally have developed and strengthened my belief in a guiding hand in this world and through faith and hard work and love and respect for all creation, that optimism can be a constant companion. I believe "all things are possible... until proved to be impossible" rather than taking a "glass half empty" approach.

I am a capable person who will make lemonade from lemons.

I am a happy person

I am a naturally optimistic person. Optimism is my secret weapon. It helps me 'go on' when thinks seem bleak, to find the good in any situation, to feel hopeful for the future and carry on. And, most importantly it helps me frame/approach any challenging situation in a way that ensures I don't alienate those who may have a different world view to mine, to bring empathy and understanding into my analysis of the situation.    

I am a positive person who is always a glass half full rather than half empty. Things happen for a reason and in the long run, it will work out. Perhaps not as you initially expect it to but reasonably in line with what you wanted. 

I am a strong believer in hope.

I am always a positive person

I am and have been fortunate throughout my life and have no reason to believe that this disease will change my outlook so long as I follow normal precautions. The opportunity for realistic change now presents itself and should lead to better outcomes

I am breathing oxygen and waking up to sunrises each day till I am dead.

I am by nature but I need the people I love to be safe and happy

I am convinced about the goodness at the core of most people and that IF their basic needs are taken care of most people are driven to help others and to contribute to their community and society to build a better future.

I am convinced there is always better ways to be found, changes in environment and circumstances (like COVID) force us out of our comfort zones and inspire change. I abhor stagnation and "sameness" therefore the more the world around me changes the more inspired and optimistic I become.

I am generally optimistic but very pessimistic about post COVID period in the short term.

I am generally very positive & optimistic about myself, my family, my community & my country   However I am also a scientist and a realist, and this COVID Pandemic is causing enormous long-term harm to jobs, the economy & our way of life which will take many years to rebuild and recover from.

I am grateful and mindful of what I have not what I don’t have

I am in the business of creating new business solutions.

I am in the business of developing new business opportunities

I am innately optimistic - and encourage myself to always find the positives in life daily

I am innately optimistic; I know that all things shall pass and that whatever happens, I can recover from any situation  - I can see positive role models doing just that all around me.

I am inspired and optimistic by the growing voice of reason that looks beyond base economics to personal, environmental and societal wellbeing

I am interested in future trends and possibilities

I am just naturally optimistic.  But also, I believe in Sturgeons Law

I am naturally inclined that way. I have NHL which I had had since Jan 2012. Being positive is the only approach to have with any form of cancer

I am naturally optimistic - genes and memes

I am naturally optimistic, always have been sometimes to the vexation of the non-optimistic. I also enjoy and rise to challenges and excitement of life!

I am optimistic because I don't subscribe to the alternative. People don't flourish when they are surrounded by negativity

I am optimistic but nature, always seeking. New opportunities, new experiences, new things to do, looking on the bright side of life.  Good change makes me optimistic. There is no such thing as good normal or new normal that is not going to be detrimental.

I am optimistic by nature

I am optimistic for Gaia in the long run. However, from my 20+ years of consulting I believe that organisations change when the status quo gets bad enough to motivate a shift. Or, when effective leaders have created a culture that sees change as normal for continuing prosperity.  I hope that the current devastating bushfires have made things “bad enough” for our government to take real action to mitigate and manage extreme weather events.

I am optimistic per nature. I believe that good actions tender to bring good things as their consequence.

I am optimistic that 'this' is temporary. Good has come from lock down and many people are making better life and work choices and setting better boundaries.

I am optimistic that others have too reached a realisation about what is important and will thus change their lifestyles to reflect this awareness.

I am optimistic that the future will be better because I have unflinching confidence that the younger generation are smart and more in touch than my generation and will resolve some of the issues that we haven't been able to resolve.

I am optimistic for myself and most of the population. Unfortunately, there will always be group that due to no fault of their own will be in unfortunate circumstances.

I am realistic and I feel positive. I look for solutions and believe generally things will work out

I am resilient I have faith in love as the all-powerful expression of being alive

I am super optimistic that the COVID disruption will convince people that when a community works together, it can achieve the extraordinary.

I am who I am.

I am. It's a lifelong habit and choice

I appreciate the good things in life and try to be in the moment more.

I became optimism because of the way my people are respecting and adhere to all necessary precautions in order to prevent COVID 19 within our mist . And by doing so things will be find at the end.

I become very optimistic every time I work with young people. They boost my energy with their enthusiasm and ideas for a better world.

I believe that there is a cure for this virus and it will be soon all we have to do is be patient and it will be treatable

I belief that once a decision is made it is never right or wrong, it informs your life experiences and you can only make the next decision from where you are, not from where you might of or could have been.

I believe deeply in the ability of all people to grow and adapt and change in a way that is workable for themselves and the community as a whole. That belief gets me in trouble sometimes. Sometimes expect too much of people.

I believe deeply in the triumph of good over evil

I believe in balance and you have ups and downs but I have faith most things will be positive

I believe in God, His angels, His books, and His messengers: "Allah (is the) best (of) the planners". The Qur'an 3:54

I believe in Jesus Christ, the greatest possibility thinker who ever lived.   I believe he has a plan for our good and it is always progressing. The enemy of mankind has been conquered and as believers in Jesus Christ we must choose to engage in the implications of that reality.

I believe in looking at the positives and working to achieve those while being realistic about the challenges

I believe in my ability to adapt to changing circumstances and find new ways to do things and new things to appreciate and be thankful for

I believe in people and their unique gifts

I believe in power of humanity to overcome the ego, self-interest, divisiveness and inequality that the patriarchal industrial revolution has created globally.  I see the gently rising participation of women, BICOP as sign of hope that we can remove the systemic racism, sexism and wealth inequality that is designed into the global systems of government, business and capital allocation.  Innovation and entrepreneurs based on values and equality are bringing fresh systems and tech to disrupt the incumbent systems and deliver better lives for all. 

I believe in the good in mankind and so I believe that we will take on issues such as climate change and social inequity.  I think the world is slowly changing and realising that these issues and other must be addressed for our continued existence.  We certainly have the capacity to make things better, we just need the will en masse.

I believe in the ingenuity of man

I believe in the inherent goodness of humanity. I am less optimistic than I was previously due to the ignorance of climate change and the resistance to sustainable change among too many people.

I believe in the innate power of humanity as a whole to deliver a better world

I believe in the positive power of mind.

I believe it's an inherent personality trait

I believe life and people are mostly good

I believe life is a privilege - every breath, every moment. In every experience are invaluable learnings which help us fulfill our highest purpose where we can best serve ourselves and others.

I believe Life works out in the end

I believe most people are good.

I believe no matter how bad things go, you are always there to lift yourself and do better.

I believe optimism is within my nature but I also have a very strong spiritual faith and this strengthens me, provides hope and gives purpose to my life

I believe people are essentially good and hopeful.

I believe sound strategic planning will facilitate optimistic outcomes. I also feel very fortunate to live the life I have on a farm  and I feel confident I will survive the COVID 19 crisis and I look forward to the opportunities that will arise on the  other side.

I believe that Australia has everything that any country could wish to have.  We just need some vision and leadership.

I believe that even in these very strange and unprecedented times, working as a community 'together' yet apart makes me optimistic. Thinking of our most vulnerable clients living alone at home or in residential care, isolated from the rest of the world, their families, their friends, their loved ones - I know that we will get through this difficult time.  Our older Australian's lived through wars, recessions and the Great Depression yet they helped to make Australia a rich and wonderful place to live. It's our time now to ensure they get the care, support, love and companionship they deserve.   Check on people to ensure they are ok, pay forward random acts of kindness. I believe we will all be a better society coming out of this difficult period.  Stay at home, stay well, do what health authorities recommend - we can beat this!

I believe that everything is always for the better and I believe that God always takes care of me

I believe that good wins over evil, though it can take time. I believe that having good values and working hard pays off. I believe that love is a very strong power.

I believe that if I and others apply ourselves we can achieve positive outcomes.

I believe that in every situation there is always the chance of a positive outcome, and that good things will happen. Even when we don't get the result that we want, there will always have been positives, whether they are learning experiences, new people met or a different way of thinking to consider. If we go into situations believing the best, then the outcomes will undoubtedly be better, and the world therefore a better place.  The people around me, concentrating on what I can control and living for tomorrow

I believe that living systems continually evolve to thrive in their environment.  I also believe that most humans want similar things from life: peace, love, belonging, stimulation, personal growth, health.

I believe that most people are doing the best they can, on that day or in that moment.  Good intentions and best efforts can only lead to good things - maybe not every time and maybe not always soon, but eventually.

I believe that most people are working towards a greater good.  No one goes to work to do a "bad" job.

I believe that our human consciousness allows us to learn, improve and do better

I believe that the good in people outweighs the bad, and that the efforts to connect with that goodness is contagious.

I believe that there is always a positive in a negative, no matter the situation

I believe that things week always work out in the end. But you need to choose your attitude every day and I prefer to be grateful and happy for what I do have not focus on what I don't have.

I believe that you get out of life what you put into it

I believe that, fundamentally, everything will work out OK, because we can always adapt to a new normal, and will be happy in that new normal if we keep living in the moment.

I believe the pandemic has been a catalyst to project us towards the next era in human values, a more revitalistic era.

I believe there is a positive in most situations

I believe things will work out

I believe we have all come to realise what is important to us.  Not for materialistic and valuing the small things that most take for granted and we only miss when they are not there.

I believe we will come out of this virus but we will need to change in many ways and both the economy and lifestyle will change. I am not sure the younger generation will adapt but they will need too.

I call that agsthism.

I can see a future and understand what I need to do to get there

I can usually see a positive future and have a great way of describing what "good" looks like

I cannot control what happens in the world but I can control how I respond to it.  I therefore purposefully choose to take the glass half full perspective and focus on navigating the best path in the hope that things will work out in the end.

I choose practice growth mindset & helping others.

I choose to adopt a positive mindset

I choose to be   I prefer to be positive, I believe positivity breads positivity

I choose to be optimistic - optimistic thoughts lead to great achievement

I choose to be optimistic because of my deep belief/experience that you get what you focus on

I choose to focus on the positives because I am a learner.  Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow. Even though there are times when I am frightened by the experience, I always remind myself that it is a positive learning experience.

I consciously decide to look at life optimistically and try to find a positive outlook in most situations. In most cases that creates an optimistic situation and I found that helps both me and others.

I do not know, it's the way I've always been

I do usually think things will work out, but 2020 is making me doubt.

I don't see the sense in worrying about things that happened in the past, and things that we may fear, but have not happened. Life is infinitely more enjoyable when we focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative.

I feel an awakening on topics that many of us have been talking about for years.  We will be looking at things from a view of humanity...and those who do not may be told that we no longer accept any other way.

I feel I have some listed degree of control over my life and enough resources to enjoy it.

I feel that everyone pulling together is enormously optimistic, and I enjoy the greater focus on mindfulness that people are appreciating life more

I feel that there is always two sides to every situation. I choose to take the positive side.

I feel the challenge of making more of my life makes me optimistic. though the reflection of others, I see options and opportunity- "if they can do to it, so can I". having the mantra- life happens FOR me (as opposed to - TO me) takes me away from being a victim and helps me to move forward with curiosity and a sense of "what do I have at my disposal to get this done".

I find these two constructs risky as a permanent way of thinking and being. They can be useful when used in certain situations when used well. But as a permanent state whereby you can claim to be permanently one or the other is not useful.

I focus on looking for solutions rather than dwelling on issues.

I focus on the hope and possibilities that can happen. Rather than see the challenges

I focus on what I can control

I follow a spiritual trail that is an endless resource of hope.

I foresee better community to emerge from this pandemic

I generally believe and act like 'if it is to be it's up to me.'  I just get on with it and I'm optimistic that most times I can achieve an outcome.

I generally expect things to turn out okay.

I generally have a good life and on bad days I focus on positives

I generally look for the opportunity out of any situation. I believe mistakes or misfortune are opportunities for growth and learning. It is part of life's journey.

I generally see things in a positive light

I grew up in tough circumstances. I have learnt I can improve my life by looking at opportunities through an optimistic lens.

I guess I was born that way.

I have a deep faith in things work out on the end.  Everything shall pass, good times bad times. I am very blessed to live where I live and when I live and how I live.

I have a general belief that ebbs and flows are part of normal cycles with the assumption that we have generally found solutions to problems big and small...belief, diligence, commitment, focus and patience eventually prevail.

I have a lot to be grateful for in terms of my personal life experience - I am optimistic because I want to share that positive in my life and grow more to share further going forward.

I have a positive attitude and can adapt to new situations.

I have a positive attitude to life

I have a positive outlook and see the better side of people and circumstances

I have a profound belief that societies will pull together and support each other under crisis situations. This encourages me to believe that we can create a better future together. And I hold to the concept of ‘Pay it forward’ which is my demonstration of optimism.

I have a renewed faith in Human Introspection. Many people have re-constructed their lives and future prospects (me being one of them). Overcoming adversities such as COVID19 (not over yet) makes me very optimistic. As an outcomes-driven person, I get even more optimistic when the results of my labour are at my view!

I have a solution focused approach and use positive psychology to ensure a sense of hope. If you do not believe good will happen, bad will "win"

I have a sound belief that notwithstanding all the external problems that I can't control, I can control how I respond and I need to prepare for maximising my position for when external factors improve.

I have a strong religious basis for this, knowing that in all things God will work for the good, provided we stay focused on what is important and never lose our love and faith.

I have a trust in people (until proved otherwise) and confidence that as individuals and as a community we can address challenges going forward but they are significant.

I have a view that whatever happens I will be able to adapt and succeed in taking care of those I love.  Things will be different for sure, and I'm okay with that. But they may not be better than what came before.

I have already completed this survey. I hope you don’t get many multiple voters.

I have always been a dam half full kinda gal, but not too pollyannaish. It’s the core belief that staying in the positive frame of mind that things will eventually improve, rather than the negative loop.

I have always been an optimistic person

I have always been optimistic and believe if it is to be it's up to me.

I have always been optimistic and now that a lot of the current younger generation have experienced some difficulty I feel that will help society generally

I have always been philosophical about life and believe that all is as it should be.

I have always been positive in spite of trials. I think one can make use of challenges to grow.

I have always believed that my life is mine to build into what is the best outcome for myself and for my children and now my grandchildren, in order to do that regardless of the challenges I face each and every day, there is nothing that cannot be overcome or worked through or learnt from. Even mistakes are welcome in my life so that I don't re-make the same mistake .

I have always had a positive and 'glass half full' approach to life, which I believe was instilled in me by my parents and grandparents. However, what makes me optimistic is that when you view life through a lens of optimism and positivity and you are a genuinely nice/kind person, predominantly good things (things in your control) will happen. Even when the chips are down, it is important to remain optimistic and believe that things will get better and tomorrow is a new day.

I have always had a positive view of life. But as a Victorian I can’t see a great future

I have always looked at the glass half full rather than half empty and endeavour to see the best in people trusting them unless they do something to break the trust

I have always looked at the silver lining in every situation. By responding rather than reacting, it gives me time to consider the best outcome for everyone.

I have always seen the good in humans despite how frequently we fail

I have an unwavering belief in the goodness that resides in us all..... I think times like these is when you see people shine their brightest. It’s only a small number of people out there who choose the alternative path, so I try not to focus on them too much

I have been optimistic for a long time; I think in part because I feel I have agency over my behaviour and outlook

I have choices over how I experience life

I have come to understand that everything will be ok because it always is.

I have confidence in peoples' ability to bounce back from a crisis. However, in this situation, we're not talking about people, we're talking about an utterly incompetent State government and a bloated, left-biased, skill-free public service. And stupid government will win out every time.

I have confidence in the natural and fundamental propensity for human kind to push for improvements in all things. It's never a straight line, but crises can bring out the untapped best in communities (not just individuals) that never fails to remind me that in general the vast majority of people are good and want the best for each other. A great quote I hear in times of trouble is when you're feeling overwhelmed with impending doom, is to "look for the heroes". There are always stories, buried among the negative cycles of real people going above and beyond for their friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers in an attempt to make the world a better place. These "heroes" often go unsung, but collectively do more for my optimism and ability to cope through crises better than anything else. I like to draw from their strength and project it into my leadership of my company and general mindset every day. It works.

I have control over the direction of most aspects of my life and I have enough money to be able to live a comfortable life.

I have dealt with many crises in my life, I know I am a survivor

I have deep faith that we have a purpose and direction in life. My father taught me to look and the silver lining in every adverse event and notice the small things - dew in grass, the beauty of insects, and the wisdom in an old person’s eyes. He taught me to appreciate nature and the cycle of life. He died at 53 but knew his Maker was calling him and his life’s work was done. I also received a spiritual message that he would die in a month. Therefore, I don’t fear life or death as every experience has a lesson and a purpose. Every moment is a gift.

I have faith that there is a reason for everything and that each experience is a learning opportunity.

I have faith.

I have glass half full attitude and believe that in the long run things will work out.  Ones mindset and attitudes become self for filling. Positive things can be found in the most negative time, one just has to look.

I have good health, a home, money in the bank and live in Australia

I have great faith that humanity will adjust to being more grounded and manage its own expectations.  It will be less driven by greed and measure success by happiness

I have my health.

I have recovered from two, not one life threatening illnesses. Every day is a great day, because I shouldn’t be here.

I have seen and lived the opposite. I have seen others lose hope and that is not how we should live.

I have seen so many times - including under COVID arrangements - how quickly things/we heal and regenerate when we remove toxicity and pollutants be it environmental or what we eat, how we think and what we feel.  I believe that all life strives to growth.

I have so much to be grateful for.  A wonderful family.  Good health.    Debt free

I have some influence on my destiny and can choose courses of action that lead to better results.  Also, I believe that hard work, diligence, loyalty and a strong moral code are likely to be rewarded in life.  Finally, I'm realistic in my expectations of others and don't always expect perfection - and therefore  I don't feel that let down when this isn't achieved.    

I have some many more things to learn, to do and to see.

I have survived cancer twice, so I realise that life is short and we need to make the most of the time we have.

I have this constant believe that as a person I have hope in the future and hope as a society. While there are always things that might not be perfect I believe we are constantly evolving and moving forward

I have to believe that it will work out in the end, otherwise, I see no point in working and striving so hard.

I have worked in different countries as a health professional and irrespective of the status of people, health is given the utmost priority. The expenditure on health should be the foremost priority of  a Nation. This has not been the case in India and I am sure COVID has given a  window of opportunity to work on this and I am sure this with the help of like-minded organisations will be fruitful. The sheer population and the extreme difference in socioeconomic status of people and communities has given  the decision makers a  better chance to help the health care situation here in India.

I hold a core belief in the ingenuity of human beings

I hope for a better future that is achievable and worth working hard for collectively

I hope that we have all had an opportunity to reflect on priorities and values and put into perspective what is important. That we don’t ruin this planet for the sake of short-term gain and money and that we work together in a United way for the most sustainable future.

I just am an optimistic person - I always expect the best and even when it doesn't arrive I just simply believe that better times will come - they always do

I just tend to see things as being okay or that I will be able to work through things and it will all work out in the end

I know everything happens for a reason and have learned to look for the lesson in every negative situation that I cannot improve myself. I believe we’re here to learn and in doing so we can improve ourselves - and then spread our wisdom to others. I also use a lot of things that I experience and see in the world in my work; both good and bad.

I know I am not in control of most things so I just go with what the world serves up. I also believe that I am resilient and can cope with whatever life throws my way.

I know there is so much opportunity and I have the skills, experience and desire to explore those options.  There is always another way.

I know things will be ok. Privilege and self-belief.

I like to laugh and make others laugh. I prefer to be creative and have fun rather than be bogged down in worry thoughts.(Not always successful in the latter but working on it!)I have always been interested in people - the more diverse the better! Believe we are all one big human family and deserving of love.

I like to look at, and for, the opportunities on everything I do.

I like to see the good in things and even when life throws you very difficult issues to deal with I know it won’t stay like that forever

I like to think positively always as the alternative is not a good state of mind.

I live in Australia and by and large I’ve been fortunate so I think that helps

I look at adversity as a tool to build muscles and balance in courage acts to grow through circumstances.

I look at my children and am filled with optimism. My children's generation is going to move society forward in amazing ways. I look at the emerging opportunities created by the pandemic and how business met the challenge. This fills me with great confidence about the future. I look at advances in technology with amazement.

I look for the good in people, trust and look for the upside in a situation

I look for the positive in all life situations, I am always a 'glass half full' kind of person and look to the future with hope and positivity.

I look for the positive in situations and people.

I look for the positive. I try and find good in people and events. I believe that a positive attitude and engagement even when you are not feeling this way manifests itself.

I look for the silver lining in everything

I love learning new things - life is an adventure

I love the journey of life

I love-clever inventions, insightful commentary, achieving advances in business and life in general and clever humour especially with friends.

I own a business. Without optimism there is nothing.

I prefer to look at solutions, not just problems.

I said I don’t know

I see a better future

I see a light at the end of the tunnel. that for every bad there is 10x good.

I see a lot of possibilities even if the old is taken apart

I see every day as a blessing and expect good opportunities

I see lots of people shedding old beliefs and gaining a greater insight into what we are here to achieve on this planet.

I see many positive things happening every day at a community and individual level and it reminds me that good people outweighs disruptive ones.

I see opportunities everywhere & the universe is amazing.    Sure, humans gunk up the works sometimes, but with a bigger perspective, everything is great!

I see opportunity in challenging times or events

I see opportunity in most things - ideas, events, people etc. Life is generally good.

I see the glass as half full and I find happiness in myself and the small things. Even though I have faced many challenges in my life, my optimism helps me stay centred and resilient.

I see the good things even in the challenges.  There is so much to be grateful for.

I see the opportunity in our current COVID situation, a change for society to take a breath and consider if our current idea of "norm" was really what we wanted our life to be.

I tend to believe that humankind improves over time, despite regressive areas. Our intrinsic inventiveness to find better ways to live and to do things right leads to an improved outcome.

I tend to see the best in people

I tend to see/look at the good in most situations and see opportunities. Importantly, I'm a realist and can name things as they are.   I believe that it's detrimental to others who are having a tough time to tell them to buck up and look in the bright side. This is not being optimistic it's being dismissive of the persons reality.

I think I naturally see that despite all obstacles and setbacks, there is something to be hopeful about and look forward to.

I think I try being grateful and have hope that things can work out for the better in most situations.

I think it is in my nature to be optimistic, I also see lots of good in life and in people. I had a very good upbringing with loving parents and this helps me to have an expectation that good things will happen.

I think it is my natural disposition as I have always looked for the silver lining in any given situation

I think it is that you know there are more good people out there than not, and that mostly we are working to improving our lot overall.  There will always be politics and people on the fringe, but by and large most people are good.

I think my attitude to problems as opportunities

I think optimism is being positive and always looking for the 'silver lining'. Trying to live in the moment and not get too far ahead of myself, thereby getting anxious about things I can't quite control and also not looking too far back into the past as I can't change what has happened, so try and live for now and appreciate all the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.

I think people are now focused on themselves and their families instead of more external goals.

I think we are moving into a more enlightened age at a faster rate than before, one where people might make better choices on all levels.

I think you can get through most things and calmness to manage anxiety can help get through things

I tried to see the positive in people/situations. Or learn the lesson that a particular unpleasant situation has given me.

I trust that humanity is largely inherently good and take the approach that ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. I have kids so it’s important to try and be a role model of positivity for them.

I trust that I can shape my future and don’t blame others

I try to look at positives.  I trust the universe.  And experience tells me that what is meant to be, is.

I try to make the most of what comes my way and to help others around me to do the same.

I usually look at the bright side of life

I usually tend to focus on what are the good things around me, instead of the bad things. I know that everything passes, so at the end everything will be fine

I wake up and see a new morning, I live in Australia which is (generally) free, safe and affluent

I want to have hope that things will get better

I want to look at the positives and not negatives

I was born an optimist and always see the world using a “glass half full” approach. Over time my experience has taught me this makes you a more resilient leader and helps others to stay focussed on the bigger picture. I live and breathe using a Growth Mindset and that anyone can and should learn from their experiences.

I was born this way, my life experience and my faith.

I was once told I wore rose coloured glasses so I took them off - the world changed instantly with an uncomfortable feel - I promptly put them back on and this time I changed them for sunglasses.   What makes me optimistic?   Keeping my sunglasses on, I make sure the world looks a lot brighter

I work at it. I believe in it. I make it happen.

I worry, but things usually work out in the end.

I'm a realist about the here and now, so we can make the most of any situation.  I'm an optimist about the future because I believe we can create a better world and better life for ourselves.

I'm always thinking about the benefits of situations no matter how dark or problematic. There's always something to learn about yourself, others or the situation that is a win for the future. I've always used these insights to keep pushing through any challenges and making the best of situations rather than spiral into a hole like I've seen others do

I'm an 'unrealistic' optimist - as frankly, the earth is 'going to hell in a handbasket'. Global Warming, coupled with a Psychopath in the White House, Russia, China, etc. I'm hoping for divine intervention!

I'm generally hopeful that things will improve

I'm generally optimistic and also aware that I have to take responsibility

I'm hopeful and resilient - looking forward even when things haven't been going so well.

I'm hopeful that things can get better, I believe in human kindness and acknowledge what I can't control and what I can i.e., my emotions

I’m naturally optimistic

I'm not sure I can answer that question. I remain as positive and as confident as circumstances allow. I deliver the best possible service I can to my clients but I am hostage to the vagaries of the market. I've come to expect and live with volatility.

I'm not sure. I guess that I always look for the upside in people and situations

I'm truly optimistic that this challenge will lead to us shedding some old ways of doing things that should have been stopped years ago, I am truly optimistic that with this proof that we can act quickly and implement evidence-based approaches that the nihilism that things can't change quickly is firmly knocked on the head...we can, we have, let’s work together to address other deep rooted challenges facing humanity.

I've always been an optimist, and still think my best years are ahead of me. I am optimistic about how things will turn out with things I can control. I'm unsure about the things I can't control

I've always been naturally optimistic. I've always seen the bright side of life and have worked towards improving my lot in life. I've experienced times of personal hardship but have always looked for solutions - and have mostly found them. I think optimism is innate in those who are and there are others who are naturally pessimistic. I've encountered both and I gravitate to those who are optimists.

I've always been that way, sometimes my superpower/curse is being overly optimistic

I've always had a positive mindset even in the most difficult of times. Supporting others is something I love doing and my positive nature rubs off onto other people. Things are never as bad as they seem so continue to work through them and obtain support as needed.

I've always thought my best days were ahead, not behind.  My religious philosophy is about eternal progression.  You create your own  future and environment.  Mine will be better.

I've lived through 75 years of madness, badness, sadness and gladness, and survived. With all of that I believe I'll get to the end of my life's journey with determination, relaxation and eternal optimism.  I've faced numerous difficult situations and overcome them with family, friends and a can-do mindset. Knowing this I can meditate, face fear and be courageous enough to use obstacles as stepping stones to a positive place.

I've never been a negative thinker. Good and bad things happen whether we're  optimistic or not, may as we'll enjoy life's journey and its ups and downs.

I’m a half glass full person, so I see better in most things

I’m in a position to determine my future.  If I set a goal, I can generally achieve it.  I’m less optimistic about the future of America than I am optimistic about my ability to change my own lot in life. (A privilege many don’t have, I know.)

I’m naturally an optimistic person

I’m not optimistic about anything. I don’t think the glass is half empty. I don’t like the glass or what is in it

I’m optimistic that there are opportunities in the new normal to have edgier conversations and  to try things knowing that most will be open to new ideas and initiatives.

I’m Pollyanna. I see rainbows wherever I go.

I’ve always had the mantra this too shall pass. This helps me in dark times understand that things will get better

I’ve used meditation to connect with here and now and clarify my why

If I have to think, what do I want my life to be, pleasant or unpleasant? I choose pleasant .  So, when I think how I should think, positive or negative, the obvious answer is positive.  That’s what keeps me optimistic.

If you do what you are passionate about and work with good people, amazing things happen.

If you put in the effort and use your intelligence, things will work out.

If you put in the effort things always work out in the long run

If you stay positive good thing definitely happen to you.

I’m always optimistic. It’s just the way I am.

Imagination, energy, creative mindset and making a difference.

Implementing a strategy

Important to getting anything done

Impossible for anyone to respond to this question with true knowledge. Combination of nature and nurture is my guess.

In Australia, we've learned so much from the evidence.

in built I wake up happy very nearly every day regardless of circumstance

In my mind, I know my potential and capabilities, so can find the positive, the potential and the good in most scenarios. If not, I can use difficult situations as challenges, learning opportunities and at worst, future stories.

In terms of the pandemic the opportunity for businesses to use this time when they are forced to reduce their cost base to really consider what their core is and rebuild in the most effective way makes me hugely optimistic.

In the end we will get through it. It is about time !

In the first 2 weeks in lockdown, I was in shock and denial. But within a short time, I focussed on how I had lived my life before COVID therefore how I can live my life post COVID.     My mantra and what keeps me on track and optimistic is the following:   If I live in the past, I’m living in depression.   If I live in the future, I’m living in anxiety   but if I live in the moment I can create and control my reality.   You can learn from the past but not live there. You can plan for the future but not live there either. But living in the present means we can live optimistically and at peace. We know that nothing is forever and everything will change whether you want it to or not. But our resilience is what keeps us strong and provides us the optimism to get through anything!  Including living in a COVID world.

Individual efforts like yours, Victor Perton. Keep at it. Much thanks

Infectious ability...

Inherent in my personality

inherent within me.  Always been so.  I can get a bit down over some things (climate change) but overall believe in human good and ingenuity.

Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration (my PhD research topic)

Insight and inspiration

Interesting events happening and progress in our understanding on many issues.

Intrinsically I seem more optimistic than pessimistic.  I have to, otherwise what is the point of living!  The natural environment helps maintain optimism - the sun keeps rising, the trees keep growing, the flowers keep blooming regardless of what else is going on.

Is there any other option if you wish for positive mental health?

It has been my personal experience as well has the way my parents have brought me up, having a positive attitude and doing all the right things( as far as possible),will lead you in the right direction. It may not be very obvious to others, but subconsciously you know what you wished and  what Was the result. Think good for others good happens to you and the opposite is also true. This is absolutely magical. Since you know (everybody knows) that if you wish bad bad happens- please stop wishing bad to others. Try for few days and experience the magic. “ Your aim is to work only- Never to the fruit thereof- Sri Ramakrishna Paramahsa.

It helps me deal with challenges.

It is a fact that over 95% of people who get the virus only get it mildly and don't die from it. Also, I ask the question do aged people die from the virus or with it?

It is good to be alive and appreciate the good things and good people who stand out as beacons against those who seek to tear down or denigrate our values.

it is much better than being pessimistic.....

It is one of my top strengths.  It is part of who I am now.  I have practised it and it has become habitual.

It is simply a better way to live. Not sure there really is a middle ground, one is either optimistic or pessimistic and if pessimistic it quickly raises the concern of what's the point?! Any answer that is other than 'there is no point' is an inherently optimistic answer.

It is very easy to descend down into fear, gloom and doom. But it is far more productive and frankly satisfying to way up the options then try and address the most optimistic way forward, without being naive.

It seems to me that Victorians will be very keen to show the rest of Australia just what they are made up and strive to "outperform"

It will awaken many businesses from their slumber and ultimately lift productivity in Australian business

it works better than being pessimistic.  Both ending up reinforcing themselves, and optimism is the better option.

It's actually an inner feeling that most of the time interacts with small external happenings.

It's far better than the alternative. Do what you can to move things forward.

It's human nature to overcome obstacles and reach a good place.

It's innate - I'm reasonably realistic but want to see positive outcomes from difficult situations.  Optimism = success for me; pessimism = failure for me (not for others though)

It's just a way of being. There is no benefit or upside to being pessimistic. Staying optimistic makes you happy and helps you identify novel solutions for making things better.

It's just my nature. I've overcome a lot of struggles, so I think that I am tenacious.

It’s essentially especially in a drawn-out crisis

It’s more pleasant than being pessimistic and a positive attitude seems to bring positive returns

It’s much nicer to seize on the good things about the future - rather than the bad ones.    The bad things:   If you can avoid them - you d - so no longer a problem.   If you can’t avoid them - well need to accept that and get on with life.

It’s my nature

It’s my way of being... some of us are born optimists, I’m one of them

It’s the way I live my life I know things will turn out. I may have to work hard to make that happen but I have that capacity and I’m lucky to be strong of mind and body. I see people smiling and find myself doing the same why look for the bad when there is still so much good.

It’s a choice to see the world with rose coloured glasses on. I rather see all the good and feel good myself. Rather give people the benefit of the doubt and maintain my happy disposition.

It’s a mindset --always strive for a better life for your family and yourself ,and do whatever is necessary to achieve that (within moral, ethical and legal boundaries)

it’s just how I always view the world. Things always happen for a reason. Of course, I benefit from a great deal of privilege that makes it easier to be optimistic

Just always been that way.  I always see upside in situations.

Just always have been, I think enjoy finding solutions, so call it resourcefulness, knowing there will be paths forward

Just born that way

Just born that way and the alternative is too awful

Just my personality and faith in myself and my abilities.

Just natural

Just naturally optimistic.

just relax and take things as they come. Will it make a difference 1000 years from now?

Just that .... a belief that somehow if I just keep going things will work out in the end and it will be ok.

Keep my options open. Things usually turn out okay.

Kids  The benefits of optimism

Kindness and goodwill are contagious . I aim to interact with kindness and goodwill at all times and then good things come .

Knowing from past experience that things always work out in the end and are right for you at that time despite what you might think

Knowing I am resilient and that in time all this will pass. Bad today doesn’t mean bad tomorrow......

Knowing more about myself helps me to be optimistic. To see that things, change and that I can manage those changes, even direct some of them! Even life's challenges can be seen in an optimistic way as this still enables me to genuinely feel and respond to emotions.

Knowing myself. One’s personal respect and confidence in making the most of what comes my way. Your definition of optimism is not mine. I do not expect good things to happen. That’s bargaining with existence. Find the middle road of no expectations

Knowing not guessing, not having to rely on external unsubstantiated external 'opinion' (usually biased toward a desired outcome).

Knowing that 80% of people are not optimistic which provides more opportunities for those of us that are! :)

Knowing that being pessimistic is mentally unhealthy

knowing that humans working together can solve any problem; they can build real, executable solutions;  we are all loved, and valued.

Knowing that I am in control of my life and outcomes of my decisions.

Knowing that I am surrounded by good smart people who want to see a better world

Knowing that I can have a positive, lasting effect on my clients and partners

Knowing that I have something unique, that only I can offer the world--and knowing the world needs what I am offering

Knowing that I have the internal resilience to survive uncertainty and believing that human kind also is able to survive and sometime thrive

Knowing that it is easier and healthier to be positive than it is to be negative. Knowing that God has a plan for my life - - to be a servant to others.

Knowing that life overall is good

Knowing that my growing life experience allows me to be a better person each new day

Knowing that there is an endless opportunity to learn and grow, utilising advances in society and technology.

Knowing that you can make a difference

Knowing the innate disposition of every individual is inclined to do good, inevitably !

Knowing the world is full of passionate, talented and caring people trying to make a positive impact.

Knowing there are 2 sides to every event - my choice as to how and what I see or perceive.

Knowing we are all limitless and  have everything within us to deal with anything and be anything we choose

Knowing we help many ageing / disabled Australians to find the right care and support for their loved ones, professionally and efficiently. We know we make a difference and how good does that make us feel?

Knowledge of history

Knowledge that I have choices

Lead & guide prayerful life in office & family. Work for the betterment and positive changes.

Leaders need to be optimistic - there is always opportunity to learn and adapt to every challenge,


Learning from experience and finding ways to be at peace with just being me


Life  Victor and   The Centre for Optimism.

Life & Family

Life does not happen to us passively. We have the ability to create, challenge and reframe our lives to fulfil our potential, purpose and vision.

Life experience

Life experience - the lived experience and acceptance that good things will happen and that things will work out in the end. My older self is more patient with life.

Life Experience -it’s all happening as it is supposed to - stay calm, be kind and think rationally.

life experience proves to me that a glass-half-full is the better way to view the world

Life experience, positive influencers around me, a choice I make.

life generally

Life goes on

Life has got better even when taking risks.

Life is an adventure. Now I am working at NASA Houston. What is not to be positive about?

Life is an important gift and if you look for something in it each day to be grateful for then life will be great

Life is full of ups and downs and uncertainty, since the beginning of time.  Relying on leaders, their experience, and their mantras makes me believe in optimism.  Today I posted on LinkedIn, Churchill's quote, "Optimists see the opportunity in every danger, pessimists see the danger in every opportunity."  In these challenging times, we have a target-rich environment for opportunity.

Life is good, opportunities are everywhere, seek and ye shall find, fortune favours the brave, doors are always opening, stuff like that.

Life is interesting and mostly enjoyable. Lots to appreciate.

Life is magnificent....and what a magnificent time in history to be alive!

Life is ok. Family and friends are wonderful. The world is a lovely place. There is good in the world even with all the bad news

Life is too short to be unhappy

Life seems to run smoother when you have a positive outlook even in the worst circumstances

Life tried to make me the opposite. It wasn't fun so I read my way out of it to become an optimist. It's a much happier fun place to be.

Life was good to me

Life, family, good health , fresh and healthy food

Life, history, family, friends, colleagues

Life, Learning and Love


life! being able to live and enjoy the moments and inspire those around me.

Life's experience

Life's experiences

Life's journey brings you perspective, understanding, objectives, opportunity and pleasure. Certainly, it may also bring more challenging situations, contexts and burdens.   Optimism means that one accepts the possibility of a destiny that will be favourable to you. In my lexicon, this is called hope.

Life’s experience indicates that most things we worry about turn out ok.  In 70 years of life, I have found that things normally work out OK if you just put your head down and keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get through things

Listening to optimistic people

little successes

Living by my values and core purpose. Core purpose is to use my financial acumen to build healthier communities. In decision making always think innovatively and consider commercial,  social and environmental issues. Helping the younger generation navigate.

Living in metro Melbourne has been tough but we came through it stronger and look forward to a different life but knowing we can cope with what life throws at us.

living on a farm, my family, my garden  and living in regional Vic

Living supporting another person to live even better

Long term experience tells me plus I believe 'what you put out there, is what you get back'.

Look for positives in face of bad stuff happening

Look for the opportunities to advance growth and live benefits

Look forward to where the current track can lead rather than the moment or  backwards

Looking around at those around me and having gratitude for my family, for friends and for our Leader. (DAN Andrews)

Looking at events unfolding and seeing how benefits can come. There’s always an upside. You plant a rose in shit

looking for silver linings in everyday life

Looking for the positives in all situations but being aware of the negatives.

Looking forward and learning from past life lessons.

looking forward to some certainty

Looking forward to things that will happen - even things that haven't been planned yet

Lots of things make me optimistic. The way Australians and the rest of the world have helped and are helping rebuild and support our bush fire recovery efforts. Working with young people always makes me optimistic, there are some fabulous young mind out there getting ready to take on the world and make it a better place. Watching my students find success no matter how small it may be.

Love, laughter and young people.

Lucky with my genetic makeup

Maintaining a positive mindset and recognizing things could always be worse.

Making a difference to the environment and communities we live in.

Making an effort  Seeing others rewarded for their effort or commitment

Mankind has made human existence better over the millennia and there are huge problems to solve but the trend will continue.

Mankind is great at solving problems. I believe no matter how difficult a solution will be found

Many have displayed the better part of their character and have appreciated the need to be kind.

Many people have transitioned, re-examined previously held beliefs/values/expectations and as a result feel 'to an extent' less encumbered. I'm optimistic for a future with more tolerance and understanding, more positivity and collaboration.

Many things. That despite all the bad in the world there are still good things in the world. Every cloud has a silver lining :)

Me, my life, my family, my team.

Mental health, keeping your brain engaged, exercise and decent food.

Mindset change, low spend, thinking in environment, thinking in family

Mindset, Resilience, Grit, Achievement

more freedom to implement change at a rapid pace with fewer constraints and the ability to roll back change.

More interested in looking forward than backward. See new experiences as opportunities to learn and grow.

Most people are good, thoughtful and productive and genuinely care about their output and quality of contribution. New strengths and skills are emerging/become visible that might not have in a 9-5 office environment. People are embracing creative approaches and solutions to getting work done; I find that inspiring and exciting - personal and organisational growth in parallel.

Most people want the same, good outcomes (even if we don't agree on how to achieve them)

Moving forward accept the things I can’t change and change the things I can

My ability to deal with adversity

My attitude, my belief that there are more good people in the world than bad - my belief that we CAN make a difference - and we are!

my belief in God

My belief in the fundamental decency of human beings, their aspirations to better themselves and their world, and reading books like "The Rational Optimist" by Matt Ridley. An optimistic attitude offers a counter to the victim mentality, offence-taking, rent-seeking, Armageddon-is-imminent  attitudes that can only lead to personal misery and poor self-esteem. Also, what rational person would deliberately choose the alternative of pessimism?!

My belief in the strengths of community, family, colleagues and the future. I refuse to apply a "why me" mindset. Every challenge is a lesson and every lesson an opportunity to be better.

My belief in things happen for a reason and staying optimistic will allow a clear mind to handle all situations

My belief that human civilisation will over time and with many setbacks lead to a better world.  Also, my faith in God's love.

My belief that people are fundamentally 'good' or rather contain both the seeds of good and 'bad'; and that the inner seed of good - of care and compassion - can be cultivated. Also, the incredible work being done by people bringing together old and exciting new knowledge/ explorations based on science, spirituality and arts/ creativity. This give me hope and enables me to channel that hope into positive actions - which helps me to be more optimistic.

My belief that what is good will ultimately prevail.  After all, that is what we all want.

My belief, based on life experience, that through commitment, effort and passion, most realistic expectations can be achieved.  Strong leadership, coupled with empathy and initiative, inspires others to optimism and resultant positive outcomes.

My children! The sheer pureness and good vibes of the 7-year-old and the 2-year-old give me a lot of energy!

My confidence.

My daughters and their interest in the globe.  And the extent to which the community of Canberra has become more tolerant and progressive and inclusive.

My dog! He demonstrates simple pleasures every day, in so many different ways.

My experiences in life

My faith

my faith - being a follower of Jesus

My faith - I have to believe that it will all be ok

My faith, my hope and a great deal of love.....

My Family

My family, friends, nature and the belief that most people are kind and good.

my focus on the future

My glass is always overflowing, it’s a mindset, I’m not sure if you can adjust others mindset, but if you’re optimistic, then you’re happy, and when you’re happy you’re kind, and then you can help others see that shits not so bad.   So, a smile goes a long way - they are contagious.

My Grandmother.  She told me that each new day is another chance for good things to happen, and never let the sun go down on a dispute.

My gratitude

My health, my position as a non-executive director of an ASX listed co & NFP, my role as Founder, my role as Mum & Daughter.

My innate nature

My kids - they are my anchor and they make me optimistic

My life experience and observing how other people have navigated their lives.

My life experience to date

My life has got as l have aged. Life and Death is less scary too.

My life is as positive as I decide to make it.

My life's journey, I have found optimism a better life experience than pessimism

My make-up and just how I lie life

My mindset- there's always something to be grateful for

My mindset. Always looking for good in every situation

My Mum always told me to see the good in everything.  It was how I was brought up.

My mum.  Being surrounded by wilderness & nature.  I had the opportunity to travel to historical sites internationally from the age of 8 through 11 which had a profound effect on me.  My father was working for the United Nations at the time.  I just generally feel things are always better than worse, I just don't know exactly why.

My natural personality has always been optimistic. Always striving for a brighter future, whether it be financial, health or personal.

My nature

My nature - my drive

My network and connections with government, business and community leaders who I believe share a common vision of doing things much more intelligently for humanity and our planet moving forward.

My optimism is based on my trust over: a) human resilience; b) Biological constant improvement for self and the tribe; c) Survival mode (fight or flight) brings the worst and the best out of people; d) Social values acquired through many years (empathy towards fellow citizens and others.

My optimism is founded in an assessment of doing the right thing regardless of what the outcomes of that doing may be.

My optimism is not a misguided ‘everything will be alright’ & ‘everyone is a good person’ type of belief set, rather it comes from a simple knowledge & confidence of purpose & what the future holds as detailed clearly by the Creator in the Bible

My outlook on life

My outlook on life, everything happens for a reason and humans are highly adaptable.

My outlook on life. Only ever think about the positives and never dwell on the negatives

My own ability to work and provide for my family, government policy depending.

My own life experience

My past experience and readings tell me every person has his/her ups and downs, we will recover no matter how bad things are, but we do need to build strength while things are not going well.

my past experience of life; having been in difficult situations before and then coming through them to a better tomorrow.

My past experience, all good Mate.

My personality - being balanced in my considerations and open to discussions

My personality!

My positive attitude to life  realising there will always been challenges either in Health ,work and  knowing things will generally work out

My religion (Christian) and understanding that if we keep looking forward and maintain our focus on God, all things work out for the good.

My religious faith.

My strong belief that I am on this earth to be a nurturer -my children and wider family, my colleagues and the work I do in the health and human service sector.  My strong belief that I am nurtured in turn- by my children and wider family and friends, by the nourishment I get from my work and by the lands I live on and the water I swim in and the air that I breathe.

My triumphs over challenges- just keep trying!

My two daughters who have lost their jobs, my husband who is alone while I work and have to remain interstate and music.

My unwavering belief that things will always get better and if things are hard, that there is often a lesson to be learnt, a new pathway to take and a message to receive.

my upbringing.  there are worse things that can happen.  I do not have it as bad as others.  life has been good

My way of life. I enjoy my home environment, my working environment, my teams working together, to get results with some difficulty some time and helping others when it was necessary.

My wife, and the underlying decency of most people

My year 12 student who has coped with COVID with a lot of resilience

natural belief that all things can be sorted out and problems resolved for the better

Natural impulse, upbringing, Church through childhood and teen years, common sense and resilience.

Natural Optimist!

Natural positive view, desire to hope for the best, see good in people

Natural strengths plus partner's optimism and nurturing of optimistic outcomes, fostering optimistic attitudes and optimistic friends

Nature, my wonderful wife, family, friends.

New innovation, creativity, medical research and technology is escalating to improve lives  Have faith in humanity and basic good in people  Belief that hard working, good ethic, moral compass and persistence will be rewarded


Nine times out of ten things work out well, and even if they do not, I know I will cope

No sense dwelling on the past or what is not within your own control.

Not being optimistic is setting a course for failure.   So, I default to optimism as a tool.

not feeling that optimistic as many aspects of our lives have been curtailed, jobs are insecure, the economy is being crippled and as a parent and small business owner these things are v concerning.

not much

Not much.

Not optimistic!

Not sure about the phrasing of this question. So, do you mean psychological or actual events... Certain events make me optimistic, usually large-scale things like space exploration.

Not sure but I know I feel it with the way I initially view a problem vs. others.

Not sure. Faith in the ability of people to do good things. A belief that most people in my world are decent human beings?

Not taking life too seriously and embracing change, because without change there wouldn't be butterflies.

Not willing to share


Nothing is all bad. My experience is that good things can come out of disruptions in life. Every cloud has a silver lining

Nothing is permanent. No matter how bad something is today, tomorrow is a new day and things will get better. There is always a positive to everything, you can chose to focus on the negative or you can chose to focus on the positive

Nothing stays the same and even if something is not ideal at the time, it will pass and growth usually comes from such experiences.

Nothing stays the same and there are always new opportunities arising.

Nothing. Experiences bad, challenging and good all build character, the context in which you see your situation is key.  you have a choice with each challenge - to get bitter or better. I choose better always, it gives meaning to all negative events - like losing my son, losing my grandson, losing my business.

Noticing the capabilities of the next generation, who are graduating with greater capabilities, and applying themselves with enthusiasm and commitment.

Notwithstanding colossal outstanding problems and some dreadful experiences, life for most people has got much better over the millennia and it continues to do so.

Now that you’ve defined it, I think I’m pretty optimistic by nature, even though I’ve seen and experienced terrible things. My father, who lived through a war as a child old enough to recall detail, always reassured me things will be alright in the end. This doesn’t mean no pain or suffering but it means we can endure it, don’t let it beat us. I feel it’s a base instinct, the force of life. Optimism can be buried under stress and sadness but it pops up like a cork pushed under water and if you allow it, perhaps through practice and focus, it can remain there most of the time, guiding your decisions and highlighting your purpose.

Observing friends who are pessimistic and unhappy.  I’ve made a conscious decision to choose my attitude.  I’m not wildly optimistic, more so generally optimistic and happier as a result.

Observing good acts every day. Actions speak far louder than words.

Once we are on the 'other side' of the pandemic, people will be wiser and hopefully kinder to each other, more empathetic, less selfish and we will build better communities.

Only facts, not fantasies.

only way is up

Open minded and positively inclined

Opportunities to grow and experience new things in collaboration with good motivated and caring people.

opportunity and innate sense of happiness

opportunity for more balanced life

Optimism is a frame of mind. A positive outlook keeps the negative thoughts at bay and inspires yourself to achieve success.

Optimism is a strong value I’ve always held.

Optimism is a way of achieving stated goals. We must look forward in life, we can achieve, "if at first you don't achieve, try again".

Optimism is an expectation that good things will happen and that things will work out in the end.    Totally Agree!

Optimism is powered by hope. I am hopeful.

Optimism is the expectation that positive intent leads to positive outcome

Optimism provides positive thinking patterns and communication that leads to continuous learning and often success.

Optimism without the optimism bias

Our ability to change the conversation from what is being done wrong to what is being done well.

Our capacity to adapt and confidence that we can build back better

Our society has addressed many of the ism's and we are moving to a more nuanced and sophisticated society. Of course, there are hiccups, but the overall trend is positive. This means we stand a chance at addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, and the mental health scourge.....just in time.

Our understanding of the world and ourselves continues to increase. With increased understanding there is a better chance of creating positive change.

Our younger generations of millennials and Gen Z's who demand change and a better future. I am also optimistic as positive thinking gets you further and faster than negative thinking and optimistic mindsets drive innovation and a v

Outlook, self-belief and desire to make a difference.


Part of my makeup.

Past experience

Past experience that set backs need to be viewed in context and everything happens for a reason

Past experience


People   life  seeing goodness in situations  hope

people ae inherently good

people and ideas

People and purpose

People are basically good and will become less selfish, rude and self-absorbed once they are less terrified of dying of COVID

People are genuinely good at their core and want to do the right thing

People are getting to know their local area & realising that family is important

People are good!

People are inventive and will always look for ways to better their lot in life.

People are resilient. History shows we have dealt well with past adversity.

people are talking about important things for the planet and people are listening to what is being said

People collaborating

People generally always work from 'best intentions' so what's not optimistic about that?

People had become too selfish and self-centred. We need to work better together, share and collaborate to grow both personally and in business.

People have started to value things that matter

people have such short memories. The world is a much better place now than in 1940. UN poverty index shows how poverty /hunger and death by preventable diseases in poor countries are down. Lots to celebrate. Sadly, our news agents (ABC, SBS, CNN etc) love showing the end of the world. it is not. I grew up & spend 40 years of my life in Africa. I survived two civil wars, I am optimistic

people pulling together

People reassessing their priorities after COVID and lockdowns, people recognising being in Nature is helpful and healing, people needing the arts to survive psychologically, people understanding maybe for the first time the distress caused to many people who are always, isolated, disconnected and disadvantaged.

People recognise the value of family. Valuing what we took for granted. Not having to be entertained.

People start looking at themselves and business and getting a healthier work life balance

People who care

People with an energy and drive to make positive change.

People working together

People, generally, eventually do more or less the right thing.

People, in general we are good and have good intent, with those delivering outcomes be they societal improvements or business success make me believe we can generate a better world.

People, systems and institutions are resilient.

People. Colleagues, customers, family friends. Random good things. People who follow up and make a difference. Plans

People cafe becoming much more sceptical of government and media as they discover the lies lies. .well well!

Perhaps not being willing to look at all the facts

perhaps, based on experience, I can see unique opportunities and a history of acting on opportunities.

Personal activity increases odds for success.

Personal experience, study of history, personal belief that within reason , attitude can frame outcomes, and particularly that pessimism can be self-fulfilling

Personal experience. Also, Trump lost the election

Personal values and having a supportive spouse.

Pessimists have no place in society. They offer nothing, deliver nothing and should be re-educated. A week in a camp in North Korea or China with the Uighurs would help them realise that life in Australia is impossibly good.

Planning ahead with worst case scenario in mind, preparedness.

Planning and research

Positive attitude

Positive attitude and letting go of the negative. I prefer to plan for "good" while knowing that bad can happen.

Positive attitude that there can always be a half full glass in every challenging situation

Positive attitude. Making the best of whatever situation I am in.

positive changes observed.

Positive disposition

Positive energy attracts positive energy, negative energy attracts negative energy... I want the positive

Positive expectations

Positive goals leads to positive outcomes  but you must believe in the positive goals

Positive indicator

Positive mind set. Try to accept things as they are. Not trying to always “better myself” but learning to live in the moment

Positive outlook


Positive outlook on life.

Positive outlook; always see opportunities in situations

Positive outlook; general hope in circumstances

Positive personality and self-belief

positive psychology

Positivity - looking for the good in everything and accepting some good is better than all good.


Possible Trump defeat. Nothing much in what our governments are doing about climate change, corruption and destruction of the environment.

Positive and can-do attitude

Power to choose my destiny

practice, experience and being around both negative and positive people

Practicing Buddhism, knowing that nothing is forever, that everything changes, 

Prayer helps. Faith in the human spirit. Laughing.

Prefer to be a positive person at all times

probably a strong sense of gratitude

Probably born that way!

Procreation and development onto de future (besides survival) drives and make individual thrive in search of excellence, betterment and legacies to offsprings.

Professionally: That others value my contribution.  Personally: That personal relationships are strong.

Provides me with opportunities to view situations with a healthier view, rather than being pessimistic and saying it won’t work, I get to see the situation through many lenses. It is a far better word than positive, which was thrown at me a lot when I went through my breast cancer treatment.  And this is a very good example, as there are times when the prognosis will bring certain death not only to the person but maybe a business idea, a goal that we might be chasing.  So even in death there will be many things to be grateful for.

Realistic hope for growth in the future

Recent successful major medical treatment during lockdown

Recently, COVID 19. As a result, more people are now asking the questions, "What's wrong with the world and what can we do about it? "  That means more people are wanting to move things into a more positive/optimistic direction. The fact that people challenged the term "social distancing", changing it to "physical distancing", as well as using catchphrases such as, "we are all in this together;" sends a strong signal to me that people are starting to see their interconnectedness. I believe that we are now moving towards a society that is more wholesome - OPTIMISTIC.

Recognising what I have, seeing a future

Regardless of the situation life continues in a positive vain each day.

Reinforcement throughout life, to look forward, to recognise that the present is transitory.  Self-perceived success outweighing self-perceived lack of success in any one activity.

Remaining resilient in maintaining a balanced positive mental attitude and physical well-being.

resilience of life


Science has addressed bigger problems and this pandemic will soon be resolved with the help from Science

Scientific advancement!

Scientific developments lead to cleaner climate, better health outcomes and higher standard of living

See a better future

See things as a glass half full  Look for solutions rather than problems  Celebrate positive things and don't dwell on negatives  Move on rather than stagnate

Seeing a path to our future

Seeing and learning about all of the good efforts and new ways of being together, working together and caring for one another in a local as well as global context. Thereby paving the way for a new world, where all of these elements are integral parts.

Seeing children get well

Seeing good things done and said by others with a focus on mutual benefit and respect

Seeing new life every day in the garden and birds around me

Seeing out way out of current circumstances that have been made worse by COVID

Seeing people more aware of the community and their impact on things like climate change.

Seeing people rise well to a challenge and make good decisions that balance their own needs with those of others.   A sunny day.  A great run.   The beach.

Seeing people with similar values come together to make a better world !

Seeing possibilities. Making the best of any situation. Looking at 'clouds from both sides'. (Dark underneath, but the sun is still shining on top). 

Seeing potential future improvements

Seeing potential, filling my personal energy cup

Seeing resilient people, people doing their jobs and achieving things against the odds is inspiring. Seeing people being kind to one another also makes me see the potential in life.

Seeing the basic compassionate nature of people

Seeing the cycle of life and renewal in the seasons. And having the opportunity each day to course correct and to do better.

Seeing the impact of good actions (e.g., even a smile) by people.

Seeing the potential in my life and planning a way to strategically reach short-, medium- and long-term goals. 

Seeing the way, the current situation is bringing out creativity, innovation and collaboration in a common cause

Seeing young children at play.

seek out the positives


Self-belief and a belief that, on the majority of occasions, the majority of people will do what is 'right' for the greater good.


Sense of purpose and being part of something in the national interest

Sentient Beings

Sharper focus on outcomes for everyone

Simple, clearer road ahead

Simply pessimism is not an option. It takes me nowhere. I am resilient, believe in self-mastery and being emotionally intelligent and being optimistic grows out of that.

Since I believe what you focus on is what comes to us, we can see the positive and opportunities in all situations

Smart people being purposeful and the whimsy one can find in family, friends, art and life.

Smiling, seeing someone happy, making people laugh, laughing, making or listening to jokes.

smooth interaction

So very grateful for what I already have.

Socializing, travelling with my family, exercising, running, skiing, teaching face to face not online

Sometimes I wake up joyous. It’s natural. But I feel that I can sometimes tend towards anxiety if I let myself worry about the fact that I haven’t worked all this year. So, I do it consciously

Staying positive , not only for myself , but for family , friends , prospective clients and those clients that I coach .

Still alive in a beautiful place food on the table with family and friends close bye.

Stories about human kindness, changemakers, leadership in the face of adversity

Strong belief in human ingenuity to find ways to rescue us from our stupidity and mistakes, perhaps at the last minute

Strong support of family and friends. Belief people are problem solvers.


Success of Victoria’s restrictions, opportunities to work differently and remotely

Success, hope and opportunity


Surrounding myself with like hearted people

Surrounding myself with like-minded others who are keen to make a difference to the future

Surrounding myself with optimistic people, what you think about you get more of

Surrounding myself with other like-minded optimistic people

Surrounding myself with people who are more optimistic in their outlook. Keeping life in balance

Team player always looking to problem solve for others and help others through advice and generosity in all its forms

Tend to look for the positive. I can be problem focussed and then once I work through that I move to being optimistic

Thankful person

That a vaccine is coming soon, and everything is coming back to normal

That all is possible - belief disposition  that we can make changes for the better. Things will work out. Trusting myself.

That Australia has low COVID cases now, and businesses have re-opened, we are able to travel interstate for family and business purposes. Compared with other countries we have done very well in managing outbreaks, even if it was tough we got through it.

That COVID has awakened the Land connection and therefore Our survival To Healthy food

That every situation presents an opportunity, even if it's an opportunity to get back up after a failure.

That Good things WILL Happen and Things will work out in the end - with personal application of analysis of the Problem and the ways to probably solve the Problem!

That human beings are innately good and want to be loving and happy

That humans are incredibly creative and innovative and generally find better ways of living and working.

That I am still alive given the ever-declining world

That I'm generally a good problem solver, and I like being accountable

That in my lifetime the largest and most significant range of innovations will be made and translated to improve health, lifestyle and the planet.

That in the end, there is something we can derive from the situation

That in the wake of events like COVID-19 the human spirit, innovation, and instinct to help will prevail.  Belief in the goodwill and altruism of humanity

that it will be over for sure

That life is good essentially and that should be celebrated

That many of the good things we have done in lockdown will continue into the new normal

That medical innovation will create a vaccination to mitigate the effects of  COVID . This will help us live our best life.

That my default view of the world is positive - positive people, experiences, outcomes and therefore memories. I start from that lens

that people can find a way to do good if given encouraging signals

that people like Zach Bush MD are exploding with awareness of connection to land and health through food.

That people will work together  to move forward after Covid-19

That some governments are begrudgingly learning the hard way that science-based evidence should guide their future policies and action.

That some people still continue to help others

That the majority of people want to make their lives and their country better than what it was yesterday.

That the path isn't always clear but you can always find a way through

That there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that things will get better.  Waking up each morning and being thankfully that I have lived another day

That there will always be enough people willing to do the right thing and to help others to make a positive difference

That truth and honesty will become the normal and that spin and half-truths will change.

That we can get through this period with positively and close family relationships and financial survived the storm that has been

That we have so much in this diverse and extraordinary universe, it matters and we can all make a difference for the better and our children's future with the capacity to share an energy of positivity, compassion, kindness and considered actions.

That we have the capacity to learn, improve and make sure the future choices we make are based on an understanding of past experiences.

That we will have a new US president and come through this eventually and life will return to some version of what it was.

The  future

The ability for humans to overcome adversity

the ability of human beings to overcome adversity and create a better place is astounding.

The ability to bounce back from adversity gives me immense confidence and optimism that good or bad, things will be fine.

The ability to imagine a good outcome

The ability to manifest good luck by always being a glass half full type of person, by maximising my opportunities meeting as many people as I can and by listening to my gut.

The ability to reflect on past and use this learning to do better

The abundance that exists within our total world, within every individual, every organisation and every nation.

The agile response from my team , socent sector and my family.

the air I breathe and sunrise and set each day

The alternative is just too ugly. Plus, I hope that the world and in particular the next generation will learn from previous generations' mistakes and create a better world for themselves and their kids.

The alternative is too depressing

The alternative is too depressing to even think about.

The alternative isn't great. No matter how bad things are, there's always a hope that things will get better.

The anticipation of business owners now being more motivated by seeing that abundance and prosperity is more easily achieved when all parties are sharing in the abundance without anyone being caught in 'what's in it for me?' and the old 'look out for number one!'

The beauty and love in the world around us, under the dinginess and stinginess.

the belief that goodness will always prevail

The belief that humankind is overwhelming virtuous and is driving organisations to deliver not only  economic but also social and environmental outcomes.

The belief that no matter what challenge is presented to us, there is always hope for a better and brighter future, and much enjoyment to come

The belief that people will do better given the opportunity and encouragement

The belief that tomorrow is another chance to make the world better.

The belief the future is always changeable

The bright eyes of my grandchildren; the connectivity of the community coming together; the creativity and innovation of the business people I work with.

The brightness of my grandchildren, the positive outlook of others, the resilience and determination to create the future from those in business.

The character of the human race.  Progress has only ever been achieved by optimists.  The world would come to an end if run by pessimists.

The compassion, empathy and kindness of humans...The beauty and intelligence of nature ...Sensible people and strong communities who bypass bureaucracy and do it for themselves, lifting up others in the process.. .

the concepts that things will be good or will work out

The continue resilience of young people continues to amaze me and how their views help change and shape our world

The course of human history is of discernment and innovation and tolerance and flourishing ... so any setback is just a step back before two steps forward.

The daily approach to life. I work at making my day positive no matter what.

The defeat of Trump.

The demonstrated ability for Victoria to lead the world in best practice.

The desire to make a difference, and trust that we can work this COVID situation together.

The education and example I have received. Seeing acts of kindness.

The election of President Biden

The emergence of so many optimistic leaders around me makes me extremely optimistic for Australasia. The fact that my children and wife are happy to answer positively when I ask them what they are optimistic about also fills me with optimism for the future and theirs.

The end of Trump

The energy and care for the world I see in young people today,. and in the increasing concern for the planet and each other.  I also see it in the small acts of kindness I see in many people that far outweighs the opposite.

The evolution of science and surprising rising awareness amongst humans.

The expectation that joint learning from difficulty encourages innovation and renewed collaboration to achieve a better society

The expectation that things around me are changing for the good, the ability to influence my own circumstances, my health and wellbeing and that of those arou3me.

The experience and ability to manage in a wide range of future situations gives me a level of confidence and allows me to be carefully optimistic about the future.

The fact that I am alive, have wonderful family and friends, good job, people I care about and care for me in my life. I also rely heavily on my faith and that brings me optimism.

The fact that Melbourne has come through the second wave makes me optimistic. It shines a spotlight on the supportive relationships and love that we share as humans that has helped to get us through. And in spite of the lockdown there have been opportunities to help others and to build strength in humanity.  Smiling makes me optimistic, music, dancing and singing all top up my optimism   and being grateful for those in my life, far and near, reminds me that we have a ripple that extends beyond borders.

The fact that the sun rises each day and presents us with a new day and new opportunity

The fact that there always something that we can do turn the tables around for a difficult situation.

The fact that there had been progress over time.

The faith that I have in myself, the people around me, the many opportunities I see, the resilient human spirit, humanity, keeping things in perspective, curiosity, awareness

The faith that there is actually goodness and love in every human being - this just needs to be nurtured and empowered.

The fascination of nature and humanity, combined with the deep belief in 'possible'

The future

The good people I encounter

The good people I have around me

The growth and development I have seen in young and old over the last 6 months makes me optimistic.

the growth in understanding of the pandemic and the current progress in the handling of the pandemic in Australia provides the necessary building blocks to support my optimism for the future

The growth that has come upon us all.

The growth that the pandemic has forced on the entire globe really paves the way for a different and better, more sustainable and balanced way of being. It's unfortunate that it took something so traumatic and devasting for us to grow the way we have.

The hope my grandchildren inspire in me

The hope of a better tomorrow. Without this, it's hard to argue for continuing the status quo.

The human history of adaptation

The human spirit and ability to care for others

The human, animal and plant spirits that have pervaded planet Earth for millennia. 

The hunger people have to improve and take the opportunity COVID presents to act better, do business better, relate better and be more empathetic towards other's misfortune.

the idea that things will get better over time.

The impacts of the virus will possibly be dire on the Aboriginal community

The impending defeat of Trump

The importance of having a positive mindset to tackle issues and to see them implemented so the community adopts them to have a ‘better normal’ in their lives.

The ingenuity of human hope

The inherent kindness and intelligence of most/ many humans.

The intrinsic good in people

The intrinsic good of the community and common sense of good people, education and knowledge, growth of knowledge and inventiveness driving solutions to problems.

The kindness and thoughtfulness of family, friends,  community and strangers in the most trying of times.

The knowledge  that the majority of humans naturally want decency, equality & action on  climate change & will work for it.

The knowledge that all of us are going to die one day and that in the meantime, there is therefore every incentive to make the most of every day (with thanks to Stoic philosophy!).

The knowledge that the world is full of people of good intent.

The knowledge that together we will achieve more . Strong local business leads to strong local communities and I know that more and more people are now in tune with supporting local business and that can only lead to a more vibrant community .

The knowledge that what is happening at the moment is like a 'Reset' of previous lifestyle /habits and that even if some days are better than others at the moment, a clearer path is emerging for me and many of my 'tribe'. 

The lessons learned and experience from surviving the Pandemic

The love and kindness of others. That someone I love loves and values me. I can do good things and make a difference in people's lives. Happiness is loving kindness and compassion.

The love of family and friends, good deeds, the beauty of the natural world, waking up each day

The majority of my fellow Australians are pragmatic and well-intentioned people

The momentum that is growing for addressing climate change by businesses and governments.  The incredible medical advancements that are going to result from this pandemic.  The transformation of our financial systems and structures that are on the horizon.

The more eyeballs that look at the world's problems, the greater the chance that someone will solve them.

The more you work and network the more doors open for you

The need for positivity to keep going

the notion that there is always an opportunity to build something better out of a bad situation.  The worse the situation the greater the opportunity

The number of people and organisations doing remarkable things that enrich humanity.

The only way to be.

The opportunities arising from the circumstances presented. A clear break from the past foisted upon us and necessitating us to do things differently.

the opportunities that are around for people to improve their situation.

The opportunity for a real change forced by the circumstances

The opportunity of the future

the opportunity to grow into a better version of me every day, not only for me but my kids and family

The overall goodness of people outweighs the evil although it’s a line ball at times

The past is the best predicter of the future

the people are talking about the simple things of life. sustainability, justice

The people around me make me optimistic.

The people around us, our children and Our community all want a better life for our children - and history has shown that People get through times of challenge and come out the other side stronger!  life is a work in progress - with ups and downs (cycles) - and the journey gives us a rich tapestry of learning - which forms the base of our   DNA and that of our community.  The universe is infinite - there is no end  

The people I work with, and that I can choose who to work and collaborate with.

The positive energy that flows through being in better and more frequent contact with people who are either doing amazing things, or need help in their lives that I can connect them to — directly or indirectly

The possibility of a new day, a new beginning. The belief that nothing stays the same

The possibility to act, to do and to change

The possible demise of Donald Trump.  A better feeling of connection with my neighbours

The power of human endeavour and resilience.

the power of humanity

The power of thinking positively no matter what the circumstances, especially in diverse situations.

The promise of this planet and the goodness and cleverness of others.

the prospect of a tomorrow better than today

The prospect of new opportunities, new business models, greater social cohesion

The proverb everyone has a day no matter where u are born...every soul has his/her right n nobody can destroy it as d saying goes every cloud has a silver lightning one fine day!

The Queensland election result

The question is not worded well. I have always been optimistic, so I answered yes, however, it is very difficult to maintain this in these current times.

The resilience of people and organisations to recover from adversity.

The so-called pandemic was overblown and poorly managed. The narrative scared most folks witless and questions need to be asked about why the media whipped it into a frenzy of fear. Once the truth is known that the virus only kills vulnerable old folks then the community will come to realise that 'normal' is good and should be embraced.

The strong belief in myself and society that there is a better future ahead

The sun rises in the east every morning and we live in the best country in the world, we have so much to be grateful for.

the sun shining and friendly people who are looking to help.

The sun will come up in the morning and I am going to enjoy another great day.

The talent of people I work with , a strong focus on innovation and a passion for doing things better.

The thought of being the best possible husband, father and friend and of helping to facilitate awareness and Joy on this amazing planet of ours.

The trend of human history, the economic and social evolution of the human race is continuing in its messy but inexorable way.

The understanding that the world is in the best place it has even been for more people

The universality of humour, altruism and love.  The best of human nature always comes to the forefront when these characteristics are shared with others; and positivity flows unbounded.

The universality of humour, altruism and love. The best of human nature always comes to the forefront when these characteristics are shared with others, and positivity flows unbounded.

The unmissable love from my family and friends, new and old, during this crisis.  I have had the time to reconnect to people I deeply care about -- I have found treasure!

The US election outcome. The amazing job done by all Victorians to mitigate the pandemic in the face of Commonwealth negativity.

The Volunteers ( especially in Rotary Clubs ) in my case who are focussed simply on doing good in the world.

The way I look into things with a more positive attitude.

The way in which Melbournians took care and affirmed community

The way the government is handling the pandemic.

The wonderful people around me makes me feel that we are living in the best country in the world. I am very optimistic that the future of or Aussie youth is very bright.

the wonderful people who surround me every day, virtually!

The world has changed for the better. People are more caring

The world has changed. People now understand that flexibility and new ways of working can be incredibly productive. Mental health has been given a huge focus and it's ok to admit when you are struggling.  Life is more than work. What ultimately will make you happy is purpose and relationships with your loved ones.

The world is a better place now than it ever has been for almost all people.

The world is a living thing full of surprises. The optimist leaves the door open to explore a life and a planet that is organic and new ways of doing things. With time and effort, optimism in our thoughts and actions delivers balance and harmony, a better way or a really powerful and positive change.

The world is in your hands to create whatever you desire and the outcome you want. Sometimes it requires a shift in thinking, a diversion or a different path.

The world, on many metrics have made improvements for humans, this effort can now be turned to the environment

The world, over-all, has continued to get better (less poverty, more ethical, better leaders, less violence)  overtime - there is no reason to believe this won’t continue.

There are already signs that a new normal is upon us - increased use of technology and digital transformation, people adhering to change, businesses doing things differently and pivoting and the market picking up.  The human race has a history of adapting whether environmentally, socially, economically etc and over time will find balance (normal).  This is cause for optimism even if it takes time.

There are always opportunities as long as you bring the right energy and mindset. Optimism is true moral courage.

There are always opportunities to improve the way we live, the way we do things, the way we experience things.  We just have to look for those opportunities and take them

There are always options, at least - you can have different perspectives on a situation

there are good people everywhere- connect to them and stay away from drama.  I am very proud of how my children have survived through COVID

There are good people focusing on doing good things and they outnumber the others

There are no problems...only solutions

There are really smart people who will collectively find solutions to the virus.  Also create new ways of living and working which give us all a better holistic life

There are so many good people and interesting opportunities in the world and the digital transformation is making them accessible. I love the way we can work and connect virtually with people all over the world.

There are some things you can control including yourself

There are still many good people who want to do the right thing and care although sometimes it seems that those who behave badly are winning

There is a general upward trajectory in the development of humankind and the lives of people.

There is a lesson to be learned from all experiences, so I trust and believe in things working out for the best.

There is a reason for everything - and a silver lining in everything - so it will all work out for the best (in some way or another).

There is always a positive in the deepest negative, although at times hard to find.  But a smile and an open heart to others can put life into perspective

There is always a silver lining to every cloud. I.e., Even if bad things happen there is always something we can learn from it or a new opportunity that emerges from it. As an example, COVID has accelerated the evolution of more flexible working practices.

There is always a solution

there is always a solution and life is both short and good

There is always a solution, my destiny is in my hands

There is always a way to improve things, despite what it may seem like at the time, ad when time comes for change it happens quicker than you would think it ever could

There is always opportunities - you just need to find them

There is always something to look forward to, you just need to keep your eyes open and notice the good stuff.

There is always time to stop and genuinely listen.

There is good in everyone and there is good in every place you visit -- I like to find the good as much as possible and also to treat the mistakes truly as learnings

There is more good than bad in the world and most people are good at heart.

There is no evidence whatsoever that either the global community of the planet is on an upward trend in important measurable values. Poverty alleviation may be an exception in the last decade, however, there are complicating measures.

There is no point in being anything but optimistic, if you do not strive for the better in your life you will not achieve it. However, the damage done to the economy, the enormous debt that will need resolution through higher taxes etc, people's insecurity in the aftermath of this pandemic, to say nothing of the many, many damaged people who have lost everything through government lockdowns and imposts will have a very long tail.

There is so much to be grateful for. Being thankful for what you have within and around you is sufficient to make one optimistic about life.

There is tragedy but also many wonderful things that will come out of the COVID pandemic. New ways of doing things. A do over sort of speak to make things better. A opportunity to see the big picture of what is important.

There is truth in the saying “While there is Life there is Hope”  Optimism nourishes hope growing a strong vibrant future

There must be a reason for whatever happens and it must be for a good reason. The package might be bad but the gift inside it always meaningful and lovely. Nothing stay the same and it will be better.

There will always be opportunities even when things look dark. You just have to be able to have an open mind and not listen to the people who sees themselves as victims

There's always an opportunity for choice, even if it is the least and choice. a family history of people who survived much more difficult circumstances helps.

They always do

Things  more likely to get better than worse

Things always happen for the good

Things always work out in the end

Things always work out in the end, and often better than you think. When faced with problems, we often catastrophize, only to find we worry for nothing. I think there is a lesson in that.

things are always better eventually

Things do generally go ok for me and my family

Things may look grim, but we will get through. This has been demonstrated over and over again.

Things only improve for any organisation or person if they set out to do the things that are necessary to make those improvements achievable. This requires optimism , not just realism , that these can be achieved

Things rarely as bad as predicted

Things tend to get better

Things tend to work themselves out in the long term

things will always work out

Things will always work out in the end.

Things will work out

things will work out in the end; we will work hard

Think I have learnt over my life  to look for any positives in a difficult situation

thinking about the future and working on transforming from old to new.

thinking clearly of the data and its potential impact

Thinking that if you aren't optimistic, you only see what's wrong with the world, rather than what is also right with it.

thinking there could be better ahead

This is a question for ppl with less self-manageability. One who can manage themselves and their emotions well...they do not seek external factors to make them optimistic. They are Optimistic...always.  And so, I am.

This is a tough one.  Constant self-learning and self-improvement helps me remember that there is potential for things to change for the better.

This is almighty God (Allah) given COVID which is providing us an opportunity to improve our lives with families and care of fellow human. I develop more humbleness and giving away in me and my family got the same

This sounds cliché, but I do look on the bright side of a problem if I can find one. If there isn't a bright side easily viewable, I know that time or in a day or so it will be all okay again.

This will force us to re-evaluate what we are doing, where we are going, individually and collectively

Through a range of activities, one of which is meditation, I have come to realise that as long as I keep learning, I am optimistic. Learning, while it can be demanding, is such great fun, expanding my knowledge, skills and hopefully wisdom.

Through Creativity and forbearance ... if you can take it you can make it’ we can always find solutions to any situation.

Time to research new opportunities

To achieve anything, you have to see the glass as half full. If you see it as half empty you will never try anything.

To have ability or conviction to understand  that in our life  there’s something to coming by positive and negative attitudes/perspectives naturally…but I cultivate the habit of looking at life more positively and hope the good thing will happen.

To more and more researcher have trying the vaccine and guided the people how we will facing the pandemic

to move forward you need to be optimistic - hope is positive

to take a positive view on life

To watch the next generation GENUINLY care about the future of the planet and our role and responsibility in maintaining it for all creatures.

tomorrow is always another day , mistakes in the past are to be learnt from rather than worry about how things might be different , if only

Tomorrow is another day; things always work out right for me. A good attitude and being grateful are the foundation of my optimism. I never have to look far to see how fortunate and lucky I am.

tomorrow will always be better than today (with a bit of perseverance)

Transparency/accountability and kindness.  CoVid has made us slow down and expose the popular and "fake news” and emphasized the need for decisions based on facts and fairness.  

trump is gone!

trust in others (local/global)   evidence-based research / innovation  sharing of knowledge & skills   generosity of others   nature - re-growth

Trust in the universe that it will all be ok. Focus on the possible even if it’s crazily ambitious. To put aside doubt and look forward.

Trust that despite the tribulations of the world, there is a moral universe with an arc that bends toward justice, and the Kingdom of God will one day be fully evident in the new renewed earth.

trusting in the universe, energies and that everything happens for a reason

Try to see the best in people and situations

Trying new things

Trying to be positive, and moving forward

Trying to keep a balanced perspective on what I see in the world and my community. Realising most people do have the same general values and that there is hope that people/the community will still have resilience to see that and motivate them where necessary to make their views known to their governments.

Ultimately people will elect leaders who are concerned for the welfare of all.

Ultimately, it’s God’s grace. But optimism is a choice.

Understanding that change and crisis provide opportunities to be constructive in the long term

Understanding that humanity's collective creativity and determination to solve problems and explore opportunities provides a way to open the best path for the future despite the naysayers and public scaremongers.

Understanding that individuals, groups and even nations have the desire and abilities to achieve good outcomes when working together.

Understanding that life is full of challenges which is part of life's great journeys and in the end we will get there

Unexpected opportunities and connections when we are open to the world and to people there are infinite possibilities. That is exciting and a cause for great optimism.

US election results, Victorian case numbers, vaccination just around the corner, potential for the economy to pick up

Vaccine development WILL happen

very little

Very positive life skills gained thru my childhood. My parents were excellent role models. Continued to gain strength & positivity as   a survivor thru life challenges. (some big ones)   'Power of the Mind's  I can do anything I set my mind too.


Visualize a better future   Lockdown give me time to think about my best next step

Waking to sunshine - anything is possible!

Waking up every day and thinking of all the things I am grateful for. Giving back to others and helping them with their mindset. Not watching main stream media

Waking up every day with two of the following going well:  Someone to love and be loved by  A job to focus on and enjoy   Something to look forward to

Way I was born; the alternative is too grim to live with

We all have daily choices on how we respond to things that happen and how we think

We are capable of both great evil and great good. The greater good tends to shine brighter overall

We are far more recovery minded and we have been in the past

We are greatly blessed

We are here for a purpose, and that purpose is constructive.

We are resilient and will adapt to the evolving context and build back better

We are so lucky to live in Australia - it certainly is ‘the lucky country’.

We are taking the right steps with regard to lockdown which will ensure we come out of this pandemic quicker

We are the people who can influence our future.

We are very lucky and fortunate

We can develop our structures work together to survive and thrive

we have a brighter future. We must ensure that we are better prepared for another pandemic but now people understand the value of research and have more respect for our scientists. We now know that, with a pause, we can manage with less emissions and more care for the world we inhabit

We have a state election in 2022.

We have proven we can overcome challenges

We have the collective capability to do great things and there are enough people who care about others to make a difference

We have to be aware of what is going on around us

We live in a world which has seen unbelievable gains in human well-being, despite the negatives. We have the ability to change the way things are done, and underneath a general appreciation of where we should be going.

We live in the best Country with fantastic opportunities everywhere. Work hard play hard and reap the benefits.

We live in the most prosperous, peaceful and technologically advanced time in human history. Despite the prophets of doom over the centuries and the last century, we  continue to conquer adversity and move forward.

We manufacture Medical Instrumentation that can be used for #Telemedicine. “Psychophysiology  /Biofeedback / Neurofeedback – If it wasn’t Science it would be a Miracle  - Thought Technology Sport in the News

We no longer live in caves

We no longer live in caves.

We remind ourselves that we get many attempts at success. One failure does not mean our vision or goals are wrong or should be abandoned. We can always keep trying.

we will be accepted by the rest of the world after November

We will continue to move forward and there is support for the development of new approaches within the work environment. Organisational operating models will need to evolve and I believe there is a more broad spread willingness that will lead to improvements in worker and organisational  effectiveness. COVID is producing rapid changes many which are for the better

We will develop a more caring, concerned society, able to appreciate what we have

We will either learn to live with COVID or we will get a vaccine and life will eventually return to normal after a great deal of pain -job losses, failed businesses and mental health problems

We will get through this pandemic and emerge stronger and kinder to each other.

We will Learn from the pandemic and we will have more robust plan and preparedness in the new future.

We will work it out somehow

Well thought through idea of the meaning of human existence and understanding of my part in that which gives purpose to my life.

Well, primarily my faith that says God is in control and my underlying belief that there is good in all people, sometimes not always displayed but there. I also think COVID is challenging "me" centricity and pushing us a bit closer to "we".

what about realism?

What makes me optimistic is surrounding myself with people who speak of a positive future. The pandemic has shifted the lens in which we view the world and more leaders, more organisations are stepping up to do more good.

What makes you Optimistic?

Whatever we are faced with, people generally get the big calls right in the end

When exciting things happen or I have a purpose

When good things happen to good people.

When I get excited about an idea or making a difference.

When I have a challenge put to me, I will continue to look for ways to make it work until all (time permitting) obstacles are removed and I can see a path forward. I crave loads of information so I can weed out what I don’t need or what won’t work, and find and focus on what will

When I see individuals and groups working and effecting change, I am optimistic that things can be made better through creativity, application and resilience.

When individuals follow CDC keep social Distancing

When justice, love and truth prevail. When people surprise me.

When my kids are well and happy and my needs are being met

When the sun is shining, when I see my kids learning and applying their knowledge and skills, when I do exercise, when I feel the presence of strong leadership around me.

When things are going well and there are not many issues. Secure job. But not overloaded with work. Happy family

When you start with a positive attitude, everything to start with makes you optimistic.

When you think there are good things ahead. When there are opportunities. When there can be happiness. When Daniel Andrews is removed.

Where there's life...there's hope!

Whether business or personal, the world is full of possibilities and we can only achieve our goals by believing and  focusing what we CAN do to achieve them.    Dwelling on why you CAN'T do something will take you down a path of never doing anything.    Specific examples that inspire optimism:  Seeing a shiny red car get launched into space; The spirit and commitment to eliminate COVID-19 in some communities; and the global growth in renewable energy in spite of government policies.

Whilst I hated lockdown it seems to have worked

With COVID cases numbers extremely low levels, the restrictions easing and Victoria opening up I can see light at the end of the tunnel

With intent and effort, anything can be made better. There will always be setbacks and challenges because we can't (and should not) be able to control everything. Lessons are learned and you appreciate more the gains when you have worked to get them

With so many possibilities and opportunities to create, see and do positive things, I have no time or energy to waste on negativity.

Working from Home

Working hard and enjoying what you are doing will lead to a good outcome one way or another

Working in healthcare I see the best in people

Working with highly talented and enthusiastic young people

working with smart people

Working with young people

World capitalism is getting its head around the business  case for decarbonising

Worrying about things you are not fully informed on or have no control of is not beneficial to one’s mental health, stay positive and optimistic for the future and or do what it takes to get the positive outcome.

Yes, yes, yes, and. Well, yes......

You can always find the good in all situations, plus it is important to keep in focus the things that you can control and not stress about the things that you have no influence over.

You can always manage the outcomes

You can't worry about things you can't control.  I used the time in quarantine to pick up guitar again, start learning a new language with Rosetta Stone and catch up on reading.  Take advantage of what you can and don't worry about things that you can't change.

You make your own luck, so I'm optimistic because I can influence what I do or don't

Young people and the future of this wonderful country we live in (Australia)

Young people and their passion to save the planet.

Young people who are angry about climate change, indigenous rights and the economic legacy of baby boomers. Also, they are very funny.

Young people who see the future; members of my board who make me brave by going out of their way to grow our Skyline family with others who have strived and achieved; bipartisan and complementary political support for when it matters; a groundswell of gradual and meaningful care for the planet despite the hype and anger displayed by some campaigners which puts most people on the back foot; my beautiful and respectful children.

Younger generation   Kindness in most people   Compassion  Collaboration   Australians

Your mindset drives your optimism and I try to maintain a positive mindset in almost everything I do in life.  Generally everything does work out in the end and can be managed to a level.

I am optimistic that there are people who think as I do, and that good people are in the majority worldwide.

What makes me optimistic? A belief that I can continue to improve and live amazing and varied experiences with the people around me.

What makes me optimistic? Belief in others and self

What makes me optimistic? The sense that good or bad, something good will appear in the end.

What makes me optimistic? Faith in humanity, and the goodness that exists within each of us.

My faith - Islam grounds me with this wonderful thinking of staying optimistic and there is always good when one is patient .

Ultimately, everything has improved over time and so I get to help shape how that looks by creating and driving towards the next level of innovation or better normal. 


Because we all love loving, - the good old universal values in life -  kindness, love, joy, optimism and blessings.

What makes me optimistic is my beliefs as in faith that things happen for a reason and all will be ok in the end.

My family

I think a better word is hopeful I can envisage that local business will prosper because people are now so much more aware of keeping the economy of a community circulation. Every local job is an essential service because of its economic role in the community

Positive experiences and opportunities for close family members

Seeing so many people involved in positive acts to save the planet, support others and speak out against oppression and cruelty.

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