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What is the better normal you foresee for yourself?

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked those answering yes to "From your experience of the pandemic, do you see a "better normal" for yourself?",  What is the better normal you foresee for yourself?

It's clear, most people are enjoying a better life-balance.  People are enjoying new innovation.

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"Despite the fact that I’m 88 years of age, I always think my best days are ahead. I don’t know how I’ll make the future better; I just know I will. Closer family ties. Permission to not be productive all the time. The pace of life slowed down. I think some good things have already happened."

"I can be more selective about what I want to participate in, where I want to be and who I want to be with. I can contribute to things previously back benched because their importance has been highlighted. I feel free to pursue what I care about."

"Personally, it’s been a bummer - I became a grandmother as isolation set in. I have held my grandchild three times in total. He is now three months old. I have missed significant bonding time. New normal - more time with family - less with work!"

A higher level of engagement with others - consistently reaching out and staying connected, becoming the better normal.

"Less frenetic travel.  There is an opportunity to rethink the way we connect with and communicate with people - we can touch so many more people through re-imagining the way we used to do things. There’s honestly so much we can do differently and better!"

"I am committing to more the things I truly care about. I hope that in the future, I can easily say no to the things I feel obliged to do - instead of what I want to do."

"I am healthier and more laid back."

More on "Health and Optimism"

"I have better routines in my life every day: Moving, meditating, eating clean, connecting with family, friends and laughing. I use my voice and my abilities to advocate for new business models and ways we can improve society to be fairer, my equitable, more sustainable more inclusive, smarter, more prosperous for all and more time to contribute to society as a volunteer, a learner, a carer or a tourist."

"A better normal for me is underway but has nothing to do at all with COVID. I’ve been a cancer patient (in remission!) but now have long-term mental and physical disabilities. So I’ve been trying to learn my new normal for the last 18 months!"

"A more compassionate and caring society, along with the ability to envision new pathways when dealing with old problems or issues. In other words, being more creative and innovative."

"I am more organised.  I see more market opportunities."

"A keener appreciation for the things that matter. I have fewer of the distractions experienced in the pre-COVID-19 life, dispensing with the ‘unnatural business’ many were experiencing."

"I am doing less travel. I have so much more available time due to taking up some more efficient work practices."

"I have a keener appreciation for the things that matter. Fewer distractions experienced than in the pre-COVID-19 life, dispensing with the ‘unnatural business’ many were experiencing."

"I can have a life I deserve."


"I have time to explore a broader range of interests in life. I have time to devote to passion projects with like-minded optimistic people who also want to embrace innovation and change."

"I feel more optimistic"

"As the myth of our normal was considered good, it has helped shatter that perception. Our current myth of ‘Progress’ assures us that full-speed-ahead is never wrong. History and Ecology is the discipline that teaches us that it is a disaster. Progress should be the movement towards an improved desired state of wellbeing and Optimism. We have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and become smarter and wiser. We need a revolution in thinking and our vision for the future. That creates great opportunities for positive change."


"Better life balance with more efficient work between home and office and productive social contact that encourages innovation, relaxation and clearer thinking."

"A better balance of work projects; better family routines; many iterative family and friend reunions long into the future already planned."

"Renewed life balance, more effectiveness and efficiencies and continuation of the innovations discovered at this time."


(We received 3 answers saying this. CoF)

"I have seized some opportunities - but some things are worse - which balance out."

"True work-life balance, local social cohesion and engagement in open space."

"Better balance, ability to work from home. Less structure and fewer commitments for kids."

"I can achieve more through the balanced use of virtual and face to face communications."

"Improved balance between work hours and non-work hours. Greater connectivity."

William Blomfield

I’m embracing a new dynamic work/life balance!

"Better work-life balance"

(We received 6 answers saying this. CoF)

"Better work and life balance."

"An improved work-life balance."

"A balance between work and life, aspects of well-being."

"Work-life balance. Flexibility to work from home more often. More cohesive home life."

"Working more from home."

"I am living a more efficient life"

"I have more flexibility.  The use of video conferencing has cuts down on my need to travel as much leading to a smaller carbon footprint etc"


"For myself and others more generally, there is a new spirit of generosity and kindness. It's something akin to the Sydney Olympics effect - but hopefully more sustained."

"Aside from renewed gratitude of having family and friends more tolerance, kindness and giving. Optimism."

"Prioritising people first, greater awareness of self-care and growth, moving forward with authenticity, kindness, empathy and understanding."


"A simplified life. Less materialistic pursuits as signs of success. Learn and value nature, even more, witnessing how forgiving it is during the pandemic to heal itself without humans. I wish for new human-centred systems in all areas of our lives and the leaders that will lead us there."

Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett

Robert Masters & Victor Perton ask us what's our Better Normal?

"For me a Better Normal is about greater awareness & taking practical action on creating viable & robust locally integrated economies with access to robust local supply chains underpinned by the right mix of high quality local manufacturing & services that really utilises the talents and capabilities of the Australian SME business community. This, properly integrated with a global market place, helps de-risk exposure to supply chain collapse & fosters high end R&D & manufacturing in Australia.

"This in turn creates more local, higher quality and  secure jobs that leads to better social connections & solidarity for local communities, more innovation, & better ways of working and living together. This can all be underpinned by using our abundance of clean energy & great technology which, in turn, creates more local jobs, thriving communities & a cleaner environment for us, our children & the next generations.

"I'm optimistic that Australia has everything we need to make this happen. So my question to us all is how do we get Governments and  big business to act with SMEs by adopting and helping fund this vision for a Better Normal?

"I’m optimistic that the pandemic will reorient everyone’s expectations regarding empathetic, kind, and fair Government. I’m confident that this will see nasty, pessimistic, and cruel thugs like Peter Dutton, Barnaby Joyce, and Matthias Cormann shafted into opposition. Yay!"

A future less bothered by inaction over the crises facing humanity because of a new call to informed change.

A little more freedom than this, including freedom from fear of the virus.

A more inclusive caring and polite population based on a more honest view of what Government should facilitate for everyone here

A normal that include less “stuff.” More time with the people who matter to me, and a greater appreciation for what I have.

A reset of the market economy and an introduction of new protectionist policy to encourage Australians helping Australians.

Acceptance of my choice to live and work where I love - in a rural town. Acceptance that quality can be found no matter where you live. Acceptance that it is OK to take care of yourself and your family first.

Amazing opportunity to reconnect with people and disconnect from busyness and the corporate rat race

Better health if others have learnt basic hygiene, as in the 1950s.

Calmer more foresight

Calmer. More compassionate. Deep connections to people

Counter-intuitively, I see people being more confident to communicate genuinely as opposed to the learnt reticence of /reluctance to/fear of open dialogue when face to face. This will mean, for me, less time, as a mentor, drilling down to the core facts of a case, often hidden by this wide-spread socially learnt behaviour.

I am creating a full office space with up to date technology in my home so I can work from home most of the time and only go into the office as required. I travel a lot for work, so this works better for me.

Do not take for granted over health matter.

Even more relation-oriented and utilising digital solutions

Flexibility in where and how I work: Opportunity to have a portfolio of roles, so I am not reliant on one employer ever again.

Flexible working arrangements. Cleaner and more sustainable environment

Focus more and don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Rethink everything I do to see if I can do it more efficiently or effectively or if I can drop it from my too-busy life. Don’t let the politicians get away with so much nonsense. I am thinking of entering politics myself. There is so much waste of money and time going on with self-interests. Do any of them really care about the future of Australia? It seems not.

Focus on wellbeing, NZ, orientated an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

For me: tighter family bonds & reinforcement of family values, Lifestyle simplicity & focus on my life purpose. I hope it has helped society see the structural barriers in society more clearly & emerging societal issues relating to digital transformation & climate change.

For myself to play a useful part in helping to ensure there are projects developed and ideally approved to create a new industry that creates jobs, opens up our regions and contributes to reducing global warming of our unique planet.

Getting out of my comfort zone and thinking creatively of how to inspire durable change.

Healthier (more time for cooking healthier and more natural food, more time for exercise, less stress, more time outdoors, less time in the office until late at night)

Hopefully, more interest in what I have to offer. More compassion and care through self-awareness.

Huge increase in focus and demand.

I am more in tune with my family.

I enhance our lives locally to achieve a global future for the planet.

I have just been made redundant! This is a shock but could lead to bigger and better things also.

I see a possible change in entirety. Covid19 has given me a chance to unwind & I don’t think I want to go back to wound up.

I see more honesty, more definite boundaries, and focusing on what is most meaningful in my life.

I see possible opportunities in my job situation, to help colleagues with their training & in their roles, and to add value; however, it is becoming a drag being apart from my family and living in a separate country under very strict lockdown rules.

I suspect that I will become more aware of others around me, not that I was not so aware, but maybe focus changes. Hopefully, this will be in a more caring way, but, at least, I will notice I have neighbours and others.

I will accomplish all my goals and end up settling in the place I wish. Can take better care of my family and can be helpful to people in need.

I will adjust to the survival requirements that are necessary until a vaccine or medicines that can counter the symptoms of COVID-19 is produced. While doing this, I will work to get a clear understanding of where we will be when this happens. I will develop a plan to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that the so-called “new normal” will present.

I will be less stressed about small things that are mere inconveniences.

I would like to create better normal but need a plan.

If there is a better normal, I think it would be more for future generations rather than my mature age peer group.

Independence, focus, distractions of busy workplace omitted

International travel is a big part of my job, and I see that the expectation to travel often and for short trips will be diminished, which is a good thing.

Learnt new skills and developed a deeper appreciation for things that I would not have otherwise

Fewer hours in front of a computer and more meaningful experiences

Less rushing around, more items delivered to the house. More confidence to suggest a video call over attending meetings that take up a great deal of time

Less time spent commuting with more days working online from home.

Living sustainability on my property and working from home with my family. Face to face where needed. Slowing down. Buying only made-to-last products, buying in bulk, community centred living. Working four days a week. A retirement pension should be enough to live on except that Morrison has vowed to get rid of the retirement pension

The message is being heard. More people ready to advance, more companies willing to reinvent.

More acceptance of flexible, diverse and inclusive workplaces and work practices. Less unnecessary travel. A smaller footprint on the earth. A more significant place within my family.

More appreciative of small things in life

More awareness of the interconnectedness of everyone’s health with everything else- and that health is the basis of a good life for everyone

More caring, less materialistic, greener, cleaner

More clarity about the role of family and community in our lives.

More connected with my wife and children

More content with the simple things and with family

More discerning about what I attend. Joy in being at home in my cocoon. Less time in traffic travelling to meetings.

More effective communication across geographies

More family time with my work Being just as busy as it was before corona

More flexibility about where and when I work

More flexibility in the way I work.

More flexibility in the way we work. Less bureaucracy and more agility.

More flexibility, use of video conferencing which cuts down on the need to travel as much, smaller carbon footprint etc

More flexible work conditions, using technology instead of travelling

More flexible working, which provides time savings that allow me to focus on my health

More focus on the things most important to us as humans/people.

More focus on what is important and an opportunity to change old habits.

More focused on the positive and more willing to lead national change

More humane and more coach to leaders trying to be Authentically Connected to their people and families

More independent, understand where people add value to my life and not just there.

more mindful

More open to more new ideas

More remote work opportunities with people globally apart from in large cities

More rules and bureaucracy.

More time at home.

more time to spend with family, and on my personal hobbies, and things like self-care, cooking, gardening, listening to music and reading

More time to think and reflect More time to invest in close relationship and things that matter the most

More time working from home

More transparency from governments

More use of virtual meetings saving time - change to a smaller office and reduced costs.

My life is a continual evolution, so what is normal.

My passion and work are able individuals thriving based on an understanding and clear offering of their Gift—more people want this as it will be the easiest path forward, which is excited for my company and me.

New avenues

New initiatives and new opportunities. More people who awake, understand the hidden agendas of the political and economic elite!

New Opportunities in Business

A new perspective on what’s important

Normalises flexibility

Not being forced to work in toxic workplaces anymore

One of a non-competitive, aggressive community where everyone is scrambling to be at the “top.”

Ongoing flexibility of where I do my work, from home or the office or another location. Ongoing flexibility in how and when I do my work.

People might become more caring and value possession less.

People showing more gratitude for the simple things in life

Recognition that I need to be less busy and have more quiet time.

Reducing inequity

Seeing people recognise that the previous life was maybe not entirely worth pursuing. Change is very good.

Selfless and humanist sustainability

Slower lifestyle. Work from home. More connection with people

Slower pace, making the time for the important versus the urgent, consistently connecting with friends and family, stronger connection with the environment, less travel, more home cooking, more rest and play.

Slower pace. Working f home Less interstate travel expectations Happier in own home and space.

Slower, more appreciative of nature

Slower, more focus; better appreciation of meaning values and priorities

Slowing down

Some more consistent exercise habits, set because of a subscription to my yoga studio, which has videos of varying length that I can use every day.

Some upside and some downside

spend less, travel less, engage with loved ones and local community more.

Spending time relaxing with family

Start working, pre-seed investor found, but all Equity documents Take so long to be done.

stronger community

A stronger focus on the important things.

structuring work and leisure time to ensure more quality time for myself and my children

Telemedicine - we are Medical Instrument manufacturers!

Telephone medicine for less crucial medical issues such as renewing prescriptions.

The world has changed and will likely never return, so I am engaging in trying to establish a new future which is sustainable and cost-effective

To value more the simple things in life.

Understanding how to be patient in situations not under my control, learning how to accept and live with myself first has been wonderful. It has been a great part of my journey to love myself first.

Universal basic income Free education Free healthcare

We have been given a gift -- we are part of a rethink, a reappraisal of our priorities, our methods, and a chance to think about who we will work within our endeavours.

We have hit an absolute low in every aspect of our world - emotionally, financially and also politically. It can only get better than this from now.

Well, for now, it looks like less commuting.

Where I continue to spread my Optimism further than before, consciously demonstrating that life (and work) is human to human and by connecting in this frame, we can work to create a marvellous future together. A future where I am not constrained by old thinking and ways of doing things. Where my smile becomes my business card!

"Working from home some days is acceptable."

working for anyone in the world from home running on the beach each day seeing more of the family

Working from home more often

I am working from home more. Greater access to highly capable people as a result of WFH. Increased use of technology in health, e.g. telehealth - no need to go to the doctor just to get a prescription. Hopefully, some action on climate change.

Working from home, a greater acceptance of alternative methods of connecting, meeting. Improved efficiency.

Working with local business owners to support our community

Would like to think the Federal Government would use the opportunity to create a Better Australia however there are many indications at odds with the positive rhetoric which indicate COVID may be used to implement IR and Energy regimes which will work against a positive future - particularly for young people. For myself, I and those close to me have some severe health issues, so COVID is a real and present danger which exists as long as it is in our community.

More chilled.

Better balance between work and family. Realigned priorities

Back to normal

Working from home and having this more widely accepted and continuing beyond COVID

Far less commuting as the people, we deal with are at last more receptive to virtual working.

Life, as we knew it, has suffered several challenges and disruptions (man-made and others). We must learn to How to wisely utilise our human and natural resources; for the better of humanity and its livelihood.

Work-life balance and greater acceptance of the use and adoption of technology.

Quieter. Not as busy. More time for deep reflection and to do things that bring me joy. Saying no to things that I do not want to do.

Work from home built into how I work as a normalised structure.

Able to work more flexibly, avoid travel to City and able to conduct business on many visual platforms.

More options and a different perspective on work and life going forward

Working from home is becoming more acceptable and not linked to 'not taking the job seriously.'

potential to do more online and reach more people

Less commuting to the office. Less interstate travel for work.

More balanced work-life by not losing too much time to commuting and non-essential travel. Able to achieve some of my organisation's goals because of new collaborations.

I have established an exercise routine that I am enjoying.

A lot more time for my partner, for my health, for things that are important to me (friends, food, exercise, piano, learning, reading), less time spent on commuting.

Working from home more often, not commuting to meetings, doing more things in our local community and having more time to exercise

I hope it will lead to a reevaluation of some of the accepted norms in society such as levels of consumerism, the need for better training for the workforce, a reduction in commuting with some restructuring of the workforce to reduce office-based work among others.

Less time spent commuting into an office.

Working more from home

More balanced life. More time at home. less "busy"; more productive use of my time

More time

More flexibility where to work, less time wasted with the commute, less air travel etc. which means support of the environment

new opportunities for a more inclusive and restorative society

Better work-life balance, an improved sense of community

Better life balance

A fresh look at productivity and working arrangements

leading a more deliberate life

Better opportunities to work from home, use virtual meetings instead of travel, more time for focus and relationships

Better communication. Hopefully, a review of industries that can support our economy and our children's futures. Better use of technology to drive our economy. A better appreciation of what we have and who we need to support to ensure that we remain the best at what we do.

More time in reflection and more time with family and closest friends. Less rushing from event to event

opportunities arrive from adversity

I have worked remotely for a long time, and always been an advocate of its benefits. This event has meant many others have had to give it a go and found that the excuses that have been used in the past for why it won't work are in fact all things that can be overcome. It is a practice that gives people the flexibility to truly balance work and live - the most significant impact for me previously was the expectation I should spend 2 1/2 hours or more travelling to an office - which is not time well spent.

Discard distractions and focus on the things that matter, personally and professionally.

My perspective on choices has been positively affected

A more informed approach to others!

Understanding how to be patient in situations not under my control, learning how to accept and live with myself first has been wonderful. It has been a great part of my journey to love myself first.

More focused on the positive and more willing to lead national change

If there is a better normal, I think it would be more for future generations rather than my mature age peer group.

Living sustainability on my property and working from home with my family. Face to face where needed. Slowing down. Buying only made-to-last products, buying in bulk, community centred living. Working four days a week. A retirement pension should be enough to live on except that Morrison has vowed to get rid of the retirement pension

A calmer, less frantic normal. I did not realise how busy and hectic it was until we stopped. When we stopped and just gave ourselves time to breathe and work at a reasonable pace, it felt better!

stronger community

New Opportunities in Business

Ongoing flexibility of where I do my work, from home or the office or another location. Ongoing flexibility in how and when I do my work.

Calmer. More compassionate. Deep connections to people

Life balance

My passion and work are able individuals thriving based on an understanding and clear offering of their Gift—more people want this as it will be the easiest path forward, which is excited for my company and me.

New initiatives and new opportunities. More people who awake, understand the hidden agendas of the political and economic elite!

People might become more caring and value possession less.

I hope I’m quicker, sharper and more prepared to take the risks I know I can take successfully.

More awareness of our well-being and my personal health. Less power for banks and landlords and regulators.

Greater flexibility and virtual “reach”

Better work/life balance and quality time with family

Be able to work more effectively & efficiently.

It’s still unclear to me.

It has provided a chance to reinvent our lives and balance work and personal time. Think about skills we rarely used

people generally have more tolerance and care for each other

I have More business activity.

Healthier and more sustainable because I’m continuing to work from home. It is more efficient and effective with no time wasted commuting or waiting outside clients offices. Conference calls are always on time.

Hopefully some moderation on the value of megacities

“A kinder more humanitarian, political management.”

Closer family life and less rushed due to less movement

More flexible working, lower environmental footprint. More time with school-age children.

1. Deeper connections and trust socially and commercially. 2. Conviction to lead myself, my business and others to change and adapt in positive ways.

Living at a slower pace

We are trying to sort through the shock and destruction. It will be some time. At the moment we are staying in the moment and working through the motions towards some type of recovery/repurposing of what we did.

I have more time to put into other projects now that we have moved all meetings to video or phone conferences, saving a considerable amount of unnecessary travel between meetings.

People more cautious about health and hygiene More social awareness toward the environment and fellow citizens.

improve life quality, gain efficiency and more balanced competition in the company (professional from headquarter vs professional from affiliates)

More time with family Work flexibility Less commuting

Updated perspective.

More thinking outside the square. Moving on from some long-established routines that should have gone years ago

A reduction in fossil fuel use and pollution

Business ownership

I’ve always had the mindset I have now positive, explorative, the logical (as well as biological) family, tikun olam

Hopefully, a fairer, more equitable society with more spent on things that nurture peace and safety and less spent on preparing for conflict and war.

Untethered from the office and liberated from my own capitalist brainwashing

Aligning what I do much more with what I value. Questioning activities driven by routine and not doing unnecessary or low value-creating activities.

Absence of greed in corporate Australia

A better balance of work and life

I have increased flexibility and focus. Tremendous opportunities as we pivot and make changes to be more effective and efficient in the future. I also realise my focus on having high-quality relationships and helping clients authentically is what has opened up a lot more work. I also see how being conservative financially and planning for contingencies and having emergency funds have been critical to thriving in the pandemic versus suffering.

This period gives me a new perspective. It provides me with an increased desire to add my skills to help create better norms. It motivates me to act in a way I probably wouldn’t have before and gives me extra energy, even though I was slowing down before at age 72!

Healthcare has had a chance to grow exponentially. We will be able to service more from a distance and make healthcare more equitable.

More empowered to make choices.

A career review

Calm and centred

Acceptable to be working from home.

The “work from home” requirement has meant I have had to change the way I work, and this has surprisingly brought out positive outcomes.

Less travel commuting, more time with the family, more focussed on what really matters.

“Depends on what normal is considered to be: Happy with normal”

I am working to improve society to lessen racism and sexism and other isms!

“Working predominantly from home, which gives me more quiet focussed time to work, less time travelling and a more calm approach to life.”

“A better business model, more time at home.”

More time for family and self-care

Higher standard

More time doing what I love with my work, reaching more people and sleeping in my own bed more!

“My better normal is one where I have less work travel, and I spend more time creating.”

There is less unnecessary travel. I have a better understanding of work-life balance and the juggle with home-life.

“Less travel, more time at home.”

I have an even stronger focus on family values and on our contribution to the Planet and on generating profit for good - for the benefit of ALL of mankind and the Planet.

More rest.

a better work/life balance

Working from home has confirmed that we can function individually and as a collective with alternative means of communication. I foresee a working environment that does not involve every day in a traditional office environment.

Working from home and greater use of online meeting facilities

Taking time to appreciate the little things and the people in my life

less hectic life - work and social

Opportunity for better diversity and equity in work Focus on a wider contribution than simplistic accounting - six factors that affect “bottom-line” not one. Positive, proactive steps on environmental issues that recognise climate change Better planning for issues natural disasters etc

A greater focus on the real issues of life and the well being of people and the country

More relaxed time outside of work. Thinking time and time to digest information

National access for all Australians who need to find the right care for ageing or disabled loved ones.

Physical health

Fitter, calmer and more productive

A lot of nonsense such as global warming hysteria and other leftist rubbish has fallen off the agenda.

People being more willing to cooperate

meaningful collaborations

Through the use of technology, I am living in a more flexible work environment which provides better work balance.

I see an opportunity to use my time better and not fall back into the old traps of dedicating time to tasks that are not fulfilling. E.g., spending quality time with family.

I believe that the fact that commercial real estate will be transformed- there is an opportunity for everyone to spend more time at home and complete work in your own space. After all, that will also help to generate savings in organisations as well as reduce the carbon footprint for unnecessary commute

Financial security

Flexibility in work arrangement. Better work-life balance Potentially better environmental and community benefits (greenhouse gas reduction and less traffic congestion)

More aware of opportunities for environmental improvements, time management and utilising technology more for communicating.

Fitness and work from home

Deeper connections with people. A recommitment to living a more compassionate life

More focus on family and things of importance

A more balanced person - not just focussed on work - but having a sense of purpose

The clarity of what is important for the people I work with came first and then I was able to step back and see without the pressure of external meetings and the constant busyness of each day what was important to me. I had the time to be selfish with my time and my focus. I cut some people out of my life most likely for the first time in my life I said no when I would have otherwise stated yes. For me, the post-COVID 19 is going to be a freer time simply because the forced break allowed me to declutter my diary and declutter my schedule and declutter the false perception that others value me when in truth they were merely using my knowledge.

Closer to my family by spending more time with them

A kinder world, where there is greater support for the less fortunate members of the community

I would like more social distancing and reminders of handwashing to continue. I’m at the mercy of my company as to what happens next, so I’m very worried. I would like to work mostly from home. I would like to keep exercising by myself. I will also continue to socialise in small groups.

More emotionally connected with my friends and family; more focused on health and well-being

More focus on family connection, better prioritisation of health - have been able to walk every day with my son has been wonderful and not wanting to give that up. Being focused on when I do need to work is also great.

Work-life balance less stress.

We are all connected and must stand together to create a better world.

Higher uptake of remote meeting technology enables more meaningful, efficient connections. Personally working from home cuts out commuting, allowing that time to be utilised on higher-quality activities.

Less work, more time in nature and maybe if the property market falls enough the chance to own a home finally.

Now flexibility and empathy.

More options and opportunities

more quiet time. Stricter personal and professional boundaries. More time on my own spiritual development. More time at home. Less socialising.

Better work-life balance.

Better family-work balance Stronger sense of community Greater respect for health care workers More focus on sustainability.

Being cleaner and washing my hands more often. Stop touching my face, staying clean shaved overall being more self-aware.

Greater flexibility for seeing my clients

Greater awareness of the risk of such occurrences with appropriate risk management strategies changed to reflect this new normal. Opportunity to review what and how we do things

Better work/life balance Higher levels of productivity

more caring and compassionate

a respectful society

More reflective and appreciative of what I have.

It has been a time to reflect, develop new skills, read several books and plan a new Cooperative venture. Personal and professional goals have been reset, and I’m optimistic that progress will be made.

maybe more balance between work and home

More flexible working arrangements and less pressure to run around everywhere with options for virtual hookups.

Greater flexibility in work style. Greater focus on health, both physical and mental

Greater work-life balance and less wasted time travelling.

More focus on family, less on business. More focus on my team’s well-being, less on profit. Greater emphasis on business purpose, less on competition

I don’t foresee any better normal. But if there would be one, it would mean that the government shifts away from fossil fuels, provides strong incentives for electrification of the energy sector, followed by the transport and heavy industry sectors.

The pandemic prioritised health issues over economic concerns, perhaps a bias that I did not appreciate enough in the past. My working habits will be more holistic in the future.

Use of new (to me) technology, reconnection in a physical sense after the lockdown leading to more reliable connections.

A general slowing down of my life. Stopping to enjoy my family and friends and chiefly to take holidays regularly in Australia but mostly WA.

Greater connection with family and friends, learning not to sweat the small stuff in life and having a greater appreciation for the environment.

Improved balance of work/life without loss of efficiency.

Working from home more often

More of a reflective life, less busy and more in harmony with who I am. Less spending and less rushing and more at home time.

More balanced life.

Better work-life balance - redefining ‘important’ and needs

More focused on what needs to get done

Better health outcomes for Australia

More opportunities for local manufacturing

more conscience around health and safety

A better normal would mean to see me helping more people, having more time for important things-there are more important things than just work.

Enjoy my family more

More flexibility to work from home More flexibility to have appts done remotely, e.g. tax appt, doctors appts (where possible)

More productive and connected organisation

More balance between work and home life

peaceful, intellect is more powerful, able to make better decisions

A better work-life balance achieved through working from home.

Firstly the courage, warmth and determination to defeat all obstacles, whatever my sphere – never give up. It is so inspiring to see people who keep going against tremendous adversity. The second is to look for positive aspects and opportunities whatever the circumstances. When one door closes another opens. Thirdly to appreciate the opportunity to see more clearly our interconnectedness on an individual, local and global scale.

Slower life, spare time, nature, cooking at home and saving money

none until the borders open up and planes are flying overseas

More flexibility and productivity through virtual tools and technology


New opportunities in Australia and Globally.

More flexible work arrangements

Greater acceptance of the fragility of our existence, a broader remit to rewrite priorities and embrace the ways in which technology disrupts what’s possible to do and an end to the myth of growth and the nine to five as a measure of authentic success and what’s important. An existential crisis!

A heightened sense of community

More money saved and potential for my husband to work from home

Greater appreciation of healthier connections with people

Flexibility and better health

A less rigid perspective towards work. I hope there’s a realisation that people can be equally/more productive (and happier) working remotely.


The ability to maintain full-time employment and school drop-offs and pickups

Greater working flexibility between home and office. Less commuting and road congestion, use of fossil fuels and air pollution

Better work-life balance. More family time. Ability to work from home. More health benefits of more time to exercise and relax.

A fairer more equal society. More tolerance, relevant skills

Great appreciation of the small joys of life; family, friends, a walk along the beach, safer cruising procedures, politer passengers.

Less respect for authoritarian bullies

Conscious decisions / more appreciation of our standard of living & systems /

More quality time with friends, more time experiencing live music and theatre, a better quality relationship with my significant other and being closer with my family.

Not to Listen to the lies of the Left.

Less travel, more time with family, a greater appreciation for modest pleasures.

A feeling of relief that more of the quietly decent people will have awakened to the sad plight faced by those in our society to have not been able to better share in the increased wealth that the progress has provided those decent people.


An opportunity to explore new options, some of which will hopefully provide an income stream

Being part of a kinder, more inclusive and forgiving society/community

View this current world crisis as a perfect storm. That without would have been much more difficult to accomplish.

Better balance between home & work

Global efforts to fight the pandemic together has raised more cultural collaboration.

More Australian based businesses popping up

A more thoughtful life with less freneticism, given lifestyle changes required which may become part of a better normal

A less rigid way of working

Minimising travel, reducing my consumerism, enjoying doing simple, inexpensive activity, being content to be alone, being really selective in my work options

A healthier lifestyle. More time with family

More thoughtful of society, environment, equality and many other things

Better work/life balance

I am grasping some opportunities that have come my way through Linked in

A hope, faith in GOD, things will be on track soon.

Clearer understandings of what is important for me in life.

New positive habits, being mindful of cleanliness and being openly friendly.

Better use of time, slowing down. More time doing things that I enjoy and with my loved ones.

More flexible work

I don’t see much changing actually. I think politics (and economics) will resume as it was.

A better sense of community and the needs of others.


Already good

Less travel and therefore better utilisation of my time.

More relaxed, better work/life balance.

My response to Q1 was that I was “unsure”. There is the possibility of more flexibility. However, there is a lot of uncertainty - mainly around leadership. If we had NZ’s PM or the Icelandic PM/government, I would be very optimistic.

More generous and simpler society

Working from home more often, reducing travel and being more available for family


Safe and easy-going work and living environment

Why imagine a worse normal so there can only be a better normal

A more relaxed lifestyle, less travel.

Much greater Government focus on investment in community Connection and family well-being Alongside Existing spends for economic development and productivity. In that context, I see a better future For our children and our people. That would be a better normal for me.

Increased income at less cost

To slow down, Think to Make clearer decisions Say yes to the things of benefit to my family and me. To have everything change and taken away from you given then the mental ability to rise and be grateful for a roof over our heads, the warmth of our house, comfort of food and support of our family.

Taking on less running around, trying to plan more for the future

More family time. Less travel /commute time. Better hours at work so less adversely impacting family time.

Healthier, fitter, more connected with people. Less cluttered and more focussed life with clearer goals

less travel, more time for reflection, healthier, more time in the natural world

More flexible working arrangements/acceptance and hence greater balance, making more time for family and friends.

We are moving away from reliance on China and globalisation. More work opportunities.

"I am more focused on what matters."

"Advancement of medicine"

"Healthier and will appreciate little blessings."

"Less commuting time by partially Working from home. More focus on the immediate community of friends and family."

"Better attuned to myself and others."

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