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What are government policies and action you want for a 'better normal'?

In our survey, The Better Normal, we asked participants "What are government policies and action you want for a 'better normal'?"


"Promote Flexible and mobile work options so that those who can and want to work from home have more opportunity to do so."

"Flexible work agreements."

"Encourage and deliver policies that lead to a more flexible work environment driven by technology that lead to greater efficiencies, more jobs and a better life."

Promote less reliance on international manufacturing and putting all our eggs in a few baskets, spreading our trade relationships to a greater pool, including India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Improving our manufacturing and value add capability.

Governemnt buying more from local suppliers.

Governments should be setting the example of integrity, honesty and acting justly for the benefit of all.

“More resources for vulnerable citizens.”

Government policies that do not preclude businesses.

“More assistance for those who need it.”

“More corporate responsibility.”

Think about how growth can be more sustainable and equitable. Think about how we are addressing Sustainable Development Goals and improving the quality of life for all.

Face Climate change.

Introduce government support for Social impact bonds and infrastructure bonds.

“Encourage employment & local investment.”

“Caring for and preserving our environment and community.”

“Not seeing everything as creating material value.”

“Building strength in our community is the focus.”

“I think we could use government support for greater connectivity within communities - not IT, more about creating linkages and inviting community members to participate.”

“Australian manufactured.”

“Better environmental protection.”

“Government should act like a government. Stop taking orders from corporates and actually take care of the citizens of their nations.”

“Maintaining that sudden recognition by power-holders of things that have always mattered to ordinary people, particularly those who are disadvantaged by gender, race, class, etc. E.g. the need for homeless people to be housed, for childcare, for income support for the jobless. Our current Government very likely will not sustain this thinking - signs are already there that they want to wind back (at least they’re no longer saying ‘snap back’ to the unequal, unjust and unsustainable past created and perpetuated by their old thinking. But there is now a greater chance that the people will not allow these new values to be overridden again as they have in the past.”

“Government workers should be given opportunities to work from home (family-friendly working conditions), and encourage the private sector to do the same.”

“The Government should encourage better work/life balance, consistent workplace agreements and place-based initiatives.”

Climate change

“Overhaul vocation education through the use of learner vouchers, bigger tax incentives for employers to retrain and reduction of subsidies paid to suppliers (owned by governments).”

“IR law shifts to allow more flexibility but also less ‘silly’ or extravagant protections. Get the balance better for both organisations and workers.”

More investment in social infrastructure instead of building industry subsidies. More investment in education instead of corporate tax cuts.

“More significant incentives for SMEs, particularly in the fields of technology, innovation, services.

“More investment in public transport instead of coal.”

“More flexibility for employers and employees to work to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.”

The Government should step back from regulating and remove production roadblocks, e.g. Nuclear power - see Rolls Royce Small N Reactors.

“More equitable access and distribution of assistance for low-income earners and people on job support payments.”

Greater emphasis on early education and support for either parent to have better paternity leave conditions so they can either spend more time with their kids before returning to work or choosing to provide high quality affordable, accessible childcare that prioritises language development, interpersonal relations, diversity and inclusion.

Our population is full of able, competent people with diverse abilities, aptitudes and abilities, which Fed Gov should retrain via incubator workshops such as in the 1990s Monash University: Syme Centre for Enterprise Development Faculty that trained over 400 unemployed people to become directors of their own small businesses thus giving GDP $7mil times ten years, $70Mill to GDP; except that now we require an “avalanche of such workshops together with similar industry mentors”, that could equip say 200,000-400,000 such unemployed people to create new businesses that will create new jobs.

“Further funding of research to 3% of the National GDP.”

“Less racism.”


“Consistency - no special treatment for anyone based on their skin colour - equality in how the law is administered and in how government support is provided.”

“Support of local sustainability and support of productive local networks, more restraints on inappropriate development, more investment in preserving natural environments and local job creation

Cheap childcare.”

“Excellent WiFi.”

“More social housing.”

Re-development of localised 1°, 2° and 3° industries. STRONGER MORE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES. Stop procrastination and decrease party political infighting.

More community engagement and thinking through unintended consequences of their decisions

For governments abandon all ideas of austerity as a way of reverting to “normal”. They should adopt Keynesian ideas of funding people so they can build a better life.

Revisit and Renew policy approaches. Lead not manage

“Long term focus on liveability outcomes.”

“Developing policy to drive better outcomes regarding work/life balance, to deliver lower stress and better mental health outcomes. Government has huge influence through procurement levers.”

Safer precautions in senior homes, group homes. more focus on sanitising public buildings and places of business. More training to better prepare for pandemics. Laws enacted to protect citizens from catching and spreading viruses. New technology so we don’t have to touch door knobs, can self distance etc

Value our environment, Our wildlife Care or careless. Listen to people. Individuals should not have to take government depts to court to stop environmental destruction. The Government is there to represent people. But seem to only see the $$$$

- Climate - More support into research regarding virus breakouts following Covid - An investigation into racial equality

Be less party politics tribalism

Articulate an energy policy for the first time ever; reduce red tape; eliminate the BOOT test; widen and increase the GST in order to reduce taxes on productive effort; stand up to global bullies, e.g China, Russia; stop wasting money on the bloated; public sector

More confidence Real clarity about what a New Australia uniquely stands for

Economic aid for companies that were not active for months. Better protocols for this kind on contingency Continuous research and enough medications and supplies

To promote more efficacy in the administration and to stop the political fighting between the different political parties, more severe punishment to the corruption, and to promote a generation replacement inside the institution and in the parliament.

More permanent employment, less casual employment. Stronger and more reliable in areas of cybersecurity and IT. Hear and act on the research that homelessness is solved with housing plus support, accept no substitutes.

Most definitely greater environmental appreciation and care. Proper renewable energies more solar, wind....(not gas or coal or biomass), remove luxury tax on electric vehicles. And overhaul of the education system is well overdue. Determine the principles of education priorities of young people in the future. Enable teaching, like universities with people choosing the subjects are interested in, for learning to be in multi spaces including online and business placements. Recognising the place for the arts, is often in our most times of crisis that it is the creatives to have the ability to dream up near future. A cohesive Society supports the arts as an expression. Freedom of press this is very important. Removal of the system which is an open bribery where large corporations donate money to political parties. It just makes sense that this is not then and is a biased process. Decisions to be made then multi perspective groups backed up by proper scientists and compared to principles that have been agreed upon enmass. Protection and restoration of the environment, particularly the waterways is a very high priority.

Parks and gardens and open policies where children and families can learn and spend time together.

Facilitation. Not necessarily $

We have seen the Government able to make decisions to help the community through quickly making funds and resources available. There are so many ways that Government could be supporting leveling the social circumstances including a universal wage, housing and community based projects. Even micro loans have been so successful in very poor countries.

Care for water, soil, air, carbon capture, endangered species, trees, mountains, our natural environment. Care for the poorer people among us. Above all STOP LOGGING our Native forests


better education

cycle paths

Historically, Liberal looks at the economy, big business and white collar, Labor looks at blue collar, education and healthcare, Greens look at equality, women, indigenous peoples and environment, We need all of these for the wellbeing of people, planet and the economy. The Government needs to take a Wellbeing Budget/ Doughnut Economics approach.

Commensurate remuneration for health care workers, teachers and helping professions

Support local small businesses with tax incentives Tax reform including reducing and consolidating the number of taxes. Industrial awards reform including reducing the number of industrial awards. Continue government forging a closer relationship with the unions

creation of more research centers and a well-coordinated pandemic guidelines in the future

Interconnectedness plus self-reliance, hedging and cooperating

Withdrawing from the UN and less foreign donations. Lower taxes and improved security against China.

More social and enterprise assistance to ensure more opportunity and support for all.

rapid shift to cleaner energy future. Minimum base universal income. Four day working week. Repair nature. Reduce inequities.

Governments should seek a more self-sufficient Australia. It should start to think long-term about infrastructure, planning, decentralisation, and closer ties with a wider group of nations particularly those in close proximity

Less focus on public transport and roads and more bike lanes and walking tracks

I’d love it - I know this sounds naive- if our governments kept up the “working together” piece. Better understanding and acknowledgement of the damage done To our indigenous people too.

Engagement With multiple connections throughout the community to understand the need on a deeper level

More flexible working conditions and accommodation of home working as ‘mainstream’.

See my answer to the second question. I want to see our country’s leaders held accountable for their actions with 360degree accountability reviews rather than just an election cycle vote.

Government needs emphasise society And deal positively with climate change and social justice

1. Affordable housing and/or 99 year leases 2. Social housing and fully fund associated support services. Everyone should have a roof over their head. No one should have to sleep on the street 3. Resources Tax and Future Fund à la Norway. Crank it up 4. Invest in advanced manufacturing in Australia etc

Equality. Health and wellbeing. Economic support for small business

Better facilities for indigenous training include training for jobs that suit them and provision of appropriate housing...not normal white person housing style.

Better taxation policy.

Less cars on the roads, less flying, less pollution, bipartisan decision making (remove politicking out of every item) represent us the people

Awareness Better medical facilities Economic solutions

To really encourage cooperation across political parties and not descend into the usual useless debate and rancour

Rebuilding the manufacturing sector and enabling the country to once again become self reliant

More diverse energy mix, reduce inefficient bureaucracy, raise tax free threshold to 50k, flat tax of 30 cents until 200k thereafter 50 cents. 30 cents death tax. No tax on super. 12.5% GST but no GSt on any essential items. More equality but less divisive identity politics.

Local councils should abide by the guidelines for building approval and not continue to give exceptions to their mates

Environmental recovery so that the human species can survive. Stay strong and confident that Australia has resources to not be bullied by other countries. Turn our country into a renewable paradise with the Australian sun as the centre.

Greater cooperation between stakeholder groups to achieve better outcomes for all. This has worked well during the pandemic. The approach needs to be more goal oriented and less adversarial

No more sales of farming lands & major businesses to offshore countries

Regulated work hours... ie full time equals a 40 hour week, not the 60+ hours most academic staff must do each week with work performed on annual leave

Providing better employment opportunities and have an economic sustainability plan

Workplace flexibility Economic stimulus that everyone can benefit from Greater recognition of essential workers in terms of wages

My ‘success’ isn’t dependent on Government or any organisation as its powerful enough to stand on own merits

increased focus on those who are not prospering

Tax reform - to align with the modern day & improve the quality of lives for all Australians.

Investment in societal well-being initiatives such as climate change mitigation, job skill retraining, and youth employment.

Economic assistance for the unemployed, employment assistance for the unemployed, cheaper or free education and skills building, encouraging support of small business and local businesses, support of local manufacturers, suppliers brands and farmers, more communication about policy, transparent communication and honesty

Reduction of red tape / getting out of the way of community initiatives / being enablers not disablers

Let the Public Service formulate advice & make the necessary announcements, whilst our elected representatives perform their roles in Parliament: the nightly sight of self-important politicians grabbing the microphone, trampling on the grass & windbagging for hours on end has been less than effective. In the ‘new normal’ one would hope that temperatures are lowered & we’re left to lead our own lives without being nagged by agony aunts & their like.

Empowerment to get out there and win. Continue team spirit to lift us all up through enterprise, hard work and reward by and for everyone. Reward enterprise don’t punish it, make financial independence and success an aspiration and reward it. Keep Government for governance

Initiatives to promote and support local industry and manufacturing. Additionally the promotion of well-being and work/life balance.

Policies and action driven by community

Putting people first

Lower taxes. Incentives for businesses to have flexible working arrangements

Mandatory eRecords. (If it’s good enough for the banks it’s good enough for health and Government). Leaderly policies entrenching the circular economy. Evidence based policy. No more fake markets, unworkable economic theory, or artificial competition. Greater acceptance of renewable energy as smarter than its alternative.

Building better connections between people, better consideration of the environment and wildlife

Greater commitment to a bipartisan approach and working together in a meaningful, not token way. The national Cabinet was a great idea and resulted in an inspired approach to dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Bringing together the best minds in the country, not just politically, but in every sphere to address the full spectrum of challenges of twenty-first century Australia - across the economy, housing and homelessness, health, social issues, education, foreign affairs, immigration, reconciliation and so on. We can do this so much better in Australia

Offer flexible working hours for employees. Allow teleworking to a much larger extent.

involve much more, those most affected by any new rule or policy before it is made into law

Encourage more people to continue working and studying from home if that works for them. This decentralisation will take pressure off other services like roads and public transportation

Better health and education system

I would like the Government to make policies to allow more people to work from home,this not only reduces traffic but help improve environment.I would like Government to take issues of Global warming more seriously and act on making solid policies.I would like Government to make working from home easier,by making policies in taxation to allow for this.

keep some limits around social distancing practices that allows the business and economy to continue

Less subsidies and more emphasis on depreciation to encourage investment

A better normal for the US would be a healthcare system that works for everyone

Recognition and support for those doing it tough without devaluing the efforts or being at the expense of those that are borderline managing/don’t qualify for support.

Focus on mitigating impact on young people and older workers, ensuring there is no sustained unemployment or reduced opportunities for workers.

setting big picture standards for community.Looking out for others e.g. older people. Banks to be understanding of money shortages for mortgages..

Taking care of industries that are more heavily impacted.

Constant encouragement to invest, develop and grow, not only during a crisis.

Better climate and environment policies introduced and enacted Workplace reform in regards to supporting the physical, mental and emotional needs of employees

Secure the future of Australians by being self sufficient. A lockdown was important but we need to be able to survive financially when this surfaces again in the future.

Stimulus funding for industry sectors.

policies that incentives the use of clean electricity, i.e., changes in regulation for network charges that enable large scale batteries Policies that aim to fund universities to undertake research, instead of forcing universities to undertake industries’ research and development on the cheap as well as complementing research funding with foreign student intakes.

Reliance on business and evidence-based policies to support business.

Emphasise the need for productivity. Devolve the reach of bureaucracy into business, work and home life. Work closely with the States in future to forge a more authentic “national” plan.

Keep promoting sensible, responsible social distancing, we won’t be back to where we were for a pretty long time and let’s be patient for the good of everyone. This could go pear shaped quickly like overseas if we don’t continue our amazing efforts to date.

Support for greater work flexibility; e.g. tax benefits to help people work remotely. Governments can lead by example in putting in place workplace policies to both enhance health and safety (e.g. stop ‘hot-desking’ practices) and enable flexibility (implement technologies for remote/home working)

Climate change - Opportunity to reduce carbon footprint Legislation change - to allow virtual AGMs, notice by email

Address climate change! The environment has been cleaner without industry, travel - I want the Government to create policies that see this healthier environment when we’re full steam ahead

present a new implementation now optimistic roadmap for australia and in particular inland australia.

Actions which allow people to work remotely and support to live regionally, supporting infrastructure

Promote Australian made, better preparedness for such future eventualities, more support for Australian business

Change from adversarial model to greater cooperation and consultation

Standards / laws that are enforced equally from one state to another.

Ongoing health campaigns Greater social equity, eg housing Continued effective communication More celebration of success

Reduce red tape, sort out Commonwealth- States relations, genuine tax reform.

Staggered work start times adapted to transport infrastructure

More unification less division, ability merit based education, more equal protections , less immigration, better healthcare

Governments need to stimulate the economy and be at the forefront of public health.

Governments to genuinely consult more widely on community needs and then delivering for the community. Better respect between the private and public sector about the important role each must perform to deliver better community outcomes

Lead by example - promote remaining remote work as far as possible. Promote regional centers. Reallocate funding from CBD centric road/transport to socially responsible outcomes ie housing / mental health / domestic violence support.

Take climate change seriously and enact policy changes to encourage transition to renewables, biodiversity and build a circular economy, for example.

government to make clear policies about distancing and enforcing with a new group of community” police”. They cannot go crazy and whack people but be the reminder to cafes and bars and restaurants in particular that are flaunting the rules. Next visit gets the cafe a fine. If the businesses are fined not the people then they will want to enforce.

If the transition back to the office is not rushed and we are given the opportunity to work home and office more often

Focus on mental health and physical movement infrastructure Such as cycle paths - focus on sustainability

Great emphasis on communities / amenity / opportunities to connect. Support more tech solutions to connect communities, tech device subsidies or provision for those less vulnerable so that can also participate in the tech revolution.

Keep JobSeeker payments at current level; invest in public housing; support for those whom are not currently eligible for the JobKeeper scheme

More compassion, less politics, better, kinder people-centric policy

More support for child care and working couples with children. This could be in the form of tax relief

I want to see the removal of red tape. I understand that regulations need to be in place in order to care for the most vulnerable. However red tape for the sake of red tape makes no sense at all.

Address poverty - reduce the gap Prevent and reduce domestic violence Support better mental health for all

Support innovation Support local manufacture Support exporters

Stop buying from only China

More support for innovation

Improved public transport, improved bicycle routes, reduced government costs (rather than the typical increased taxes to now pay for the huge debt), greater cooperation between the government parties and state, federal and local. Improve the liveability and have equality for our indigenous people.

More focus on climate change, some form of emissions control & reduction, permanent increase to unemployment benefits, work on universal basic income to improve income distribution with increasing AI & automation, more empathetic treatment of the disadvantaged in our society.

Educating the community and work places on new working arrangements and benefits. Give people a choice.

Action on climate change

I am quite happy with how the Government is managing the pandemic. I think the better normal is something that businesses should adopt.

Provide incentives for local business SmE to thrive and not only to big players. All business. No matter size, there should be an opportunity to compete not only big corporations with high barriers to entry - look to provide healthcare access to everyone etc.

Affordable Housing for people at risk of homelessness (not just social housing) but a preventative model Policies around business with impact (better incentive for businesses creating impact) not as charities but as impact businesses

The option to create a better and more equal society, better health, education and reduce income equality

Abolish state governments as they are a colonial hangover that’s wrecking the country. Give people a hand up not a handout, promote adoption, families, personal responsibility, free speech, regional development

In general we should now change to a model where we can live and work locally, where travel is purely for leisure and we become less reliant on cars.

Support of the family business sector and small business sector to ensure the backbone of Australia remains in business.

Diversity and transparency in Government, Government that listens to science and evidence and acts on this advice, collaborative solutions

1. Reduce the barriers to individual and SME enterprise and initiatives - red tape, tax policies, politically correct public service practices 2. Stop appointing committees and actually do something about balancing the Australian economic mix

Continue with health information about hygiene such as sneezing into my elbow and handwashing

Economic stimulus and social policies that reduce inequality not exacerbates it

Once we get over the economic rebuild, better community facilities, parks, playgrounds, dedicated cycle paths

I want to see all governments accept accountability, state great visions and then transparently measure outcomes for each of their terms. I want to see them use the MiVote Platform to really engage the population regularly rather than every 4 years. I want to see younger people elected to parliament - to help lead the way forward towards a new future. The old methods of Government are not working for humanity and are not sustainable for the Planet itself.

We need very proactive policies from the Government at a level we haven’t seen in Australia before.

More focus on long term reform and planning

Universal basic income to start then policies that encourage sustainable development goals.

Less overseas ownership of Australian business & not just big business small farms & small business Support for manufacturing Improved low income housing so that workers & low income people have a home that they can be secure in

Collaboration Compassion Equality4all

Stronger Sovereign Capability to protect our industries and communities

Focusing on environmental issues

Gender equity (ERA!), racial equity, a government that listens to its members and constituents rather than digging in, much less. polarisation. Compromise and consensus are viewed positively.

Change from right to middle

Stewardship of the planet, focus on a country for all people, measure things like happiness, inclusiveness, sense of belonging, etc

Government should focus on promoting renewable, high speed internet connections, digital signatures etc.

Healthcare for all

There are many! But first on the list is the need to take decisions to respond to our continents First People’s request for constitutional recognition by seriously reviewing their statement from the heart and creating an environment which is positive, optimistic about recognition. It’s not that hard. We need our nation to move forward with not only recognition of our laws and institutions largely based on our British inheritance and our much vaunted multi cultural society but especially a unique culture and inheritance of our indigenous first people who have occupied this land and understand and revered its uniqueness for thousands of years. How lucky are we to have this history? We must not only recognise this at last, but also enshrine that commitment to protect our land, our species our unique responsibility to care for this continent in collaboration with the first people In a way that acknowledges and respects their ongoing contributions to that responsibility Ie a special permanent place at the “Board of Management “if you like! But enshrined in the Constitution. That’s what they need and what we should quickly achieve. It’s not that hard and it will revitalise our people and make us even more fortunate. Secondly I would like to see the concept of the new Australian leadership cabinet reinforced leaders of each state plus the PM and maybe establish. A seat for the first people there too ! But there would have to be clarity about the roles of each . This is not easy given history with disparate first people representation in the past, but it should be possible . Thirdly as earlier mentioned we need to take better advantage of our national resources to enable populating our regions outside the coastal cities. Especially we need very obviously to do better with providing reliable water supplies to our pastoral industries and communities. This should be regarded as the most important Economic contribution this generation can initiate. It will take funding over a long period to achieve but it is crazy we are not energised to do this already. We have the science, the ingenuity and it can be done . All we seem to do on this is sporadic and piecemeal. We have huge supplies of water every year, every year..just wasted running out into the sea. Our geography is huge with torrential rain every year. Surely an integrated national commitment duly funded over thirty years could make this happen.

Greater support for First Nations people Greater support for the Arts Homes for the homeless Free child care Greater distribution of welfare as needed

More equitable employment contracts, better subsistence systems, more control over foreign ownership and foreign control of our media. Greater recognition of volunteer organisations.

In an emergency governments have had to take on most funding and allocation of resources and it will not matter that mistakes are made because doing something was what was needed. Overtime if the value from multiple feedback loops and millions of free decisions as to what is better are not enabled central government thinking will not lead to innovation and excellence but place a lethargic drudge on our economy.

1. A review of every system of Government, policy and funding 2. Representation by marginalised community on both review and remediation boards 3. Community say in allocation of resources 4. Constitutional and Judicial review of laws, punishment, prison slave labor, incarceration % by race group

Governance of Value Creation systemic upgrades for economic and social outcomes. I’m talking to PM&C about that today.

Be more flexible

More manufacturing to return to Australia. Less transport, less pollution

To put community wellbeing and values front and centre and on top of political egos

Tax policies that dampen income inequality. Serious look at racial inequality. Greater emphasis on developing our communities, less on individuals flaunting wealth.

Reform of bureaucracies in Government and private sector.

experience and implement new ways to optimise the relation between Government and citizens.

Greater reliance on professional expertise in all policy areas e.g. comparing reluctance to believe climate change science vs embracing the experts when it comes to epidemiology

Communicate Be prepared Consider one and all Keep the environment clean

More bi-partisan politics


More community discussion and involvement in shaping our social and economic future. This needs to be done by the people for the people so that we feel empowered not living under a cloak of fear and darkness

maintain incentives - eg bring in congestion taxes for cars in the inner cities and use the money to fund nbn to upgrade in regional areas.

My ideal would be to value Australia, it’s heritage, it’s people, it’s capability and be a little more insular in a global sense. Be more reliant on ourselves. Our economic growth is not sustainable and is precarious. I’m quite happy for my house to be worth a little less and my super growth to be less if cost of living in Australia is reduced and quality of time and life is improved.

Support new investment in rural Australia

Assist people to transition with new skills and mindset. Creating a good environment to stimulate new innovative business start ups.

Fairer tax system

employment laws allow work options to reduce traffic on roads.

Listen to the people more. Less about buying a political seat.. provide better opportunities equally for all Americans

Security in the workforce

We desperately need braver & more courageous leaders and we need to break down the old systems of the past which are no longer relevant.

Increased Climate Change focus and associated faster actions taken - increase sustainable energy alternatives that reduce emissions and respect the national flora and fauna Implementation of recommendations around mental health system improvements and reduction in social isolation Re-thought policies on industrial relations approaches - a bi-partisan approach not constant conflict

Get out of business’ face. Build infrastructure NOW. Stop social engineering. Hinder gangs. Do not legalise marijuana.

I’m in the UK so any semblance of capability would be an improved normal. I’d like our politicians to be more humble, more ready to admit when they made a mistake and more compassionate in their view of the electorate.

They need to pay attention to the exploitation exposed in the gig economy and contract labour and fix that without removing the freedom from those who choose to work in that way.

More inclusion of the value of the rural sector in the city people education so they understand why local food needs to be more expensive if farmers are to be paid a decent living and animals and the land treated with care for all our survival

Transparency and less schoolyard antics.

less restrictions but greater emphasis on social ‘hygiene’

Australia First in procurement

More secure income (Universal income)

Better support (leadership, funding, incentives, collaboration) for key growth industries Better and more effective safety nets to help the disenfranchised Investment in infrastructure to support outer metro, regional and rural lifestyles

Start engaging better with private enterprise and private practitioners instead of permanent hiring of government stereotypes. Streamline government processes and interactions with the private sector, that help the SME sector (i.e. less bureaucracy, seamless and simple IT interface, improve and not hinder cash flow).

Government to be proactive with a pandemic plan. Too much has been done on the fly in response to pandemic. Policies and action re building health (mental and physical) and immune systems for people to make them more resistant to getting sick in the first place. Keep population growth in check. Get industry moving in Australia and not be so reliant on one temperamental country.

Promotion and incentives for working from home, local working clusters and other ways to support the 20-minute neighbourhood. Support for WFH security, ergonomics and other supports for safety and productivity. Encouragement of community hubs and interactive points.

Entice corporations to allow staff to work from home

Listening. Working together - cut the adversarial bull. Be open to broad innovation but focus on long term

WHO recommendation

Support more small business

I want our Government to listen to science and data when making decisions. I want both sides to question their platforms with data rather than interests. I would also like to see more governments and municipalities build free WiFi networks and make that more accessible- both for work and for students who may need to do online classes.

Incentives for home working, green issues. But I live in the UK so the prospect of those is low to non existent with our current Government

Reduce big-brother-mentality while supporting those in severe or with mild needs.

Contingency planning. Adopting working practices as a result of COVID-19 Greater focus on mental health & wellbeing. Increased funding for medical professionals

Policies that are formed around the doughnut economics view of the world. We have to protect our natural environment for the sake of all of humanity.

Mandated access to Work From Home for all office-based workers. Free childcare. Enforced paid parental leave. Company penalties for overwork.

In many ways, step aside and let individuals, leaders and business owners work together. Only legislate to capture those taking advantage of vulnerable workers

Elevate and support in an ongoing Practical way.

Honest politicians and public servants. No third level of Government. No foreign ownership of land or resources such as water agriculture. Majority ownership of public property forbidden to non citizens.. Local Government as a local service. More community input into projects. Encourage more people to join service organisations.

1. take the opportunity to undertake sensible tax reform. 2. look after women and casual workers who have been more severely affected by the shutdowns

Creation of jobs and better support/incentives for local business

A clear climate transition plan, especially one related to the Renewable SuperPower opportunity that Ross Garnaut has spoken about. Finally work across sectors to solve the affordable housing crisis. Make sure JobSeeker is maintained at a level that allows a dignified life. Match training with what industry and the not for profit sector needs. Value our environment more - measure more than GDP.

Investing in the infrastructure (both physical, health etc) that supports a more robust society in the event of crises.

Developing a plan for Australia in collaboration with the electorates - what is it that we want to stand for and what do we as Australia want to be known for Setting strong ethical standards for the economy and enforcing them! Setting strong climate and environmental protection goals and actions Aligning all economic actions with climate and environmental protection Holding big corporates accountable to pay taxes in Australia and how they align to the new environmental goals Strong action against family violence and to improve mental health Establishing a strong public school and education system

- bring in a more diverse range of opinion leaders to “summit’ and “deep dive” on the seemingly intractable issues that will impact future generations; a willingness to step up and develop policy that will enable us to have a more equitable society in a global economy; We need policies that will enable everyone in the community access to the basics and more;

Free child care - strong safety net

Better support for people working remotely

1. bravery. 2. better industrial relations for current and future work.

better support the vulnerable in our community, but not just support give them something that they can build upon so they have a chance of moving out of that vulnerable position

Some sort of tax break to assist with increased working from home participation. Invest in the outer suburb hubs rather than building more lanes on more freeways.

More bigger picture regional development projects. Bradfield scheme, inland rail, nuclear power??/low cost energy, TAX zones, focus on a minimum level of manufacturing in Australia.

balance the economic development between large scale tourism investment in the great ocean road or other places in Victoria and smaller unique experiences that value domestic and community experiences

More focus on using this “great pause” as a way of reorganising our economy and community structures to less impactful ways, more renewables, focusing on rebuilding environmental infrastructure rather than hard infrastructure, community housing instead of new high rise apartments.

Better education systems. We should be able to have a proper online education option which does not rely simply on parents homeschooling. We need policies around our economic growth and start to review what we need to do to build the manufacturing industry. We also need to build a massive awareness campaign around BUYING AUSTRALIAN. Let the government focus on driving Australian produce. Farmers need to be prioritised and not compromised by the global markets who do not play fair.

Invest in people and services not defence

The ongoing desire for economic growth even now is a concern. We cannot continue to grow and expect to maintain a high standard of living on a finite planet. This event is the opportunity for governments globally to address this paradox and change how they measure ‘success’. It requires a fundamental shift in economic thinking that can only be triggered by changes in government policy such as appropriately valuing our natural resources and our cultural heritage.

Less political battle, more bipartisanship on core policies.

Protection policies for the environment as commercial operations start back up or expand in manufacturing

A better understanding of the plight of the “casual” worker, the homeless, the female pensioners that are struggling to exist, the Refugees that could contribute to economic and social growth!

be open in their thinking and help facilitate others to be more open - try to keep up the co-operative approach and hold off diving back into the old combative trenches

Embrace technology

Availability and implementations of change from community members.

Environment, equality and economy.

My forlorn wish is that parliamentarians might stop being politicians and start being objective and wise leaders. We saw signs of this during the pandemic but as soon as there was a sense the crisis was easing they all reverted to type.

Facilitate working from home. Implant their enviro management plans, go out of business/be put out business if they’re unsustainable, end Australia’s monocultural exports and reliance on China, a national assessment and plan on state of our resources and moratorium on sale of precious resources until audit and strategic plan done, provide for all Australians not just the 10-1% as has been since Howard, bring in universal basic income. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Encourage ESD based entrepreneurship’s, apply strategic impact assessments on major proposed developments, a federal ICAC, etc

Governments are made of the people within the community, so it is my hope that the people will be more aware of their own communities and find a way to make the governments help the broader community.

Macro options to allow communities and organisations to create increased flexibility.

Equity Compassion

Better assistance to poor and planning for better energy policies

The solutions moving forward will come from individuals and local communities—large societal structures are crumbling and unable to see the potential let alone take people there. Ultimately through local success will come inspired leadership to shift larger societal structures.

faster move to fight global forming

Fix the taxation system so that everyone pays their share of tax I.e. Tax trusts like companies.

I want the delays & time wasters to be gone from Politics, protect our environment, stop foreign investors buying Aussie land & business & get back to making things here

Shift energy policy to support resilient models that are eco-principle driven. Eg Nordic models

Promote capitalism

Governments need to listen to the elders more and hear good ideas from those who have spent a lifetime building this country, not just focus on their time in office. This country is in a terrible mess that won’t be fixed for generations unless there is some focus on our own sustainability and go back to value adding to our natural resources instead of shipping everything off shore for other countries’ profit and jobs.

Fair and equitable support - jobkeeper is inconsistent and not helping all equitably

Taking care of every person that lives and calls Australia home, this means that no one should fall beneath the poverty line. That people with mental health, disabilities, health concerns are given the assistance that they need to live lives they find meaningful. That the Government considers introducing a charter of human rights. That we look at ways to treat and educate those in psychiatric and forensic systems within the community. Punishment is not a deterrent, overhauling the systems that create the need for such places, is instrumental in creating a society based around forgiveness, love and empathy. That we care and prioritise funding for the arts, that our nation is not just recognised for its sporting prowess but also its commitment to culture and the arts. That we recognise that we are the custodians of the land, and in recognising this we take utmost care to protect and maintain its natural beauty, whilst also acknowledging our ancestors before us are an integral part of our nation’s history. That we reduce our reliance on cars, that we look to other countries as to how to create communities based around transportation that protect pedestrians, cyclists and other users from vehicles. That we look to architects, urban planners and builders as to how to create local cities within cities so as to reduce our reliance on CBD in states. That we understand our responsibility to those that are effected by war, violence and genocide and that we do the humane thing by allowing refugees to stay in our country. The country we are today was founded on immigration, so how can we turn immigrants away? No offshore detention centres or any type of dentition. It’s an inhumane practice.

Educate people about selfcare

A strong crackdown on domestic violence. Focus on reducing waste. Closing the gap between rich and poor. Drive to improve mental health.

“green new deal”, investment into the electrical grid and hydrogen production networks. This could provide cheaper, better, more sustainable energy production and drive new industries, such as hydrogen iron production etc. More investments into AggTech, HealthTech, and the like. Developing a new liquified hydrogen / green-methane industry for export to places like Japan. While we will need to continue to import skilled workers, particularly from our Indian and Pacific ocean countries, I’d like to see greater investment in digital and data literacy and skills development.

Thought to ensure no one is left behind

Limit exposure to foreign threats to our sovereignty and economic security; reduce dependence of immigration and its impact on GDP growth to have a happy lifestyle (jobs, housing, education, etc); collaboration between levels of governments to focus on improving efficiencies and productivity.

Flexible working hours for all.

Evidence based policy making, lower public spending and lower taxes

Accept we are a country in itself and not totally align with America other countries but be ‘smart’ on our policies. Also more support for Australian industries

Government needs to transform all policies and strategies towards the green future and relate to countries moving in this direction and cut off channels with US and China

Continue weaning Australia off China and not back down to Chinese aggression

This is not a “hand-out” state, but we must be conscious of the undeniable fact that there is a large cohort who are under privileged, for a variety of reasons, and they are not able to change that status. We, as a nation, need to acknowledge this and attempt to redress it...not use this cohort as the political punching bag it has become...that is immoral!

Make sure it is easier for business to adapt to changing environments through grants and education re governance to ensure that companies are still meeting all of their regulatory compliance or in the case of NFP and Charities that they are meeting their obligations under their constitution or governing document

Less government interference in the day to day lives of individuals, less red tape for small business.

Greater focus and commitment to create renewable energy sources with a climate change policy, less reliance on coal and mining, greater support for nurses, teachers, doctors, etc with funding increases into research and development. refresh the education sector.

IR overhaul. Tax reform. Businesses rewarded for innovating. More investment in human services

cooperation and alignment of states and commonwealth

I don’t know where to start..

Government should keep out of the way and step back from Covid support as soon as possible and allow business to resume and find new ways of doing things.

Redefine Success. We spent the “industrial age” measuring success as growth GDP, strength of AUD and Stock indexes and in 28 years of uninterrupted growth we have record levels of suicide and mental illness and wealth inequality and health inequality - is that success for all NO. So start with new metrics that define Australia’s success and put these on the nightly news. Human wellbeing and wealth distribution and preventative health adoption. Then we need to redesign the Machine of Government around these new measures of success. Key processes like funding (taxes, grants, corporations) , what does value exchange in the new economy look like UBI, 4 day work weeks, every Australian with a personal inclusion coach..... In the new measures of success we realise the environment is not a free resource to be consumed so we need to implement the @beyondzeroemissions #MillionJobs in a decade transformation of the economy to electrification and develop a clean energy export industry and transition out of gas and coal. We need government procurement to lead in industry development to stimulate regional advance manufacturing for national and international innovative low carbon products. We need to reform the learning systems of our nation - primary and high school are human development focussed to recreate great humans who graduate when they know at least one thing they excel in and one thing they love, tertiary education is transformed into classical thinking and philosophy hubs that ponder and publish content to guide our moral and societal compasses and human behavior instincts, the larger component of tertiary is applied problem solving for humans, environment and society and the learnings can be collected and delivered multimodally to be applied in real time. This component also encompasses learning labs where problem statements from Government, companies, NFP or people are solved and new products/services are prototyped and released under a mutual licensing where micro contributions are provided with long term commercialisation royalties via blockchain tech. The design schools lead creating places that embody the new measures of success and use materials that are sustainable. New models of ownership/access are designed. Regarding our societal codes of conduct - Australian justice and prison systems are transformed into places of renewal and reform. You stay in confinement until you have a better life plan, attitude, health and support transition to have a 95% chance of not breaking societal norms. We redesign the nature of work and life. We deeply consider individual human needs (Maslow) and attributes intro/extroverts and design spaces that enable contribution to value creation and reward in fresh new mutually beneficial ways. Regarding corporate structures and governance - businesses see new measures of success and pay “taxes” based on their compliance to these measures. If you earn large dividends and not share with workers and a better environment you “pay” massive contributions that are recycled into services that improve the environment and human equity. All products including the built environment are circular and all product designs and managed to these principles and if not circular the product owner must take back and bear costs of recycling. Soil quality and biodiversity becomes an industry and a key measure and thousands of new jobs are created in managing the country and creating biodiversity. The standard work week is 20 hours and all Australians contribute 2 hrs each week to civic good either learning/caring/volunteering/biodiversity.

Remove legislation restricting partnerships in the sense of joint risk and responsibility for the others actions outside of a partnership. It is too simple for legislators to say that partnerships should be incorporated to avoid such risks as this introduces unnecessary time and cost before a simple partnership can actually get down and produce results.

Investment in industries and companies which improve our health and wealth in ways that leverage technology and disrupt dinosaur mindsets

Less adversarial approach and more collaborative eg Cwealth State leaders forum

A further understanding in policy that it is only through kindness to the least privileged in our society that we can flourish as a community.

government needs to be smaller, with fewer regulations and rules

Encourage a continuation of Work From Home where that is desired by the employee.

We need governments who truly care for the people they serve. Not for the power, prestige, or entitlement. We recognise the great divide between rich and poor, black and white, There is corruption everywhere. Think Floyd George. Is this going to be a better normal? I hope to be optimistic but in the area of basic human goodness, it seems bleak. Is there a conspiracy theory that the world is going to be depopulated by viruses and the undesirables wiped out leaving only the ones who are well connected, gifted, contributing? Will the meek inherit the earth too? Government policies and actions? Integrity.

Fairness and a growth story that includes a broader range of Australians and our friends.

Lower taxes Get rid of land tax and stamp duty to encourage innovation More support for small business More support for the Arts Higher levels of collaboration with business and arts

Employment for all who are able, health for every one housing for everyone, permanent residency and citizenship for refugees

People should be able to work remotely and this will cut traffic congestion and public transport capacity issues will be eased

Do better

Governments must make it as easy as possible to establish and run new businesses and employ people.

Have the courage for Australia to be self-governing...

Keep an open mind and not conform to ideology

Policies and processes in place that plan for pandemics in a way that limit restrictions on rights and freedoms proportionately to the risk faced.

The response to COVID has surprised the world. We really can do ANYTHING. We need to take suicide as seriously as the pandemic.

Remove/reduce impediments to businesses growing. Less regulation and/or more efficient regulation. Lower costs (more internationally competitive) in areas like electricity.

Clean energy, encouraging community initiatives

Work from home or revised work hours. More funding for our vulnerable and health care services. Work life balance.

Equity-driven measures coordinated between all interested parties

Open discussion

Create more public housing and increase the fortnightly payments for unemployed people

Price on carbon, gender based budgeting, basic income

Better NBN and platforms for at home working and online learning. Support for community hubs. More focus on Australia being self sufficient. Australian manufacturing supported

Listen to the people who do the job. Make decisions based on how things actually are rather than how a middle layer of managers have told you they are. I would like policy making to be less politically driven and more people centred. Covid has taught us that that is possible.

Decentralise from cities and less focus on traditional forms of work.

going back to basics of providing the means, ideas, cadres, and resources of inclusive, distributive and communal life, living, and livelihood - distribution of the bad and the good

The Home-based work opportunities need to be better supported - But knowing a couple of people who have become home-based through this - the VOLUME of work expected is unreasonable ... one girl has been doing 80 hour weeks for 6 weeks now, because the business has unrealistic expectations and has not evolved to support remote working

Better infection control, policies and funding (if required)

Return to the old-fashioned robust contest of ideas based on science and/or other evidence

Take the brave stance.

More equity of access, funds, support

I believe in Big Government, in Equity and Equality, in the various forms of Safety Net such as Universal Health Cover, Universal Free Education, a Social Wage and the ‘Wellbeing Budget’. I also believe that Governments have proven that you can and should listen to Science and the Experts and now they should not revert to clarion call politics that ignores or actively demonises evidence in favour of headlines

More support for the vulnerable - the sick, the unemployed, etc. Policies which reduce the barriers to getting assistance and make sure adequate assistance is available.

Using technology to mean more people work from home to reduce traffic

Recreate Government from the ground up.

Better distribution of wealth.

I want less government policy and intervention and more business, industry and personal accountability.

Climate change policy rather than obscurantism

Relief from unnecessary constraints, both those imposed temporarily to deal with COVID-19, and those identified during the pandemic as established impositions on people and business that should be removed as an unwanted and unwarranted limitation

Put the big issues up into the spotlight seeking fact-driven discourse and development of common good policy solutions.

Psychologically safe workplaces save lives, and produce more. Let’s make bullying more clearly defined and a criminal act (as it’s psychological violence) and make sure that mental health and physical health are both equally addressed as part of OHS requirements!

More meaningful investment in product development, manufacturing and technology development. Economy too resource reliant.

Incentivise and encourage onshoring. Learn from the remote working arrangements and streamline offices Increase working From home arrangements. Learn from remote working around improving disaster recovery plans

More focus on health and the environment for now and the future.

Social equity - higher Newstart/Job Seeker allowance so that people on it, can afford to live on it. Less subsidy to mining and resource companies. Less tax benefits to asset owners and retirees. Get arid if the subsidies self funded retirees get and from negative gearing. They aren’t paying the bills now. Climate change support and sustainability needs to be highest on the agenda and influence every decision as a core principle. Also recognise Uluru Statement from the heart. The lack of respect and recognition of First Nations People is a sickness deep in australian society and this must change.

Better equality

Greater openness and transparency and greater focus on inclusivity.

More childcare support

Continue to consider small businesses and how the Government can assist them economically. More recognition of the value of the Arts to the well-being of the community.

Less Government

Greater transparency. No more political grandstanding and power plays.

The governments must listen to the people, accept the truth and start working for the people. They should stop their political agenda and start working for the nation rather than destroying the nation. They should.listen to the opposition and create policies for the people, rather than against the people.

Encourage work-from-home, wherever possible Reduce consumption of fossil fuels Treating sewage and industrial effluents before discharging them in the water bodies

Put more attention to people’s lives than money or profits. Stop manufacturing the mass dangerous tools, they call weapons.

Stop worrying about balancing the books - balance the lives and quality of life for citizens in the moment

Collaboration across borders and political parties

Perks for employers who encourage working from home (I’m thinking about minimising cars on roads)

Maximise Policies that support connectedness, encourage commercial interaction

Better coordination of Federal and State governments on health care. A more rational approach to Child Care.

I don’t really have an answer for this

Research to support implementation of the better normal. Act in a way that means they are a model of the better normal.

Free childcare increase in welfare payments Climate change policies for decrease in admissions and a real/practical action on a ‘clean’ future

be more tolerant, and accommodating of personal circumstance

(1) Recognise the importance of agriculture by financing changes to sustainable development which would include irrigation schemes. We need the farming sector more than ever in this post-Covid-19 future; (2) Strongly support the development of the digital economy both in business and in households to lift productivity; (3) Rationalise the welfare system and substantially lift payments to support all beneficiaries so that people can lift themselves up; (4) Fully electrify the economy in every way possible and leverage the comparative advantage of our renewable energy. In particular get the car fleet electrified with absolute urgency, which will require incentivisation; (5) Reduce the dependency on overseas students and focus the sector on New Zealanders to gain long term benefits; (6) Shift tourism derived from overseas upmarket - not big cruise ships polluting our harbours and creating infrastructural problems but small to medium size ones with fewer passengers paying a premium - equally applying to hotels and entry to the country. This is a gold standard destination and we should be protecting it and charging for it (including air travel). Freedom camping is for New Zealanders that cherish their country (7) Deal to the housing problem with an environmentally focused (insulation, solar, etc) state housing programme, properly this time. Invite migrants that will add value because of their skills, skills, skills and nothing else (stop the rort of the money-based scheme); (8) Rebuild the health system and never again allow it to be run-down for the sake of an ideology (as, indeed, housing) and finally (8) Ditch the toxic American model and re-embrace the Nordic model that should never had been replaced. That will mean higher progressive and wealth/capital gains taxes but how much better off we will all be!!

make sure that they phase out assistance in a considered way as the economy and people adjust

Fairer distribution of wealth and resources. Earlier monitoring and action to reduce the risk of coronavirus-like pandemics.

Review current policies and update.

I have answered this in previous question. The Government should help bridge the gap between- “Rich and poor”. Health care has suffered a lot especially “women and child health- nearly 45%?of MCH( Maternal and Child Health” has suffered due to COVID- including not seeking Antenatal care, Vaccinations have suffered- especially from remote areas- Government should look into these . Poverty is still very prevalent in rural areas and these people have to be taken care off or else they could fall into hands of religious organisations. If the Government can’t take care of their own society how can they blame others? Stop projecting political parties not in power- What goes around comes around - But the community country will suffer- You are giving a chance to outside forces to take advantage- Maintain good and health relationship with neighbouring countries- They toi have the same issue of poverty and lack of resources and you can’t offend them- Use COVID as an opportunity to mend prior indifferences and give a better life to all. The internet and media is very vulnerable and nothing is safe- There are some who are playing with Cybersecurity and need to be tracked down. The future of our children needs to be better- Taking care of Environment and all our efforts to go green - Is a real possibility with the better use of our technology- I am sure the Government is doing pretty good in this aspect. We are in the right track and very optimistic about this extremely large countries which has thrived since a long time based on iits culture. My elder brother - A army man was fighting with Pakistan in the “Kargil war” and we were all very proud of him. But one person was suffering inside - My mother- She was worried about his safety- Without her knowledge she has written in a Dairy- India is not going to conquer any country by violence but it will by its culture- This I happened to see recently and wondered without being very proficient in English- what would have made her write this in English. That’s the power of Mother- we all owe a lot to our Mothers and Motherland.

A complete overhaul of industrial relations and tax law - the need for employers and Government to understand that the more money employees and businesses have at their disposal, the more money that will be spent in small businesses. Business owners will also be more willing to innovate and create opportunities for employment - as seen with the number of restaurants and food outlets creating better takeaway menus and increasing their business. Doing this across the board for business owners, will lead to a sense of optimism and will definitely result in the country’s prosperity.

Think tanks beyond the sphere of political contributions to understand how to best serve.

Governments need to take more notice of and support small business. They can do this by removing red tape and the overload of business management that is just for the Government -for instance BAS reporting. They have made this simpler but they need to completely change it. GST has been the single biggest destructive force on small business due to the inability to manage it. They need to get rid of the ‘experts’ around many areas, including schools, and let teachers teach. They need to stop catering to businesses like AFL and NRL and direct that money to the community and small business.

Consider more flexibility in workplace laws that puts more autonomy in the hands of workers to decide how they work.

enable their own departments to work from home. Test out some new ideas - take some levels of risk to try and make positive changes - not everything will work and be OK with that. Formally look at the impact of the Gig economy on the rest of our employment/health/finance systems - what are these people missing, what risk do sit place them in - it goes beyond just the casualisation of the workforce to the ease with which people at the margins of the economy get damaged by this type of event. Perhaps look at reimagining what COAG looks like and how it functions. Also revisit whether TFE and Vocational Education should be run at federal level to bring them into line with Higher Education and actually create a coherent post secondary education system that suits the needs of the country.

Take back control of essential services including transport and energy. Close roads to motor traffic.

Fair wages for all Greater focus on mental health Environmental and economic policies that reduce our country’s footprint

Increased support for all levels of education and health facilities.

Not a specific policy, but a non-partisan approach where possible that is led by SMEs (health, economy) rather than politicians

More balanced approach. More collaborative, less combative.

Invest in climate change policy and environment more.

Supporting the ability of communities and individuals to work out their purpose.

Governments need to be enablers of change in context of work practices.

Celebrate their opposition’s good ideas and policies and not just be seen to criticise. Attract and retain the best teachers and pay them very well so that our kids get the best education and real-life learnings to build a culture of anything is possible

Stop being dictated to by the Chief Health Officer in Queensland, and start making balanced decisions, based on all competing interests. Lead in other words.

Policies that address the critical issues of water, power, higher standards of primary and secondary education and the development of the manufacturing in regional Australia

Outcomes based reforms and policy settings that support businesses to survive and thrive

I think that some of the things that we have learned and implemented on an emergency basis could be used into the future. Medical consultations by Zoom etc. is one example. I also think that there are some areas where Australia needs to become more self sufficient. We currently ship just raw materials overseas for others to so the value adds. (e.g. steel). we also need to on-shore some critical manufacturing (e.g.medical supplies and pharmaceuticals).

I’d like to see Governments, particularly the Victorian State Government thinking more about how to help businesses, small and large, recover from the pandemic. Please be less authoritarian and more authoritative.

I believe that in the United States we need a fundamental change in political discourse which will hinge on the outcome of our national election this November. As for policies, those that focus on balancing inclusion and fiscal responsibility would be a good area of focus.

1. A reduction in imported goods. 2. Incentives to rebuild Australian industry

industrial relations policy that is fair monetary policy that is predictable

Greater cooperation between state and fed governments. Greater cooperation with business and community groups, rather than pushing own agendas. Must be underpinned by some partial alignment of a vision for a better Australia

Encourage manufacturing sector with appropriate and non business friendly policies at the same time ensuring enough protection for workers and OH&S

Work with staff and others to determine how to best use transport, community facilities and tax structures to relocate businesses and help transition

An opportunity to reflect on some of the wasteful and over regulated ways of doing business, lean down and more focus on core functions.

better bike infrastructure in cities better public transport options

Focus on inequalities in our society and get rid of business and tax rorts for companies and the wealthy

Support innovation and accept that failure is an essential part of innovation.

Priorities towards better communities - healthier, less pressured, encouraging generosity, discouraging selfishness and supporting lifestyles which are healthier, slower, less pressured (bike riding, family help, no gig economy - better labor practices to reduce family stress, support for proper housing etc

Fiscally responsible and socially equitable solutions.

More policy and legislative work around how to drive positive innovation, employment, community, education outcomes; less time spent on media self-promotion and short-term “topic of the day”

Higher GST, lower taxes, better welfare, reduce spending, less reliance on China (particularly Victoria)

Less reliance on foreign industry and more empowered local industry. Better bipartisan support in times of crisis.

National Cabinet to continue, industrial reform to generate better job security, support local manufacturing, bigger investment in infrastructure and renewable energy

Governments should invest in infrastructure that improves national productivity and community capital. Organisations should demonstrate care and compassion for customers and employees

A more united front on day to day issues instead of and us and them scenario

continue promoting good hygiene practices

review and improve processes

Spread the wealth more evenly and assist the needy

Leadership for a green stimulus that ensures we move more rapidly from fossil fuels to climate safe systems. Financial support for workers across the board and for those who have to transition from coal, oil and gas.

Create opportunities for grassroots communities to discuss this question and how they can create it in their neighbourhoods or locations..leading from ground up not top down

Tax reform - more tax on consumption, less on corporate and personal income. The next wave of reforms to State taxes (property). Reform of the federal compact.

Listen to everybody, especially scientists when you are working out-of-field. Treat all other politicians with due dignity, not scorn or toxic ridicule. Chase a better future, not profits and popularity. Value education, social justice and freedom of information as these will help open our minds.

Rapid investment in internet speeds and much improvement in providers of. 5G needs enabling across the country fast!The tech is running ahead of the speed. The government response to CV19 has been tremendous and to stay on its course and continue it s support of business- esp SMEs. More grants made available for upskilling and business tech needs. Crank up support of tourism and open borders.

Respond to all things as quickly as they did with pandemic. Bring back Australian manufacture . Protect Australian investment. Increase jobs in Australia. Make living in Victoria affordable for all

Economic stimulus, but not just more debt

Allow less paperwork for local arts, community fairs and pop ups; less red tape for small businesses in every way; grants for tech; arts and health

Promote flexibility. Potentially to do a four day week. Make cost of living affordable inc housing.

Co-operation for the well-being of people and Nature. A bigger vision than focusing on the next election.

Less “us v them”, both in politics as well as regarding inequalities in wealth, gender, race, religion and most of all for our aborigines.

More working together rather than against each other , more cooperation and coordination between states - unify systems instead of each state doing their own thing

We have been working with the Federal Government Department of Health and the Department of Social Services. They have come together for the FIRST time to understand the issues related to people with disability and the health sector. They have also been acting very quickly to make changes and increase communication which would normally take years.

Better communication

update working from home policies, more flexibility

A climate policy; an energy policy; (both in line with business and community expectations) realistic social security and a capacity to facilitate a new ‘circular’ economic model including investment in cleaner production to rebuild a globally competitive manufacturing industry utilising Australia’s renewable energy resources and value-adding our natural resources (minerals, agriculture, wood products etc)

do not get in the way.

Governments to realise that adversarial systems, globalisation and capitalism need resetting so all citizens can share.

Policies that keep real estate prices in check (people work more hours to pay the mortgage and cost of living). Tax reform to make sure all businesses are paying their fair share of taxes. Town planning - communities need to be designed to facilitate interactions between people - not getting from A-B the quickest way.

We should work with existing school systems to enhance their teaching methods to achieve outcomes that truly broaden the perspective of students and teachers by incorporating numerous points of view when explaining the key events of history -- not to allow simple description of events, but rather to show the complexity of human events.

Make work from home a legitimate option (work right) for those who can perform their role remotely Make sure those who do are not discriminated against when it comes to promotion or reward Ensure NBN continues to support remote work

I believe that truth from our Government is necessary. However, at the highest levels, we do not seem to be getting that truth. In addition, unselfish integrity is needed at the highest levels of Government.

Reduce rigidities in workplace law and find consensus across governments around better focused reforms.

Support work from home with more tax deductions for home office etc. Working at home is far less strain on infrastructure like roads, public transport etc so the Government will save money on these things

I want Government to acknowledge a basic value statement: “We are a Community so of course we help each other.”

more focus on building better regions , less focus on cities ,encouraging industry and education/research to invest more on technology development , export focussed manufacturing (stop being a quarry);change our focus from commodity production to high value manufactured outcomes/products /services

More flexible processes; more nimble; more active adaptability. Multiple levels of joined up decision-making backed up be better systems

Less divisive policies and see above

Change laws to domestic and family violence. Make it a criminal offence and deal with coercion. Raise the new start allowance so people can feed their families. Provide more support to Child Safety Agencies and Schools. Ensure children have access to mental health services early in life so as not to have learning issues. Build housing for homeless people and provide easier access to Mental health services. Provide funding for education on all levels and then help facilitate research at University to drive industry and employment

More financial assistance for small business and return to work whilst living with COVID-19 safely.

Commitment to action on climate change Enhanced income support for the unemployed and disadvantaged Flexibility in working arrangements - including hours and location Improved connection between education and families

Better IR regime to incentivise ambition and flexibility

More focus on enabling people to be able to work from home. No more “presenteeism” in offices.

Leave the oil in the ground, and deal with Global Warming, and plastics are a sick product that needs replacing! Also Industrial farming / using Water to feed cattle - SICK!

Homes for the homeless and adequate support for the unemployed. Tax incentives and development subsidies to create new ‘clean’ technology as the basis for economic recovery. Immediate action to prevent climate change.

Trials of four day work weeks. Work with the building industry to partner on residential developments. Support emerging industries such as Hemp

Move to clean energy More medical research eg find a vaccine Better safety net for disadvantaged people

In general terms, I support more progressive government policies across all portfolios; involving oversight of the most powerful and protection of the most vulnerable in society. Government must take responsibility for providing real solutions to homelessness, domestic violence, climate change and similar issues, while supporting economic and social interactions.

Climate change UBI

People need to understand this is a “State of Emergency” and health issues are decided by that committee NOT Government.

Expand the JobKeeper and standardise payments to support people’s activities, Be open to change and innovation and support new entrepreneurial activities focused on job creation.

More help to underprivileged groups, especially those of women and young people; more tax to big corporations and very high income individuals (and more control/audit over them); more funds to arts, universities and TAFE.

Use the philosophy of “never waste a good crisis” to analyse the positives that have come out of C-19, and use these learnings to build a better future, e.g. the big and easy win I believe is for Government to support enterprise in helping employees achieve a better work/life balance through a myriad of flexibility options.

Governments need to be more transparent with their policies.

Improve the dole (the old amount was unlivable on and penalises certain groups such as female single parent families. Also more support for mental illness - which is a scourge on our society. Also increased funding for support services such as financial counsellors. I would like to see a more even society that supports and brings up its weakest, not ignores or worse vilifies them.

Growth stimulus funding for different business sectors. Sensible easing of some statutory requirements. Flatten personal income tax, but raise the GST to 15%. Consider a minimum universal wage.

Collaboration of employer/employee groups. Return to local manufacturing to reduce dependence on other countries

support entrepreneurs and SMEs as they employ 96% of Australians. Develop tools for business growth and mentoring, build team collaboration, help with funds, spaces, mentoring, easy non time wasting government processes.

Direct employment, because this is a disruptive depression. Measures of merit and performance that are public. Co-located, flexible working spaces enabling innovation and collaboration; Remote work, and less commuting. Placemaking and design thinking driven programs and updated citizen centred public services that leverage telehealth and eRecords and stop mythologising faxes and Privacy law. Regulation of the IoT that enables its potential, and a more holistic approach to measuring well being.

I don’t think any concrete policies are necessary outside of what governments are doing to protect public health at the moment. When we begin to normalise, I think the Government should encourage employers to offer greater flexibility to their employees if it works.

I would need an hour to answer this question. I personally believe that the mainstream media and social media needs to change and stop being opinion based and start reporting the news again. they drive a massive divide and wedge in the community and make politics extreme as a result. What happened to true reporting Rob when you were a journalist?

Better safety nets for “casual” and project workers, artists and others

More focussed on community priorities and accountable to them, less motivated by winning

Decentralise, be community aware, have pride in one’s community and citizens, Make it in Australia, Buy Australian, emphasise quality over quantity, implement REAL waste reduction and 99% recycling, significantly decrease bureaucracy and red tape, remunerate for effort efficiency and results (not seniority or length of service) retain NATIONAL CABINET, share and care for fellow citizens, limit the power and influence of multinational and mega corporations, embrace all Australians past present and future.

Incentives to companies to allow companies to work from home

A more balanced approach to equalisation of wealth, however still with strong fiscal governance.

As a medical professional- The Government needs to invest more in health care and better facilities for health care workers. Better access or universal access to remote areas and villages. Deco nesting of majoré cities and develop townships away from cities. Better and strict regulation of traffic( Commuting is a serious issue). Free and equal access to education for all children up to year 10.. Scrap -Multiple syllabus in schools( CBSE/ ICSE/ State etc) and uniform and single syllabus. Less dependence on fossil fuel and use more of natural energy resources( eg Solar/ electric vehicles). Convert some existing Hospitals to care to cater only to children. Modernise agricultural sector and build more workforce to get involved In agriculture. Palliative and aged care should be tee or subsidised. Middle class has suffered the most and need policies to help them.

Less government interference in the day to day. Concern for social programs. People not “taxpayers”

It’s no longer “the economy” - it is now “the society”. I want governments to lead a national dialogue on what is next.

Policies that promote kindness and collaboration rather than competition

Promote buy Australian made and produced where possible . Support Australian business ahead of overseas interests . This should apply from Federal , State to Local Government. If the Corona-virus has highlighted one thing it is that we as a country are far too reliant on overseas products .

more flexible regulations , remove barriers to encouraging curiosity , calm and respect for those around you

Government needs to recognise where humanity has failed and address those issues beginning with action on the meaning of respect

To be gentle in taxation of the producers in the desire to help the non producers

enterprise directions around flexible working arrangements that focus on outputs and performance rather than the time spent at work.

Hear what people need and think.

Fairness to assist all sectors to access jobkeeper, stronger support for vulnerable sections of the community

Virtual acceptance

Universal free child care that is part of the education system. A more collaborative approach to policy. So nice not to have bickering politicians

Support local business, engage the community, there are a lot of local community sporting clubs that rely on an income from sponsorship, canteen licensed premises that will not survive without help.

Source critical supply chains locally

To bring together creative intelligent people who trust one another. Many business people don’t have strong morals and like to steal ideas. Some can be trusted but many cannot. So building trust is a prerequisite.

Decisions based on the humanist level, regard for the planet, environment, all stakeholders not just shareholder dividends

Mandate the 1.5 down a bit but still stop people being crowded into restaurants cafes pubs clubs concerts (that don’t have designated seats). Mandatory Max numbers on each carriage of trains And max on Buses and trams. Keep advertising washing hands but use real doctors and nurses with other info as time goes on not just the CV. Remind people other flu deaths are reducing.

Fairer distribution of wealth (eg sustained increase in Jobseeker), greater focus on community and the public good drivers of wealth creation (education, health)

Less emphasis on the almighty dollar and greater attention to social issues.

Better social policies that benefit all people and the environment. 1. A real energy policy building a renewables industry to convert from fossil. 2. Fair tax policies not just benefiting big business. 3. Governments driven by social values, not religious or politically motivated class systems reinforcing ideologies.

in Victoria:- - keep Stamp Duty laws for residential property purchase as they are, only reduce the cost burden (make fees on par with other States/ Territories), - define a vision for the future, a happy, fair, safe society- unfortunately these goals are proving elusive for Victoria. Ensure lawbreakers are dealt with appropriately, not necessarily by increasing sentence terms. - make a plan to reduce the cost of tertiary education in Vic. / Partly fund education by issuing an ‘Education Bond’? We need to increase access to education and reduçe the cost burden on young people. - issue a revised media’ code of conduct’ to restrict negative content stories/times, gambling promotions, and include incentives/ benefits for promoting charitable or worthwhile causes; - decouple gov’t revenue streams thru poker-machines & restrict online gambling; - mandate fair-pricing for essential services; gas, electricity and water; in this regard I am in favour of more Gov’t investment and ownership in renewables assets to provide competition with existing suppliers (energy sector). What I’m talking about is a partial nationalisation - not to buy back the farm, but rather repurchase the farmhouse that controls the farm. - widen role of PSO’s to use as rapid response mobile law enforcement officer’ shock troops’ particularly against assaults, affray, or other low-scale public disturbances - what I mean by that is that if Police are called to an offence in progress at a certain location, then the PSO’s who are free jump on the next train to respond and assist Police at that location as quickly as possible; Victoria (esp. Melbourne) is not a safe place after dark. reintroduce ‘Neighborhood Watch’ in an expanded role to promote public safety possibly even by ‘walking the beat’; or at least arrange for every home to be provided with a distress button or the like thru the NBN or phone, to allow for quick response by the Police- why not? I could go on.... I haven’t even got to the Middle East yet..

They should take the opportunity to reform broken/sub optimal functions. Climate change, taxation, mental health, health in general. Invest in infrastructure, R&D, create opportunities to reduce overseas supply chain fragility.

not sure

Less emphasis on traditional economic growth, more on inclusive sustainable growth and lifestyles

Always looking to reduce red tape.

A pathway to removal of intrusion red and green tape in all areas

Government needs to nurture, grow and protect society and the country.

A thorough overhaul of health and educational infrastructure especially in marginalised communities and universal health care for all, also Universal Basic Income

Nothing - they can keep doing what they’re doing

Protect all members of society, including senior citizens.

Let us live with fewer restrictions.

Better discourse - not screaming across the divide of political difference but understanding where someone’s point of view comes from and respectfully disagreeing.

Government policy needs to also become more flexible and responsive. Legislative change can’t take 5 years to get in place any more. Red tape can be reduced as indicated by the roll out of the pandemic grants/incentives etc.

Less control more help to create new jobs, facilitate firms creations

Increased flexibility regarding ER and IR

Zero interference with business. Deregulation. Eisenhower-like levels of government reinvestment onshore.

Great opportunity for communities and regions to define what they need. Greater trust in people to do the right thing.

More support for small and entrepreneur businesses. More Government placing of jobs outside of centre and capital cities - with more work from home or work locally so people have a better quality of life and better for the environment. More realisation that community and other people matter.

Investment in digital infrastructure to promote more use of online services, remote working opportunities and global competitiveness.

Open to innovation and change, more focus on “us” moving forward not individual sectors (employees, employers, interest groups left and right); long term horizons in policy

Continue some of the “kinder” policies that assist those who are disadvantaged eg job seeker .

To understand the reality and make-up of a rapidly emerging new social-economic system, and respond to that - and not apply old dogma and policy.

4 days working week, increased minimum wage, increased support for small business and education, long term policy focus

We must create local economies and cease globalisation. The Government can offer massive tax incentives for companies that stay here in the US when they employ people and pay a living wage plus good health care benefits. The Government should offer free college tuition for certain paths like science and medicine. The Government should stop subsidising the oil industry and big agriculture. We need to have a ministry of happiness like in Bhutan. We need to prioritise life-sustaining growth not just measure gross domestic product which views oil spills and war as profitable.

1. Climate action now: invest in clean energy and local manufacturing = more jobs, more viable local communities = healthier more sustainable environments and economies. Stop land clearing and do much more land conservation - plant more forests; Introduce and invest in hemp as the main source of timber/fibres/paper/ etc. 2. A national integrity commission to root out corruption and cronyism between lobby groups, other vested commercial interests and politicians - create fairer tendering systems with Government with more local sourcing 3. Fairer and more secure work practices - reduction in the oven casualisation of work forces and the gig economy; lift the minimum wage; lift job seeker payments; 4. invest in better public housing 5. create a real and genuine circular economy that removes waste from our system and creates more and better jobs 6. invest more in public education and ensure that all children are given the best chance in life to learn and grow 7. Increase taxes on the wealthy and make sure that corporations actually pay their company tax - have penalties in place that preclude them from getting any support if they do not pay taxes 8. Create a national investment fund for Australian from all the mining royalties - so that we can invest it back into Australia for Australians

Trust their staff

Greater transparency and focus on: National Security with integration of Defence National Wellbeing Scorecard and Budget as Canada and New Zealand.

Well we could treat all working people with equal dignity and respect, but by we I naturally mean people who live here on planet earth. Unfortunately the psychopathic aliens in the federal liberal party will need to return to their home planet of nubbinsville.

I’d like to see policies that include compassion, and for federal and state governments to be more collaborative - rather than blaming each other when something goes wrong

Lower company tax to promote growth in business activity & jobs, optimism in our economy Globalisation - keep with it & don’t feed the protectionist/ nationalistic machine Promote equity policies to ensure women don’t lose progress made in terms of employment, pay & flexibility & have a seat at the leadership table To be agnostic / neutral in terms of US - China & find a way to maintain strong trade & relationships. But also stand up for our values on human rights & the environment.

I think science should be vetted before the news storm.

Government can start by being more flexible for its members to serve their communities without impacting on their own health and families.

Water, health, education and manufacturing

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