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Webcasts and Video Interviews on Optimism

Sally Capp's Realistic Infectiously Optimistic Leadership

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp in conversation with The Centre for Optimism: Sally is what we would call a realistic and infectiously optimistic leader. Being a Mayor in a city under curfew under what's called "stage 4 lockdown" and in a declared "state of disaster", is not easy. Sally talked to us about her personal source of optimism and what makes her optimistic for Melbourne through the pandemic and beyond.   Joining our COO Victor Perton on the panel for the opening questions were Janine Kirk AM, Chair of the Phoenix Trust; Former Head of The Princes's Charities in Australia; and, former Head of the Committee for Melbourne. Robert Masters, Chair, The Centre for Optimism.

Optimism and Indigenous Culture:
Tyson Yunkaporta in Conversation with The Centre for Optimism

"I think you are going in the right direction with your particular brand of optimism which is embracing new ideas for which you may not have words for yet but you feel intrinsically and intensely."

Tyson Yunkaporta in conversation with the The Centre for Optimism

India and Australia: Optimism and Opportunity

This effervescent Optimism Cafe hosted by the Centre for Optimism in August 2020 is well-worth watching. It featured Australia's High Commissioner to India The Honourable Barry O'Farrell, two upbeat Indian members of The Centre for Optimism Pratibha Prahlad and AK Tareen and two upbeat Australian members of The Centre for Optimism Stephen Manallack and Stephen Berkeley together with Chair Robert Masters and COO Victor Perton.

The Centre for Optimism has many many members and supporters there and, of course, Prime Minister Modi is a great optimist! Australia is the home of The Centre for Optimism with a similarly optimistic PM Morrison. 

The Better Normal

"The crisis management strategy phase of ‘getting back to normal’ is dead. People want more. They want better. True leaders will use lessons learned from COVID-19 to do better, to build a ‘better normal’ to reassure, strengthen trust and build confidence with realistic optimism."

The Centre for Optimism's Chair Robert Masters was joined by Paul Bayly, International Recovery Expert and former Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Islands Recovery & Development Agency; Catherine Brown, the CEO of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. Eloise Grace, TV Journalist, Co-owner Andy Grace Media, Lawyer; Mark Matthews, Director - Asia and Pacific, Business for Development; and,  Victor Perton, COO, The Centre for Optimism.

Press Release: Overwhelming call for a ‘better normal’

Forgiveness and Optimism: Dr Fred Luskin

Dr Fred Luskin on Forgiveness and Optimism in conversation with The Centre for Optimism's Victor Perton and Robert Masters, Project Optimism's Noirin Mosley and attendees. Fred Luskin is the Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects and Associate Professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He also serves as the Co-Chair of the Garden of Forgiveness Project at Ground Zero in Manhattan. Dr Fred Luskin has completed extensive research on the training and measurement of forgiveness therapy. His research demonstrates that learning forgiveness leads to increased physical vitality, hope, greater self–efficacy, enhanced optimism and conflict resolution skills. It also shows that forgiveness lessens the physical and emotional toll of stress, and decreases hurt, anger depression and blood pressure. 

The Centre for Optimism's Advisory Board in Conversation

John Hagel in Conversation at The Centre for Optimism's Optimism Café

The Optimism Cafe: Shawn Callahan on Telling Stories

IdeaSpies and The Centre for Optimism:  Innovation and Optimism Series

The Optimism Cafe: ideaSpies Glenn Barnes and Governance

Wellbeing COVID-19 & Optimism? Maddie Cunningham in Conversation with IdeaSpies & The Centre for Optimism

Energy opportunities in Australia: Are you Optimistic?
Kylie Hargreaves in Conversation.

The Optimism Cafe: Michael Sharpe on IdeaSpies and Innovation

Dementia Australia's Optimism

The Optimism Cafe: The Optimism of Dementia Australia

Coronavirus, Dementia and Optimism: How to utilise Optimism during Difficult Times.

Optimists in Conversation

Optimism, Leadership and Team:
John Kolm in Conversation

Optimism and Strategy: Robert Hillard in Conversation with the Centre for Optimism

Brilliant Women on Optimism: Caples, Mikleus & Kirk on Leadership Through the Pandemic and Beyond

The Optimism Cafe: Vicwater's Peter Morison

The Optimism Cafe: Dr Katie Allen's Optimism

The Optimism Cafe: David Hanscom Back in Control

The Optimism Cafe: The Human Shop's Kathleen Schafer

The Optimism Cafe: Ashley Burkett on Malaria Optimism

Adam Bowcutt's Faiaside Chat: Victor Perton on Optimism & Leadership through the Pandemic and beyond

Global Job Hunt and Optimism: April Chepovsky and Victor Perton

The Optimism Cafe: Solved!  Andrew Wear in Conversation

The Optimism Cafe:  Sally Foley-Lewis on Optimism

The Optimism Cafe:  Tony Weber on Optimism

Meditation, Peace and Optimism

The Optimism Cafe: Charlie Hogg on Spiritual Solutions to Critical Times

Megumi Miki: Calm in Chaos

Sister Shivani on Optimism

Purposeful Optimism with Sue Barrett

The Optimism Cafe: Sue Barrett on Purposeful Optimism

Looking up, looking ahead: Winning sales through the pandemic & beyond

Optimists on Their Optimism

International Affairs - Reasons to be optimistic with Melissa Conley Tyler

Luis Romero's Optimists of Chile

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