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Victor Perton Presentations and Clippings

Victor Perton in Conversation with April Chepovsky

Victor Perton joins Catherine van der Meulen

on the TradeSquare Podcast

Adam Bowcutt's Faiaside Chat: Victor Perton
on Optimism & Leadership through the Pandemic and beyond

Mindset Michele TV Show Interview with Victor Perton

Bendigo Voices of Optimism

Episode 1: Victor Perton presented Voices of Optimism - a conversation with Mayor Cr Margaret O’Rourke and her close friend and leadership expert Mary Dwyer who talked frankly about their longstanding friendship and how being optimistic has helped them both to cope with some very difficult times in their personal and work life.  

20 July 2020

CareerCarePackage podcast: "How do you remain #optimistic in a COVID world?"

On the #CareerCarePackage podcast, hosts Karalyn Brown and Naishadh Gadani asked Victor Perton that question.

Comments and Compliments

"You are a breath of fresh air"
Kim Bowden. QUTeX Program Administrator at QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
18 June 2020

"Victor Perton what a presentation! I love your energy and enthusiasm regarding positive relationships and the view that Aussies are still seen as trustworthy- we are indeed authentic! Trust is inherently optimistic.....I'm taking that with me today- thank you!"
Marianne Kintzel, RWTA


"I attended the Ethical Enterprise Conference, your presentation was great. Thanks for sharing with us your amazing experience!!"
Karina Rosa Ojeda Rodriguez
November 2020

"Victor - you were absolutely brilliant and so uplifting. We really needed to delve into the depths of optimism and it’s importance this morning and you executed it perfectly. So happy Michael engaged you. It was a spectacular way to start our day. Thank you once again!"
A, Cybersecurity Company



"What an year 2020 has been! But thanks to some amazing people like you, the world managed to stay optimistic and doing great and staying safe!! Please keep spreading the cheer as we enter the new year. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your support and motivation this year and wish you and your loved ones Merry Xmas and a fabulous year ahead! Hopefully, it will be a better year than 2020! take care,  cheers, Tareen"

"We salute you, Victor, for the work you are doing to encourage optimism and the benefits that flow from being optimistic.   You appear to be tireless, and an inspiration to thousands.   Thank you for that." John G

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