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Vale Lilia Glushkoff

Our member Lilia Glushkoff, formerly Lilia Perton and born Lilija Matisons, died on Saturday 10 October 2020.  She was a lifelong optimist.

Lilia said, "Daily practice of yoga and meditation are ways of achieving an optimistic mindset and presence. We can light up the room and light up the lives of people around us with a positive manner, mode of speech and a smile. I am so fortunate to have been a Yoga teacher for 50 years and inspire others to spread light, love, peace and optimism into the world.”

Her mantra? “Strong and calm, I manage my life”

Eilleen Shields

a "truly an inspirational lady"

Rax Shrestha

"such a strong lady will remain alive in all souls she inspiring to hear about her life...her legacy will continue with your your optimism and your good work..."

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