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The Optimism of Neighbourhood Connect

Neighbourhood Connect Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation, helping people connect with others who live near them. The organisation encourages people to go beyond social media and step out into their neighbourhoods and get to know one another in real life.

Maureen Maher, Neighbourhood Connect

"Optimism is a spark that ignites possibility, creativity and joy . It inspires us to keep moving forward and be the best we can be"

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Bec Feldman, Neighbourhood Connect

"What makes me optimistic? That over and over again you see that when you provide the conditions for people to flourish, they begin to flourish. They become more whole, they help others around them, they began to see possibilities they begin to lead and contribute, they find a place; and a place amongst others."

Irene Opper, National ManagerNeighbourhood Connect Inc

"I'm optimistic because I believe that the vast majority of human beings are fundamentally good. This becomes very visible whenever there is a crisis - people reach out and help one another."

Maureen Maher, Neighbourhood Connect

"I'm optimistic about communities and neighbourhoods that are discovering how human connections can heal, inspire us and make us happier."

Irene Opper, National ManagerNeighbourhood Connect Inc

"How does your neighbourhood support my optimism?  It keeps me optimistic when I see neighbours show kindness to each other; sometimes in small ways, sometimes in life changing ways. Through Neighbourhood Connect I have seen how this happens naturally and at a much greater degree where there is a neighbours group. The more of our neighbours that we know, the greater the circle of friendship and support."

Bec Feldman, Neighbourhood Connect

"How does my neighbourhood support my optimism? Many things in my neighbourhood support my optimism. The neighbour who popped around to check on another whose family member was sick, what is learned between two friends, one street and 53 years, in age, apart. The neighbourly gift of a scooter when someone was in need and someone was getting an upgrade. Lifts to the airport, shared progressive dinners, birthday cakes, shared produce and shared trust. The potential for these things to happen was always there, but it was bringing people together in my local area was what enabled them to happen."

Rosa Escareno: Commissioner for the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

"I come before you again today with a heavy heart, but also very full of optimism.

"Yesterday, as I visited the neighborhoods and working with the Chambers of Commerce throughout every community, it reminded me again of what Chicago is truly all about. It’s about neighborhoods. It’s about neighborhoods, businesses and residents coming together to make their communities great. And so I spent a day, the majority part of my day in the Chatham area up and down 75th street, along Cottage Grove, as well as along 79th street."

Optimism for Positive Change after the Death of George Floyd

Scott HintonPrincipal at Vaughan Partners

"I’m optimistic because I practice positive thinking and even in a crisis focus on the good things that surround me.

"The greater sense of community and rediscovery of the local neighbourhood. The smart, individualistic, young people who define the next generation. I see them at every JB Hi-Fi or Apple store!

"It’s a tares and wheat thing. It’s easy to focus on the tares. But don’t be misled; see the wheat!"

Matt Baumgartner, president of the Canal Park Business Association: 

The most successful communities lift every person, have vibrant business cultures, educate their children, and have forward-thinking politics. We are fortunate to have many of the characteristics necessary for community success: natural beauty and a connection to the outdoors, a diverse economy built for resilience and the future, a population that leans into challenging social issues, and employers which pour their hearts into their businesses. Let us collaborate to harness these characteristics with new energy and optimism.

This is our opportunity for a fresh start! Let us approach each situation with solutions and ideas rather than with blame and complaints. Let us harness the power of collaborative leadership just as we did this spring and summer when a global pandemic forced us to rethink what was possible.

In Canal Park, we are grateful and optimistic because we are in this together.

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