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The Optimism of Anvita Kotha

Anvita Kotha is a summer intern with The Centre for Optimism

Anvita Kotha, FLAME University, Pune

"As for what makes me optimistic, I really think that looking forward to a better future where things are to our tastes can be the best motivation to exist. So I stay optimistic to motivate myself and remind myself that I can always do better. I can always take it a step further. Every step counts towards achieving my goals!"

Optimistic People and Words!

This is a collection of optimism I want to share with everyone! 

Ishita Singh

is an undergraduate student at FLAME University.  She said she tries to look at the bigger picture to be optimistic. She said she realized everything is temporary and even negative events come to an end.  

Sairaj Patki 

has Ph.D. in Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, and said that optimism is usually seen as a trait and thus those with this tendency do tend to be optimistic across different situations. That holds true for him to some extent as well. Having realistic life goals and maintaining the balance between knowing his limitations and strengths but also pushing to do his best helps him be optimistic. The social support available from near and dear ones around him also helps him be optimistic, even in the current pandemic situation. Finally, being trained in many skills really helps him stay positive.

Deepa Bapat

is Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology from Macquarie University, Australia, and she says what makes her optimistic is the fact that every day is a new day, another chance to try things differently, learn something else. Hearing stories of kindness makes her feel like there is still good out there. Seeing the effect her work has also makes her feel optimistic.

Kritika Dua

is an undergraduate student at FLAME University, and she answered the question: What makes her optimistic in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. She said the hope of the pandemic and its limitations ending and the way we all will work collectively towards a better time gives her hope and maker her optimistic

Subhadra Kotha

is B.A. graduate in Politics, History, and Philosophy (also my mom!). She said the hope that the situation would return to normal and the pursuit of her happiness through meditation and staying healthy makes her stay optimistic.

Michelle Clement 

is an undergraduate student at FLAME University, and she says "Humans being kind to one another is one of the sources of my optimism. It's also something that I look forward to every day."

Gurpratap Thind

is an undergraduate student at Pune University. His version of being optimistic relies on being realistic. He emphasizes the importance of being able to accurately assess outcomes and foreseeing obstacles but also being able to foresee workarounds, hence being a realistic optimist

Siddhant Nair

is an undergraduate student at FLAME University. He says he is optimistic because there will be a better tomorrow. 

Shalaka Shah 

is a Psychology Professor at FLAME University. She holds Ph.D. in Pedagogy and Psychology from Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU), Munich,Germany. She says she believes optimism is innate, and she believes she is a positive person. She likes to observe the positive traits and characteristics in everything she comes across, as well as solutions to problems. She also said optimism can be situational, and that can facilitate optimistic thoughts. She feels that optimism is a driving force, and that it is a driving force alongside hope, and it enables you to think about your future positively. Being optimistic can help with being uncertain about the future. She says optimism is like the management of thoughts, where you consciously choose to keep positive thoughts in your mind so that you stay on track and manage negative thoughts.  

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