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Sweet Words of Optimism - Victor Perton

Phrases, compliments and quotes which resonate with our COO, Victor Perton and to use in your writing and speeches.  Any to add?

by Victor Perton

If you can fit in an optimism word or phrase into any piece of writing, you will lift the reader.  As Dr. KH Kim wrote, "Research has shown that you can develop your optimistic attitude by practicing positive speech and actions in everyday activities. Then, refine your outlook by taking a positive path forward in every circumstance"

Here are are some phrases, comments and wisdom  I have collected – please quote them or use them in your writing.  Indeed, think of doing that with any of the quotes on the  Centre for Optimism's website which inspire you.

Gayle Hardie on Using The Language of an Optimist

Susan Lewis

“I feel as if I have indeed been given a gift; a sense of optimism, that I and others have the power, and responsibility, to make a difference.”

Jennifer Hermes Nastu, Content Director

"I feel a great sense of optimism. We can do this. We are doing this."

Zach Buckley

“The sweet nectar of unbridled optimism"

Rosemary Mackey

"As a springboard for capturing the spirit of optimism for the future"

Daniel Gallan

“There was unbridled optimism as they set sail towards an unknown horizon"

Governor Jay Inslee

“It’s about talking about the level of our ambition, and the level of our commitment to our kids, and the level of our sense of optimism. We have to have a vision of the future rather than just a concern about the future. We’ve got to have a positive statement of a way forward rather than just a warning sign.”

Vasudha Gulati

“awash with optimistic energy"

Jenny Henders  writing about a speech by Cathy Heron

"An ode to optimism"

“An Air of Optimism”

“An overriding feeling of joy, hope, and optimism”

  "A sense of optimism through empowerment"

"I am quite ‪optimistic this meeting will yield positive results.”

Karissa Niehoff

"I promise to be respectful about the past, realistic about the present & optimistic about the future." 

John Madison

“The contagious fire of optimism amidst a world of pessimism"

Kate Snyder

"I’m a pretty serious optimist. I sometimes joke that my rose-colored glasses are bulletproof"

“To my fellow optimists — here’s to us! We believe that the world is beautiful and we’re obstinate enough to make it so"

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister

“I’m a fully paid up believer in the power of optimism in politics.”

Prayer in The Fairmont News

"And we hope and pray that your hope and optimism floods the world with peace, love, compassion and grace, and effects real, positive change for generations to come."

  “We take nothing for granted, but we feel very optimistic about the opportunity”

“Houses the future in sustainable optimism"

“a renewed sense of optimism among the staff so they’ll be thinking about what they can do instead of what they can’t because of personnel or infrastructure shortages.”

Governor Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island

“ I’m filled with optimism because I’ve seen what we can accomplish together.”

Edith Perez, former president of the Los Angeles Police Commission

“I guess I have a perennially optimistic view of accomplishing what I set out to do."

Stuart Steen McFaull @Steenmonkey

"It's a heartening feeling, renewed optimism coursing through my veins"

People Against Dirty

“a company… filled with fearless thinkers, mad scientists and adventurous designers who believe in defying the status quo with innovation and optimism.”

Governor Charlie Baker

"Let’s make our brand of politics positive and optimistic, instead of cruel and dark"

Richard Spires and Sean Morgan on Cybersecurity

"the crucial need for a healthy infusion of optimism and bold, unconventional thinking to tackle the central challenge of our era."

Job Advertisement

Applicant should engage "people positively, with a demeanor of optimism and abundance."

“A renewed sense of optimism”

“A sense of optimism for what is possible in this region”

"Optimism and hope are laced through, peeking like sunlight through blinds."

Dr Philip Lowe, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia in evidence to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics February 2020.

"My main objective is to seem to be credible, trustworthy and reliable and, where I can be, as optimistic as I can be—but, similarly, to be credible. Being credible, trustworthy and realistically optimistic—that's the narrative I want to have, and we discuss that at the board. I think that's appropriate. We live in a fantastic country. We have fantastic opportunities. Things are okay. We want them to be better, but they're okay and they can be better. In the end, I don't think it really matters that much what I say. I'm just one person. But I do want to be credible. ....I want to be credible and realistically optimistic—not fancifully optimistic but realistically optimistic—because my board and my institution are incredibly confident about the future of our country. We've got some challenges but we can meet them. We've met them over decades. By doing that, we've built the best country in the world, and it's growing okay. Inflation is a bit low, but the country's growing okay. We have opportunities in the future and we can take account of those. I'm conscious of drawing attention to those opportunities and subtly challenging people to take advantage of them."

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