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2021 "What makes you Optimistic?" Survey

 Stress Management Revolutions Summit 2021

The Centre for Optimism is running its 2021 "What makes you Optimistic?" Survey.  

In preparation for our participation in the Stress Management Revolutions Summit 2021, we have asked participants to share their case for optimism in a survey designed for the Summit.

Question 1 "What makes you Optimistic?"

In the survey, we ask "What makes you Optimistic? and provide space for a free-text answer.   

 Stress Management Revolutions Summit 2021


"What makes me Optimistic?  The hope of making a more significant impact in my field of work."

"What makes me optimistic?  My faith

"We will survive this devastating pandemic when we get together as one “global” nation helping each other."

"My faith in humanity"

"One line,’ this will also change’ when I’m under stress. When I’m happy, I simply enjoy."

"My work and my lifestyle make me feel optimistic."

"What makes me optimistic?  That after we received training, it will have an impact on people."

"Gratitude for the blessings I have been privileged to receive, and I continue to receive. This approach was mainly taught to me by my parents (especially my Dad) since I was a toddler. It’s made an enormous difference to me and my life - also enabled me to be in the profession I am fortunate to be in today."


"Information is vital and makes one put problems into context and find solutions"

"My beliefs, the power in understanding and the people who know how to express universal wisdom/ truth can unite us all."

"I’m sure things will soon get brighter."

"Lots of opportunities during the pandemic."

"Belief in a higher power that is guiding us all"

What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?

We ask, "What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?" and offer a series of options derived from our first global survey and the answers we have received from thousands of people.    

The top answers globally in order are Mindset; Life Experience; Most people are trying to do good; Gratitude; Faith in God; Family; Faith in Humanity; Hope; Science; Young People; Things will work out in the end; Belief; Friends; The Future; History; Medical Science; Good Government; and, The Economy.

For the Summit participants, the top answers are Faith in God; Mindset and "Things will Work out in the End"

 Stress Management Revolutions Summit 2021

Global Results

What has helped keep you optimistic in these difficult times?

For the Summit Participants, practices that have kept them optimistic though these difficult times:

  • Regular Positive Conversations
  • Expressing Gratitude
  • Sharing stories of Hope and Optimism
  • Reducing your consumption of "news"
  • Meditation and/or Mindfulness
  • Listen to Positive Music
  • Smiling at People
  • Laughing More
  • Visualisation and daydreaming
  • Keeping the company of optimistic people
  • Yoga and/or Exercise
  • Asking people what makes them optimistic?

Stress Management Revolutions Summit 2021


Do any of these 'optimisms' describe your optimism? 

The Summit participants are characterised by a much larger proportion of purposeful and realistic optimists.    Why?

Stress Management Revolutions Summit 2021


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