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Roland Weber's Optimism

As a naturally positive person and a general optimist, I find that things usually work out really well for me both in personal and business life just like they did in my sporting career.

Yet life throws us challenges, and as I am currently looking for my next role, which has in no way whatsoever worked out as planned thus far, it would be just too easy to capitulate.

I believe my optimistic outlook needs to keep being the fuel for my journey in looking for the next great role.

Every time I get knocked back, I remind myself to take a positive step forward, just like I would if I was employed or if I remember the challenges in my sporting career, when something went pear shape. When I think back, all negative events in my life have been temporary and are soon forgotten. They teach us lots and we can decide to take the positive learning from it and apply this in the future, no different to the position I currently find myself in.

Optimism gives us the power to make decisions and come up with solutions, whilst giving us the feeling of being in control.

Optimism also allows me to change my focus to the positive, remembering my strengths and all the supporters I have around me.

Optimism also reminds me that this is what brings a smile to my face in any situation, and the infectious effect it carries on my peers and direct reports, as is often highlighted in my peer reviews.

Smile Like an Optimist

It in turn makes their day even better and they are able to function at a higher level, not being drawn to the negative, and able to focus on their goals whilst overcoming the little speed bumps that may occur along the way.

In summary, optimism is what gets me out of bed every morning, it gives me happiness, and it empowers me to make good decisions and keeps me energised to overcome anything that gets thrown in my path.

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