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The Optimism of Rita Wirtz

From Rita's 2019 Memoir, "Stories From a Teacher's Heart"

"It is imperative we remain optimistic and not give in to fear, to share our moral courage and recognize together is better.” 

Rita Wirtz is an author, blogger, keynote speaker.  Reading instruction is her passion.

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Rita Wirtz, November 2021 in answer to Victor Perton's Question "What makes you Optimistic?"

With uncertainty swirling and curling around us, anxiety is a given. To some extent, everyone shares a commonality of unknown. To get in front of our worries, it is imperative we do three things every day.

First, we offer gratitude. In this moment, we are safe, warm, have food for basic sustenance. But that is not enough.

Secondly, we find one thing that inspires us, moves us to share our passion and purpose in our lives. And for that, we are grateful to be helpers, servant leaders.

Thirdly, we laugh, dance, sing, shout out the glory of life. Laughter, being key.

Each day I find corny jokes that render smiles and often giant laughs resonating throughout our being. Regardless of circumstance, laughter brings us together as part of the collective human condition. Laughter releasing endorphins gives us respite, a reprieve from all ailing in our world. There is nothing like a good joke, humorous story or life occurrence so relatable we share an upbeat moment. Enough humorous moments and we are ready to once again venture forth out of gloom and relish all the small things, which really are big things, given enough time.

It starts with a smile or smiling eyes resonating to all around us and bringing us moments of love, laughter, life and peace.

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From Rita's 2019 Memoir, "Stories From a Teacher's Heart"

“What is an optimist? How do we stay optimistic? Those defining moments. For me, family and teaching provide the defining moments I savor, and crave, too. I look for the people around us making a difference, standing up for beliefs, showing courage, fortitude, overlapping with tenacity. No matter what happens, the optimist finds the silver lining. Turns those proverbial lemons into lemonade. Makes those boulders to climb over or get around seem like pebbles.”

From Rita's 2019 Memoir, "Stories From a Teacher's Heart"

“By sharing and celebrating all the good we see every day, taking time to be in nature, forgiving those who have hurt us, and finding our depths of humility and gratitude, our grace and dignity shine through, and our most optimistic, souls.”

Rita Wirtz in Victor Perton's Book "Optimism: The How and Why"

“As a cancer survivor, I can assure you that the only thing that saved me was a small voice inside of me that suddenly started screaming, "Life is worth the effort!" I wanted to live for granddaughter Morgan's wedding.

“Her little hands, smiling face and voice gave me strength when there was none. Only my optimism remained during daunting times and a life beyond what I could endure. My natural optimistic spirit shone through when there was nothing left but hope and all gave up, even me. Find one thing today to focus on, see its beauty, savor the energy and I promise you that commitment makes the difference in a gracious life worth living, no matter what.”

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