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Some notes prepared by Victor Perton for a fundraiser held by the Australian Friends of Rambam Hospital.  

Moses ben Maimon is commonly known as Maimonides and the Rambam.

Rambam was a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages. In his time, he was a preeminent physician.  The BBC biography states, "Moses Maimonides is regarded by many as the greatest Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages."

Dr. Beni Gesundheit, pediatric hematologist-oncologist and stem cell researcher in Israel

“Historians can argue about dates and facts, but what is really important is the practical legacy of Rambam’s ideas.  Maimonides said a physician should treat his patients with optimism, joy and utmost kindness. This is an extraordinarily strong message at the time that he was writing.”

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 

"the notion that what the Law requires is not too hard for human beings to grasp is an important principle in Jewish thought. Maimonides agreed with Aristotle in regard to each person being born with a certain temperament and having specific propensities and susceptibilities through no choice or fault of one’s own. However, Maimonides had a more optimistic conception of the depth of change one can bring about in one’s character, made possible by and through fulfilling the commandments."

Rabbi Marc D. Angel PhD in “Maimonides, Spinoza and Us” wrote, the “fundamental optimism of both Rambam and Spinoza seems particularly relevant in a modern era. The 20th century witnessed two world wars, the holocaust of European jewry, and numerous small wars and violent revolutions. It would be easy enough for an objective observer to declare humanity to be morally bankrupt, without possibility of redemption. In today’s world we seem condemned to a never ending cycle of hatred and warfare. We have access to more destructive weapons than ever existed in the past. Nuclear technology is falling to the hands of dangerous regimes and possibly even of terrorist groups. Chemical and biological warfare loom on the horizon. Given humanity’s terrible record, It is possible to sink into a helpless depression and to lose faith in the ability of human beings to change the status quo. Rambam and Spinoza, though, call on each of us to strive for a meditative, spiritual and blessed life. In spite of all the evils that exist in our world, we each have the power to perfect ourselves. In this personal striving we are able to find personal blessedness and meaning. As more human beings attain intellectual love of God, humanity as a whole moves closer to its own perfection .”

On Rambam Health Care Campus

Vered Harel, Executive Director, Australian Friends of Rambam Hospital

At Rambam hospital we follow the Maimonides philosophy in treating our patients as individuals: We are Individual-Centered.

For each patient: To focus on each patient’s needs in every aspect of medical care, while creating a supportive environment, imbued with respect, empathy, compassion, generosity, attentiveness, and hope.

For each patient: To provide optimal medical care in a professional and supportive environment that promotes the patient’s physical and emotional health and well-being.

As the Rambam was among the first in Western society to propose that the health of the body and soul should be combined, we believe in this holistic approach.

Professor Rafi Beyar, Director and CEO, Rambam Health Care Campus

"The successes and achievements of the past year (2017) fuel us with energy and optimism to face the many challenges ahead. As uncertain and disheartening as global events may be, here in Haifa, we find reason for hope every single day."

The Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital is brimming with activity, with the last two of its floors now being completed in time for the 2016 Summit. The wonder in the eyes of children and parents as they enter the hospital’s expansive, colorful atrium reflects a transition from fear and concern to optimism and hope. The opening of the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital is excellent news for the citizens of Northern Israel and the entire country.  (Annual Report 2014)

Professor Rafi Beyar, Director and CEO, Rambam Health Care Campus

"The establishment of the new Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Kidney Health Center of Excellence, announced at the Summit, is Dear Friends, cause for great optimism for kidney disease patients in Israel and worldwide. Each new addition to our health care campus represents upgraded treatments for our patients, and the promise of new breakthroughs in medical science. Among the important developments are the recent groundbreaking for the new Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital, an entirely unique cardiac health center in Israel, if not the world, and the opening of the Herta and Paul Amir Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, offering world-class facilities and care to trauma and other patients. I invite you to share in our excitement and pride as we strive to remain at the forefront of innovative, patient-centered healthcare." (September 2017)

Mr. David Green, President, Canadian Friends of Rambam Medical Center

"We are optimistic about the future of CFRAM and our success in promoting the future growth of Rambam.” 

"The catastrophic traffic accident endured several years ago by Ronit and Ami (not their real names) is permanently seared into their minds: their only son was killed, and Ami, whose pelvis was badly injured, became infertile. The couple, who believed that bringing additional children into the world would help them heal, turned to the Sperm Bank at Rambam Health Care Campus. Tests indicated that despite Ronit’s being in her thirties, her number of ova was small. Only after her third fertility treatment did she succeed in conceiving and bearing a pair of healthy twins. “The outcome in this case really did lessen the flood of suffering that this couple endured,” relates Dr. Avi Lightman, Director of the Sperm Bank. “This was one of the most moving and optimistic stories that we have met with in recent years.” (April 2012)

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