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Radical Optimism and Radical Optimists

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

"I believe that “radical optimism” and “Active Hope” are the keys to the flourishing of a new story. This new story honors the Good Story of our good God and the goodness of all creation, but also gives us the faith and courage to face the difficult realities that are being unveiled in our times."

Bradley Burston

"There are times so dark, that the most radical act you can perform, is optimism.  Hanukkah. Every night the candles are gone, burned down to nothing. And the next day there are more of them. And then there is more light..."

Ore Ogunbiyi

"To remain optimistic about a world that feels crippled with despair is in itself radical. So hope, to me, is optimism. Radical optimism."

Beatrice Bruteau

"Radical Optimism shows us who we really are-a unique, precious, creative act of God-and with this understanding we can find the way beyond evil and suffering."

Rae Snape

"I am a Radical Optimist because I believe in the brilliance and creative power of young people and teachers to make their schools, society and world a happy and even better place!"

Guillermo del Toro

"Optimism is radical. It is the hard choice, the brave choice. And it is, it seems to me, most needed now, in the face of despair"

Marian Salema

“What makes me optimistic is seeing people coming together and collaborating to solve the world's most pressing problems. Optimism is radical. It is the hard choice, the brave choice. It is about believing that the future can be better than the present..”

Dylan Brody, Playwright

"In times of paralyzing despair, optimism itself becomes a radical force for good. Dark ages cannot last. This next renaissance is gonna be a blast."

Radical Optimism is a philosophy that argues for looking at the good in every part of life, based on reason and evidence. If you're sad, angry, or depressed, even for a moment, Radical Optimism questions why you feel this way and helps find positive sides

Natalie Dattilo, PhD MHA in  “Radical Optimism:” Staying Calm and Hopeful During Times of Stress and Uncertainty"

"We have a choice in how we think about any situation we face. Even if you weren’t born an optimist, you can still learn to think like one. “Radicaloptimism” is the notion that there’s an upside to everything. Even a global pandemic and worldwide health crisis.

"Optimistic thinking is a powerful tool that allows us to reframe a situation. It’s a thinking strategy that empowers us and helps us build confidence. It can breed a sense of personal strength and is the foundation of resilience. And like anything, with practice you can get better at it. Our current circumstances provide the perfect opportunity to do just that."

Patience Stewart

"Radical optimism is a powerful thing!"

In "A Beginner’s Guide to a Solarpunk Lifestyle", Patience wrote, "However, for something to be truly labeled “punk,” it must include an element of the radical. For solarpunk, it’s optimism. Solarpunk and cyberpunk share a love of technology, but where Blade Runner and other staples of the cyberpunk genre show us how technology can lead us down a hard, dark road, solarpunk shows us where things can go so, so right. It’s a brighter outlook on the future, and one that I personally find refreshing in light of the doomsaying of the current era. Radical optimism is a powerful thing!"

Patience concluded, "It’s hard to look around and feel #optimistic about the future these days, but dark times are when we appreciate the sun the most."

Sue Wicks

“I think what makes you an oyster farmer is radical optimism.  You can’t miss a season and say, ‘I’m going to sit this one out.’” 

Finn Oldfield

"Embracing radical optimism therefore seems to me like the perfect starting point to assuage our collective climate anxiety – and to help us all form a long-term commitment to climate action. It is a necessary first step to imagining new narratives for our environment – because there is no singular, perfect story to save humankind. And by becoming more optimistic, perhaps we can create our own."

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