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Christian Prayers for Optimism

Philip Huggins

Bishop Philip Huggins

"What makes me optimistic is that if we are attentive to what we let ourselves think about, it will shape the words that we use so they'll all be poetry, and our actions will create beauty, they will be truthful, and they will be kind"

Gracious God,

With gratitude in our hearts for the gift of each new day; 

Looking around and listening now, in appreciation for this particular day;

We offer a prayer for the grace to live today with poetry of word and gesture.

May those we meet, in whatever way, feel ennobled ;

May the intentions we shape be good and loving, spreading an infectious optimism into a blessed future. May this renewal of our hope as one human family, take us deeper into why you say,

In Revelation,

“Look, I make all things new”.

For, yes, as the saints convey, we are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song! In Jesus holy name, we give thanks and thus say, AMEN.

Written and Shared with us by Bishop Philip Huggins 3 May 2020

Bishop Philip Huggins is an Anglican Bishop, President of the National Council of Churches in Australia and Director of the Centre for Ecumenical Studies at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

The Wise Ones on Religion, Spirituality, Faith, Hope and Optimism

“Jesus have mercy”.
In praying your Name there is Presence.
Sacred mystery ; so practical.
As we pray for a purity of intent in all our thoughts , knowing how they  shape our words and actions.Thus , our character and destiny.
“Jesus have mercy”.
In praying your Name , time and eternity meet.
You give us grace for today and forever.
With this optimism, drawn from the ground of our being, we praise your Holy Name. AMEN.

Written and Shared with us by Bishop Philip Huggins

Gracious God,

We give thanks for your good will .

In the very gift of life .
In the beauty of creation - an  echidna curled up in falling rain; the wonder in a child’s eyes as a butterfly dances.

In the wisdom revealed to your holy ones - like Julian  of Norwich who knew you are utterly kind and unassuming and so could say,” all will be well and all manner of things shall be well.”

We give thanks as we pray towards another Lent and Easter of illumination.

As we then ponder the life of Jesus.
His  intentionality and request for our
co- operation - sending our forebears in faith to find a donkey and a place to eat for his ride into Jerusalem and for the Last Supper.

As He leads us through the Pascal Mystery to the ground of our buoyancy in Resurrection energy.
We give thanks that therefore nothing can separate us from your love, vivid in Jesus.

In your good will , your grace , we are able to be infinitely optimistic.
Each new day, unto all eternity.

We pray now that our gratitude helps others , always helps others.
Especially those for whom we pray  .
Those who are on our hearts or who have asked for our prayers.....
This prayer, and much perhaps still making its way into words, we gather and pray in Jesus holy name. AMEN.

Written and Shared with us by Bishop Philip Huggins

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel in his sermon "Enough of the Bad News: Stay Positive"

Father, we thank you that your gospel is nothing bad good news for lost and broken people.

We pray, God, that your living word would build our faith, to be optimistic about the future, because you are good, loving, and faithful God.

Speak to our hearts, God, today, that we would be different in your presence.

In Jesus' name we pray

Pastor Thomas Schwartz Collinsville Community Church

"It seems that much of our contemporary culture conspires to rob us of the contentment, happiness, joy, peace and well-being that God desires for us. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded and pounded by the bad and the sad — in art, in books, on the internet, in movies, in music and on television. It’s challenging to be hopeful, optimistic and positive thinkers in such a relentlessly negative environment.  However, as the little girl reminded her mother, if we choose to be people of prayer, we need not worry. If we choose to be people of worry, we might as well not pray. That’s why we read in Philippians, “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”


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