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Practise Gratitude

by Victor Perton

Gratitude is one of the underpinnings of optimism.  While striving to reach our goals, it’s important to feel grateful for what we have today.

The science on this is clear. Respected university studies show that habits of being consciously thankful make people more optimistic for an extended time and more optimistic about their lives in general. 

There are two elements to this practice.

  • The first is to frequently express your gratitude to people.  You know how to do that, phone, email, message your thanks.
  • The second is to record your gratitude on a daily basis.  Best is in the evening before bed and the trick is to read it first thing in the morning before you read anything else.  For the second practice, read more on our resource Daily Gratitude Reflections.

Read more about "Daily Gratitude Reflections" 

Read the Wisdom we have collected on the connection between Gratitude and Optimism

Dr Freya MacMillan

"Gratitude makes me optimistic. Every day I wake, I am thankful. I am grateful for my health, my beautiful family and the opportunities that I’ve been so fortunate to have. I lost my brother when I was 19, he was only 21. He was healthy and happy but didn’t get very long here. For these reasons, I am optimistic in all that I do. I will make sure I live my life to the full in memory of those that did not get the chance."

Carolyn Tomlin

"Benefits of gratitude and being thankful include being more optimistic, happier, having a stronger immune system, sounder sleep and rest, and a more generous attitude toward helping others. And grateful, happy people recover more quickly after surgery!"

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