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Practise Gratitude

by Victor Perton

Gratitude is one of the underpinnings of optimism.  While striving to reach our goals, it’s important to feel grateful for what we have today.

The science on this is clear. Respected university studies show that habits of being consciously thankful make people more optimistic for an extended time and more optimistic about their lives in general. 

Writing a few sentences on your gratitude each week or each day is enough.

The American army uses a “Hunt for the good stuff” training exercise in which soldiers are encouraged to search for and focus on what they can be grateful for.

Action: Take a piece of paper or start a new document on your computer and list the things you are grateful for. Keep it somewhere easily found and go back to that list in a week and see what you can add to it.

Action: Buy a nice notebook or journal, keep it by your bedside and write three things in it that you are grateful for today.  First thing in the morning, after toilet or on the toilet, read what you wrote yesterday.

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