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Pablo Cilotta: A Covid-19 story of Optimism and Hope

by Pablo Cilotta

In early March, I traveled from Buenos Aires to Madrid to do some work for the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM).

Travelling with my wife, I was planning to stay in Europe for two months.  The trip was scheduled early this year even when there were no serious or worrying reports about the coronavirus in Europe.

A few days after our arrival in Madrid, the Spanish Government declared a “state of alarm” and ordered everyone “to remain in their normal residences except to purchase food and medicines.”

A week later, my wife got sick, being infected with Covid-19 and a few days later I got the virus too.  

Since we aren’t permanent residents in Spain we didn’t have access to the public National Health system. Thankfully we had access to the Spanish private hospital and medical system thanks to our travel insurance.

Thankfully, we both recovered from the virus in Spain.

Six weeks after being diagnosed with the virus, we had recovered sufficiently to obtain a negative coronavirus test result.   

We were able to return to Buenos Aires,

I will confess to be frustrated with my own government, the Government of Argentina, which ignored my multiple requests of repatriation.  I still haven’t received any response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On my return to Argentina and during quarantine here, my doctor found that my hip was hugely impacted by the coronavirus and then I had to undergo a surgery last Friday to get my hip replaced.   I am recovering and feeling well.  

I am so grateful with Dr. Ricardo Munafo and his health staff who professionally took care of my surgery at Sanatorio de la Trinidad, Palermo, Buenos Aires.  So too, I can't forget the incredible efficiency delivered by Assistcard, our travel insurance when we were sick, locked-down and stranded in Spain.  Special thanks for the very kind support received from our Spanish friends Fernando Ley and Isabel Fernández.

A year ago, I shared the following thought with Victor Perton and the Centre for Optimism:

"My optimism and happiness are enhanced through expressing gratitude and being passionate when learning new things, meeting new people, creating relationships based on trust, confidence and building bridges."

I am still optimistic. I remain a passionate optimist.


I have reasons to live and fight for an even better life for our community.

I love my wife Alejandra and my son Franco.

I feel young and full of energy.

I know that I am ready and willing to deliver my best in life, as I am feeling passionate about a better tomorrow.

And I am passionate about the IACCM and its infectiously optimistic leaders, Tim Cummins, Sally Guyer, Diane Kilkenny and Katheryn Lacey.

Read "IACCM's Voices of Optimism"

I lead this fantastic association, the global authority in the field of contract and commercial management, in Latin America, Southern Europe and Africa.

During this time, IACCM not only has inspired me from the professional perspective, but IACCM has also been at my side, supporting from the personal and human standpoint.

Now, more than ever... #StrongerTogether 


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