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2021 What makes Ormond College Optimistic?

In preparation for an optimism gathering at Ormond College , we asked the team to fill out our global optimism survey.   

Ormond College

Global Word Cloud

Do any of these 'optimisms' describe your optimism? 

Ormond College participants included a larger percentage of cautious optimists than the global average.  Will make for make for a rich conversation on optimism, leadership, strategy and innovation.

Ormond College

Global Result

What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?

We ask, "What if anything supports your optimistic outlook?" and offer a series of options derived from our first global survey and the answers we have received from thousands of people.    

The top answers globally in order are Mindset; Life Experience; Most people are trying to do good; Gratitude; Faith in God; Family; Faith in Humanity; Hope; Science; Young People; Things will work out in the end; Belief; Friends; The Future; History; Medical Science; Good Government; and, The Economy.

For Ormond College participants members, family and mindset are very powerful and great foundations for innovation, strategy and getting things done!   So too, optimism grounded in faith in humanity is higher than the global average.

Ormond College

Global Results

What makes us Optimistic?

"Knowing that joy can be found in the most unlikely places."

"Life experience, I think, but also, I believe there is something innate within me that leans to the optimistic side."


"Making plans (social, professional, personal, etc.) and seeing them through!"

"Having something to look forward to, like travel plans or cultural events."

"My nature and the good deeds of others."

"I see people displaying care for others, especially during hard times amongst my friends and across the globe in the last few years."

"Being surrounded by like-minded people and knowing what I'm doing can make a difference."

"A belief that we are not inherently evil and that we can live good and meaningful lives as human beings."

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