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Optimists of The University of New England

Professor Brigid Heywood, VC and CEO, University of New England UNE, Australia

"Watching human capacity across the globe adapt and learn shows just how unbelievably entrepreneurial we are.  In our regions we are seeing this ability to create flexible adaptive economies and communities and this makes me optimistic."

Lou Conway, Director of the UNE SMART Region Incubator

"What makes me optimistic? Endless possibilities that are fuelled by growing things, music, listening well and every other unbounded moment of creativity."

Sam Duncan

"When I was young I heard a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that stuck with me. It goes ‘Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm’. I don’t think you can be enthusiastic without being optimistic, and so I think it’s fundamental to achieve great things."

Sarah Burrows, Director at Red 8 Produce

"I choose to be optimistic, I don’t like the alternative. I know I am fortunate, in so many ways, and optimism drives my persistence to find better solutions and to support those around me who are also progressing change for good. Optimism is a choice and is infectious if shared."

Danielle Morton, Founder of Zondii

"Knowing we can reverse the damage to the planet by regenerating the soil and change the pace of our lives makes me #optimistic"

Australia's Inland Innovation and Optimism:
Lou Conway in Conversation with Victor Perton

Co-hosts Lou Conway and Victor Perton led a wonderful optimistic Conversation with Australia's inland innovators in a webinar hosted by IdeaSpies and The Centre for Optimism. After asking his question, "What makes you optimistic?", Victor took a back seat to be inspired by Lou and her panellists. Lou was joined by: Nerida Richards, Founder of FeedXL Sarah Burrows, Co-founder of Red8Produce Danielle Morton, Founder of Zondii Sam Duncan, Founder of FarmLab Lee Coleman, Founder of FarmSimple Pete McGilchrist, UNE Meat Scientist Jack Mooney, Co-founder of Jacks Eggs and UNE PhD student Tamsyn Crowley, Director, Poultry Hub Australia Lyn Woods, Chief Idea Spy, Idea Spies Robert Masters, Chair, Centre for Optimism

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