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Optimistic Persistence

by Darrin Murriner, CEO of Cloverleaf (March 2020)

This has been a tough couple of weeks and clearly we are all trying to find ways to deal with the uncertainty and isolation this week has brought. My family and I are surviving on outdoor play and new card games. I have completed more home improvement projects over the past week than possibly during my entire marriage.

Every week our team performs a retrospective where we each put post-it’s on a whiteboard representing good, bad and “meh” things that had occurred over  the past week. And for the first time ever the bad post-its nearly outnumbered the good. Our team talked of distraction, difficult mental health and outright depression. And we are in our first week of self quarantine and remote work.

My top strengths are futuristic and strategic and I am struggling to use them when the horizon is so cloudy. Yet, there is a silver lining.

Difficult circumstances like these in our nations history, and the world, has increased our resilience (which has been in waning supplies prior to our present crisis) and innovation.

And I am optimistic about what new innovations lie on the other side of COVID-19.

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I recently spoke with a business partner that started her business during the financial crisis when her husband lost his job. She posted as a writer on a freelancer website and started her business writing Russian horoscopes. A decade later she has a thriving corporate training business that employs other people.

Yes, there is uncertainty and anxiety ahead but there is a certain end to our present circumstances and I have encouraged my team and others to keep moving forward, to stay focused on the work that is front of them and avoid falling into the trap of fixating on the day’s bad news stories.

One of Cloverleaf’s core values (and the value I have most directly contributed to) is Optimistic Persistence.

I leaned into this growing up in poverty and I leaned into this building Cloverleaf and it is time again to lean into it as we all work together to get through quarantines, economic instability and possibly illness. 

I recently recorded a podcast with a friend that is recording a series on optimism (what great timing) and I had a chance to reflect on the source of my optimism.

And while there has been a number of things that have contributed to my constant sense of optimism one of the greatest sources for me is my faith. I encourage everyone to use your possibly new found time to explore the role faith could play for you.

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Keep your head up and let’s keep looking to the next horizon while doing what we can today for those around us.

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