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Optimism Can be Learned

by Victor Perton

The good news?  Optimism can be learned, developed and increased at any age!

After a recent published study on longevity and optimism, the lead researcher Professor Lewina Lee said “We know that optimism is about 25% heritable, which means that there is room to modify it.”

For parents and parenting, the writer Meghan Moravcik Walbert put it well, “A person may be naturally inclined to be either pessimistic or optimistic, but there are things parents can do to encourage and strengthen the optimism muscles in their kids (and themselves).”

Exercises and practices which increase and maintain optimism include expressing gratitude, using more positive language and focusing on sharing happiness.  Practising meditation, yoga, exercise and spending time in beautiful places also enhance a feeling of optimism.

The science of neuroplasticity shows that our brains constantly make new connections and we strengthen positive neural networks by looking for the positives in life and by deliberately cultivating optimistic thoughts and words.

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