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Interesting Optimists on their Optimism

Robin Beres, Deputy Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Why am I an optimist? Because despite all the news reports of doom and gloom, the world is a good place and becoming better. Since the 1980s, globally, extreme poverty has declined from nearly 45% to less than 10%. Diseases and illnesses that were once considered death sentences are now easily managed. So will COVID-19 one day. Women across the world are going to school and participating in businesses. My motto is always to hope for the best while preparing for the worst."

Michael Lang

Optimism is because I understand what I am in control of and not. I am optimistic because the alternative is not worth the emotional time and energy. Optimism is about moving forward. Optimism is understanding that I am in control of my emotions and I do not project them onto others - I limit my judgement.

Myron Laban, mural artist

"even if things are hard you have to keep an optimistic outlook and always know that things are going to get better and have that sense of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Anne Bradley, Founder of Awaking Warrior 

"I love and can relate to Winston Churchill's profound quote on optimism. He simply states "I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else."

"During challenging times we need to be optimistic, and I approach this unprecedented difficult period optimistically!

"Indeed I've learnt through experience and choose to be an optimist. As life always will reflect a person's beliefs and mindset."

Mia Lander

"The human race has an amazing track record for beating adversity - it tends to bring out the best in us all.  I am the child of a refugee and have learned the value of optimism"

Joanne Daley

"I very much live by the philosophy ‘Keep it simple and enjoy’. I think that’s a pretty easy formula for optimism."

Evan Leybourn, Business Agility Institute

"This is a time when people can truly grow. I am optimistic in the potential I am seeing all around me."

Linda Goetze, President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

"Projecting into the future the best possible outcomes while working to manage any eventuality, makes one an optimistic realist - and is bound to bring value regardless what the future circumstances may be!"

Susanna Bevilacqua, Founder, Moral Fairground

"Optimism opens up a whole world of possibilities, removes limitations and encourages creativity."

Lynne Golodner

Optimism is a choice. Either you see possibility ahead, or you don’t. I choose to believe tomorrow is beautiful and even better than today. Believing leads to becoming." 

Rutuja Zawar, FLAME University, Pune

"I believe optimism is not just a personality trait but a way a person can lead their life. I think people closest to me, my family and my friends make me optimistic. What keeps me going is the mantra of "This too shall pass" in difficult times. I believe that my optimistic thoughts exude positive vibrations in the universe, which ultimately helps me in being at peace with myself and my life. "

Mubina Akhtar, Author & Wildlife Consultant

“Optimism is living, loving and enduring for a better tomorrow.  Optimism is the belief on natural justice and hoping that the world is not coming to an end!”

Yuchang Sun

"Optimism is what helped our ancestors survive in the hope of a better future"

Paul Mead

Without optimism, it is hard to smile. Without smiling it is hard to overcome adversity. Adversity is something we all face, but many struggle to overcome. So be optimistic, smile more, overcome lifes challenges!

Rita Wirtz

As a cancer survivor, I can assure you that the only thing that saved me was a small voice inside of me that suddenly started screaming, "Life is worth the effort!" I wanted to live for granddaughter Morgan's wedding.

Her little hands, smiling face and voice gave me strength when there was none. Only my optimism remained during daunting times and a life beyond what I could endure. My natural optimistic spirit shone through when there was nothing left but hope and all gave up, even me. Find one thing today to focus on, see its beauty, savor the energy and I promise you that commitment makes the difference in a gracious life worth living, no matter what.

Health and Optimism

Bulent Tosun

Bulent Tosun

"What makes me optimistic? My gratitude for life and being. My gratitude for being as I am and want to be. My freedom underpins my optimism."

Michael Connory

"I am doing something worthwhile that helps people and companies. My team is making an incredible contribution to how companies and people can be secure in the digital world. That makes me optimistic!" 

Pankaj Savara, Commissioner - Middle East & Africa

“Optimism is fundamental to creativity, new ideas, growth and happiness”

Reg Macey

I am an optimist because I know that the overwhelming majority are decent people, who have a view that is the universal equivalent of  “ There, but for the Grace of God, go I. “ This belief has always encouraged me to never cease indulging in energetic activism in support of issues where demonstrable unfairness needs to be corrected.

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