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Melbourne’s first Optimist in Residence

Press Release

21 February 2022 

Melbourne’s first Optimist in Residence

In a time characterised by pandemic-fear and business-gloom, the counter-play is realistic and infectious optimism.

What do you do to make it a reality? 

National premium flexible workspace provider, Victory Offices leads the way in taking action to lift the spirit of our teams, members, stakeholders, and the wider community.

Victory Offices is pleased to announce today Victor Perton as their Optimist-in-Residence. He will spend three months in various Victory Offices locations, asking people: “What makes you optimistic?” to inspire individuals, teams, and corporations to think more positively, with an opportunity mindset.

Victor Perton is the Founder of the Melbourne-based Centre for Optimism.  The Centre’s world-first Centre for Optimism closed like so many businesses during Melbourne’s lockdowns as roundtables and face-to-face gatherings became impossible.  The Centre moved online and now has more than 5000 members and subscribers in 82 countries.  The Centre has reopened physically in Collins Street thanks to the arrangement with Victory Offices.

Wendi Dawson, Chief Brand Officer at Victory Offices, said that the experience of Victor Perton as guest speaker, moderating and hosting Victory Offices events, such as The Melbourne Business Network Awards and the Dandenong Chamber of Commerce had been uplifting and gave people practical ways to lift optimism, innovation and resilience.

“The benefit of our partnership with Victory Offices is that we can have physical gatherings in a COVID-safe environment”, said Mr Perton.  “60% of our Melbourne based members are keen to get back to face-to-face gatherings.  Equally, it provides the opportunity to spread realistic optimism through Victory’s incredible network of members and business relationships.”

“If any city needs a dose of optimism, it’s Melbourne,” said Ms Dawson.  “Traditionally, Melbourne small business is more optimistic than the rest of Australia and Australia more than the rest of the world.  Time to get back to that relentless optimism that characterises the entrepreneur, small businessperson, and the regular Australian!  And with Victor, we are delighted to be leading the way.”

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Paul Guerra welcomed the appointment saying, “After being involved with The Centre for Optimism in both a personal and professional capacity, it is great to hear of Victor's appointment, which will enable him to continue his amazing work sharing positivity and inspiration across Melbourne's business community."

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