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Meditations for Optimism

Meditation enhances your optimism.   Meditations on optimism and related topics can strengthen your optimism even more.

"All Shall Be Well" A Guided Meditation for Our Times

Loving Kindness Meditation (5 minutes)

In the Rain: A Meditation for Optimism

Meditation on "Optimism is the Evidence of Dreams not yet realised" 

BK Sister Jayanti's Meditation on Optimism: A Gift to The Centre for Optimism and Meditators Everywhere

Sister Jayanti is the director of the Brahma Kumaris lnternational Co-coordinating Office based in London.

Victor Perton says, "My favourite recorded guided meditations are a series of 5 minute meditations by Sister Jayanti entitled "Knowing Myself." On briefing Sister Jayanti on the purpose of The Centre for Optimism, I was immediately met with warmth, wisdom and the challenge to serve even more people with optimism and positivity. I asked Sister to record a guided meditation on optimism to share and this video is the result. I am grateful and honoured." 

Charlie Hogg's Meditation on Optimism: A Gift to the Centre for Optimism

Charlie Hogg is the Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Australia and an inspiring and infectiously optimistic leader and meditation teacher.

Read Victor Perton's interview with Charlie "Optimism begins at the Core of my Being."

Meditations from Ros Ben-Moshe

Jessica Stillman

Meditate!  Optimism, gratitude, and staying socially connected are all proven ways to reduce stress and the damage it does to us. So is meditation. One study even showed that the brains of regular meditators appear seven years younger"

Tamara Lechner

 "I use the practices from wellbeing science to stay optimistic.  Purpose, positive relationships,meditations, knowing myself, spending time being mindful and reflecting with gratitude all play a role."

Aishwarya Vaidya

"If you wish to de-clutter your worries, want to develop an optimistic approach towards life and stay healthy then go for it.... you will be able to be positive and mindful due to meditation."

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