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6 June 2020 

Hobert Mercury: "An overwhelming number of readers don’t want to return to their pre-COVID ‘normal life’, a News Corp Australia Network poll has revealed.

"The poll, held in conjunction with today’s Expert Q&A session, asked readers whether how they wanted their life to look post-isolation.

"Just 17 per cent said they wanted a complete return to normal ‘as it was before’, while 83 per cent wanted ‘a redesigned lifestyle embracing a new work-life balance’.

"The result supported the findings of a global survey that identified a groundswell of opposition from people to returning to the work-life they had pre-COVID.

"The survey by the Melbourne-based Centre for Optimism has found that the phrases ‘the new normal’ and ‘getting back to normal’ are dead in the water."

1 June 2020

The Better Normal: EIN Mediawire

Centre for Optimism Press Release:  Overwhelming Call for a Better Normal

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