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Madeline Cunningham on Optimism

Maddie Cunningham is the Wellbeing Editor of IdeaSpies.   Victor Perton asked Maddie, "what makes you optimistic?

Maddie Cunningham: What makes me optimistic? 

Look for the something positive in every situation, no matter how bad an experience, you will get through it.

Every day we are faced with good and bad situations. When things are going well we generally do not worry about what may happen next and continue to move forward.

We tend to take things for granted and lose appreciation for the good things we have in our lives.

When something doesn’t go our way, stress immediately follows with ’Why me?’ and ‘What am I going to do now’?

It’s important to remember that no matter how bad a situation is, you will get through it

You can be constantly worrying or you can assess the situation and determine a plan of action.

No matter how bad the situation is, there is something positive to be gained, even though we may not see it right away.

So, positive thoughts will lead to positive actions and we can look at each experience and learn something about ourselves.  

The key is to process each detail over time and take as much positive as we can find and apply it to our lives.

When we can learn to do this, we become positive role models for others who may be able to benefit from our experiences.

IdeaSpies is a partner organisation of The Centre for Optimism.

Partner Organisations Partners in Innovation and Optimism: IdeaSpies and The Centre for Optimism

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