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IACCM's Voices of Optimism

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. With over 60,000 members across 178 countries, IACCM shares The Centre for Optimism's understanding of the value of optimism and fosters realistic and infectiously optimistic leadership.

Professor Tim Cummins, President, IACCM

"I am optimistic because of the past. Looking back over history, humanity has faced many challenges and taken many wrong turns, yet its progress in raising the quality of life has been nothing short of remarkable.”

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"Pessimism: Is That The Answer?"

Anna-Marie Southern, IACCM

"Optimism is a gift; one which we are able to give to ourselves. I think it is the root of aspiration, and therefore movement and growth.”

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Jennifer Jarrard, IACCM

O Openness Opportunity

P Passion Positivity

T Thinking

I Interactions with Inspiring People

M  Mindset

I  Interrelationships

S  Service

T  Teamwork

I   Innovation

C  Creativity & Collaboration

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Louise Scott Heatley, IACCM

"Striving to see the positive, surrounding myself with like-minded people and being grateful for all that I have makes my life so much happier and more optimistic than ever!"

in "Optimism: The How and Why"

Sandra Lewy, IACCM

"Seeing more children and teenagers caring about the environment makes me feel more optimistic about the future of our planet and the world that my son will grow up in."

Children and Optimism

Claire Hachem, IACCM

"What makes me optimistic is seeing the good things rather than the bad things every day as it comes. Every day there is daylight which means another chance, another opportunity and another way to do better."

Jorden Lam

"The privilege I have to make my own choices and the freedom that comes with that choice makes me optimistic about the future and its opportunities."

"People who create the contracts now have to be forward-thinking, as the relationships between the parties now last years, rather than ending with the completion of a sale."

Doug Morse, IACCM, in "From “servitization” to the service-oriented enterprise, a call for business innovation"

Albert Schot

Future is a constant new start with lots of unknown. So, it’s up to me (actually us all) to make the future better, starting today. That makes me optimistic. As long as we live, each day is our new opportunity to stand up and start again!

Sally Guyer, CEO, IACCM

"What makes me optimistic is an innate desire to be happy. And I take personal responsibility for being a happy and positive person - for seeing the opportunities and overcoming challenges - not giving up. I guess I’m ambitious too and I’m sure ambition requires optimism."

In "Optimism: The How and Why"

Barry Hooper MCIM FCIPS, Programme Director - COVID-19 DHSC & NHS E&I, Supply at British Department of Health and Social Care

"In response to COVID-19, I have seen great teamwork, self-sacrifice, resilience, dedication, commitment and bucket loads of optimism!"

CoronaVirus Through the Lens of an Optimist

Sam Knight, IACCM Global Council Member

“Being positive and optimistic inspires others. It creates ideas and drives collaboration and thought-sharing.  I aim to be an optimist and surround myself with optimists. We are the people who can face a challenge head-on and come up with multiple options to make the best of any situation."

"Hang Out with with Optimists"

Sharyn County, Head Of Procurement at Jemena

"What makes me optimistic is people: Meeting, working with and leading passionate, motivated people.  Seeing those I lead and have led be successful and creating a safe environment that takes into account the differences in people to enable this."

Passion and Optimism

Diane Kilkenny, IACCM

"What makes me optimistic?  That random acts of human kindness come from the places you least expect them at the times you need them most!"

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Pablo Cilotta, IACCM

"My optimism and happiness are enhanced through expressing gratitude and being passionate when learning new things, meeting new people, building relationships based on trust, confidence and building bridges."

Optimism and Happiness

Pablo Cilotta: A COVID story of Optimism, Positivity and Hope

Craig Conte, IACCM

"I am optimistic because no matter what the political winds are, more and more people are being connected. The more we know, the more we learn, the more we understand, and less and less we are the 'other'."

Victoria Cope, IACCM

"Optimism to me is the essence of #hope. It’s seeing #opportunities rather than challenges, visualising a path to success and striving to achieve your full potential. Optimism provides the lens and focus we need, to be our best self every day."

Adrian Furner, Managing Director, Kommercialize

"It took James Dyson over 5000 versions to create his 1st vacuum cleaner.  To be a successful innovator you need to be resiliently optimistic or get lucky."

Optimism and Innovation

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